Cobra Aerojet LS Fairway Review

Sam De’Ath analyses what performance golfers can expect in this Cobra Aerojet LS fairway review

Cobra Aerojet LS Fairway Review
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Golf Monthly Verdict

The looks and performance of the Cobra Aerojet LS fairway will make it a favorite among stronger players. With a cheaper price point than its competitors and wide-ranging adjustability options, this low-spinning beast of a club could be the perfect upgrade.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Sleek, compact head

  • +

    Ideal for those seeking a low flight

  • +

    Much improved acoustics

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Lacked stopping power into greens

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Cobra Aerojet LS Fairway Review 

Cobra’s fairway woods in recent years have certainly impressed and now with three new offerings, there should be a model for golfers of all abilities. Aerojet is Cobra’s latest range which includes the standard model, suitable for the majority of golfers, the MAX which is the most forgiving, draw bias option and the LS option, which is the lower spinning model designed for a skilled player seeking a lower flight and workable trajectory. The Aerojet family has come in to replace the Cobra LTDx range which was extremely popular and we thought was one of the best fairway woods on the market.

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Visually the Cobra Aerojet LS ticks all the boxes for the stereotypical better players' metalwood. The head is fairly small and compact, with a sleek gloss black carbon crown. Conversely on the sole, there are red and blue accents that nicely highlight some of the tech used in the design of the club, which provide a classic yet modern overall aesthetic. The acoustics of the club were a delight, providing a loud but solid pitch as opposed to the more tinny sound Cobra has been associated with in the past.

Cobra Aerojet LS Fairway Review

(Image credit: Future)

Cobra has incorporated a new PWR-Bridge weighting design which has allowed for advanced flexibility within the face and sole as well as moving the centre of gravity lower and more forward in the head to promote faster ball speeds. This did run true when testing the Cobra Aerojet LS fairway wood on a Foresight Sports GCQuad Launch Monitor using Titleist Pro V1x golf balls, I saw an average ball speed of 157.7mph. I can’t say the speed necessarily blew me away but the Aerojet LS certainly delivered on its promise of producing low spin. I produced on average 3018 rpm (revolutions per minute) which was on average just under 200 rpm less than the LTDx max I was testing it against. 

The carbon fibre crown is designed to also lower CG (centre of gravity) to aid launch and flight consistency and while the latter ran true, the launch was one of the lowest we have seen while recently testing fairway woods. However the golfer looking to play the Aerojet LS model is most likely looking for the more penetrating ball flight that it delivered. Playability was not an issue as I found the LS very easy to move both ways on the golf course, however when hitting out the rough the lack of spin meant the ball did fall out the sky a little earlier than I'd have liked.

The Cobra Aerojet LS fairway would make a superb option off the tee for those looking to hit less than driver, however due to its lower flight which peaked at 33ft (6ft lower on average than the Callaway Rogue ST LS fairway) and a shallow angle of decent we found this fairway lacked a little stopping power when hitting into greens on the course.  The Aerojet LS fairway also features two adjustable weight settings which are positioned in the heel and toe and can changed around to promote a neutral or fade bias ball flight, something the majority of lower handicap golfers will appreciate to help with more control when hitting into greens or keeping the ball in play.

That said, with the adjustable hosel you're able to increase the loft and add height if you plan on using it more into greens. This makes it perfect for those golfers who prefer the smaller head footprint on offer without having to sacrifice the loft they may desire. For those seeking more spin and help with launch, the Cobra Aerojet Max would be great alternative and is set to be one of most forgiving fairway woods we have ever tested.

As standard the Cobra Aerojet LS fairway will come equipped with a Mitsubishi Chemical Kai’li White extra stiff flex, will retail at £269 and will be available to purchase from the 10th February 2023.

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