Is Aerojet Cobra's Best Franchise To Date?

With an all-new look and with an emphasis on aerodynamics and ball speed, the launch of Aerojet drivers, fairways, hybrids and irons could be Cobra's best to date

Is Aerojet Cobra's Best Franchise To Date?
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Is Aerojet Cobra's Best Franchise To Date? 

Last year's Cobra LTDx range of golf clubs was a huge success for the brand. An aspirational aesthetic, improved sound and feel and impressive distance in the drivers made them easily one of the best drivers of 2022. Indeed, the whole 2022 range felt like another step forward for a brand that is right up there with the best in the business. Back in 2019, it felt like the launch of the F9 Speedback driver was Cobra's coming out party as a serious driver brand so, four years later, is Aerojet set to be the solidification of Cobra as one of golf's most reliable manufacturers? 

What is the new technology?

As you might expect from the name Aerojet, one of the main technological advances in the new range is advanced aerodynamics in the driver heads. There are three heads in the range - Aerojet, Aerojet Max and Aerojet LS - all of which have progressive aero shaping to best suit the characteristics of each driver. The new head shapes are designed to be highly streamlined, more symmetrical, and produce very low drag, allowing golfers to swing in a zone they are still comfortable in but still achieve more overall speed. 

A side angle view of each model from the Cobra Aerojet driver range

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The next piece of technology worth discussing is the new PWR-BRIDGE Weighting that sits behind the face of the drivers. It is designed to offer more speed, better launch qualities and, in turn, more distance. The bridge weight sits directly behind the face without touching it or the sole of the club, freeing up the bottom of the driver to flex more, giving golfers more speed from perimeter hits, and enabling the use of a brand-new face design. 

That brand-new face comes in the shape of the PWRSHELL H.O.T Face and is the final ingredient to accessing more speed with the Aerojet driver. The new face has more surface area than the LTDx and is also thinner, allowing it to flex more. Overall, this technology has allowed the face to flex 15% more than LTDx. It sees the end of CNC-milled faces in Cobra drivers, a technology that has been used since the launch of the F9 Speedback driver in 2019.  All three models have identical crowns and come with a raw carbon fiber gloss finish and all also feature MyFly hosel adjustment that allows players to adjust for loft and lie. 

The HOT face on the Cobra Aerojet driver

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What are the models and who are they aimed at?

Cobra Aerojet Driver
With a new black, white and blue colorway, the standard Aerojet driver is promising increased ball speeds and distance over its predecessor thanks to new aerodynamic shaping. This is the 'standard' model in the range that combines the best of the new aerodynamic shape and H.O.T Face to provide higher ball speeds across the face. As is the same on all the drivers in the range, it features a raw carbon fiber gloss crown and sole plate. 

Cobra Aerojet LS Driver
Most suitable for faster swingers and better ball strikers, the Aerojet LS is the low-spinning model in the range. It features 3g and 12g forward weights on the sole designed to keep the spin down and make the driver more workable and these weights can be adjusted for a neutral or fade-biased ball flight. It has a 457cc head - only 3cc smaller than the standard and Max driver - but cuts a compact shape thanks to the progressive aero shaping. Of all three drivers in the range, it has the most aggressive aero shaping with the highest skirt in the range. 

Cobra Aerojet Max Driver
This is the more forgiving, draw bias driver in the range. It has the same 460cc size and 47mm face height as the standard driver, but with a lower skirt and two adjustable weights that allow for neutral or draw bias. 

Cobra Aerojet Fairway
Following into the fairway woods is the same technology of PWR-BRIDGE weighting and PWRSHELL H.O.T face that aims to deliver powerful distance. This is the 'standard' of the three fairway models that provides the middle ground between distance, forgiveness and workability while coming in a traditional shape and loft. It features the same color scheme as the drivers with a carbon gloss crown. 

Cobra Aerojet LS Fairway
The low-spinning fairway model uses two adjustable weights in the heel and the toe to allow for a neutral or fade-biased ball flight. This is the ideal model if you're looking for a lower and more workable trajectory from a fairway wood. The LS 3-wood is 14.5° compared to the 15° in the standard version and comes with an adjustable hosel. The three wood also comes in a 'Big Tour' shape at 172cc while the 17.5° 5-wood is a smaller, compact Tour shape at 143cc. 

Cobra Aerojet Max Fairway
The Max model is designed to offer more forgiveness and a draw-biased ball flight that promotes more slice correction than the other models. Two adjustable weights sit at the back and heel of the club and allow for a neutral or draw-biased ball flight. The 3-wood in the Max starts at 15.5° and also benefits from an adjustable hosel. 

Cobra Aerojet Hybrid
Featuring PWR-BRIDGE weighting and PWRSHELL H.O.T Face, the Aerojet hybrid completes the Aerojet range of woods. It aims to be a versatile club that blends distance with high launch. The new hybrid features updated shaping from the LTDx with a lower heel, more rounded crown and slightly raised aft. It is also available in One-Length with lofts starting at a 17° hybrid to a 28° 6-hybrid. 

Cobra Aerojet Irons
The Cobra Aerojet irons are a cavity back, game-improvement set of irons that employs the same PWR-BRIDGE weighting and PWRSHELL H.O.T face that the woods benefit from. The floating PWR-BRIDGE weight allows for more flexion in the face while a soft polymer filler tunes in acoustics and feel. Much like the drivers, the PWRSHELL H.O.T face design allows for flexion across a larger area of the face, meaning perimeter hits maintain ball speed and launch characteristics stay closer to that of a centered strike. An improved silhouette provides a sleek look at address and the top line is surprisingly slim for a cavity back club of this nature. It's a powerful iron for the player looking for maximum distance and forgiveness. 

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