10 Golf Gear Trends For 2022

Neil Tappin, Dan Parker and Joel Tadman discuss 10 golf gear trends for 2022

10 Golf Gear Trends For 2022
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10 Golf Gear Trends For 2022

The Golf Monthly team has already tested a lot of new equipment in 2022 from clubs and shoes, to apparel and electric trollies. Despite the year being fairly young, we've already spotted some clear trends heading into the rest of the year. So, what can you expect from golf gear in 2022? Some of the trends coming up include matte finished divers and slimmed down irons to portable launch monitors and urethane covered non-Tour golf balls. If you are thinking about investing in new golf gear this year, this video should give you some ideas on what to look out for. 

1. Mid-high handicap irons looking a lot better...

The first thing we've noticed coming into 2022 is brands have really focussed on making irons that suit mid-high handicap golfers look better than ever. Both behind the ball and in the bag, the new range of irons are slightly slimmer and more compact. This doesn't mean they've lost any forgiveness however, and we've been impressed with how much forgiving technology brands have been able to pack into these more compact heads like the Rogue ST Pro irons. If you're still after forgiveness and chunkier heads, don't worry as there are still plenty of more traditional high handicap irons out there like the Cobra LTDx. 

2. More athletic spikeless shoes

Many of the best spikeless golf shoes we've seen released so far this year have been a lot more athletic and sporty than we've seen in recent years. A prime example of this the new FootJoy Fuel shoe which is certainly a sportier silhouette than we've seen from a brand like FootJoy for a some time. While they're more athletic, they're not too garish and they should still appear to a wide range of golfers. The grip on these types spikeless shoes has also got better and better and 2022 should see even more of these types of shoes released that can be worn all year round. 

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3. Matte black crowns on drivers 

We think the bar has really been raised this year when it comes to how good some of the newest and best golf drivers look. The new Callaway Rogue ST and TaylorMade Stealth drivers are great examples of drivers having an even more aspirational look about them in 2022 thanks to a matte black crown.

4. Duller, more powerful driver impact sounds 

Another thing we've noticed as a trend for drivers in 2022 is duller impact sounds and drivers that sound and feel more powerful as a result. Two drivers in particular that have changed a lot versus the 2021 models are the Cobra LTDx driver and Callaway Rogue ST drivers. Not all drivers have gone down this route, and the Ping G425 Max driver has remaining one of the higher pitched drivers out there for 2022. 

5. Portable launch monitors 

We think the genesis of this most recent trend in golf equipment came from golfers wanting to use portable, easy to use golf gadgets at home during the height of the pandemic in 2020. Since then, a swathe of more affordable launch monitors have been released and we've been impressed with the overall accuracy and usability of these newer devices. Some of the gadgets we've been most impressed with in 2022 are the PRGR Portable Launch Monitor and the Blast Golf Swing Analyser


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6. Electric golf caddies in the US

Another pandemic related gear trend for 2022 is the spike in usage of golf trolleys (or golf caddies if you're from the US) on American golf courses. With ride on carts banned for large parts of 2020 when we returned to the golf course, there has been a big uptake in American golfers walking the course. With this, electric caddie manufactures are innovating more than ever and the in-built GPS system and easy folding mechanisms have made them even more enjoyable to use.

7. Re-emergence of all-in-one distance measuring devices

We've seen devices like this before - cast your mind back to the Bushnell Hybrid - where DMDs have been combined into one package. Two pieces of tech that are on our radar for 2022 are the Shot Scope Pro LX+ and Voice Caddie T8. The Shot Scope device in particular is interesting as it combines laser functionality with GPS and shot tracking to boot. 

Wilson Triad Golf Ball Review

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8. Urethane covered non-Tour golf balls

The release of the Wilson Triad golf ball and Srixon Q-Star Tour golf ball has shown a willingness from manufacturers to create an option for golfers who don't have to pay for a Tour-level golf ball but can still can get great performance. This category of golf balls are real 'all-rounders' and they'll be great off the tee as well as having control around the greens. These could be a great option for golfers looking to change their golf ball set up in 2022. 

9. Sustainability 

It certainly felt like the urgency of the climate crisis came to a head in 2021 and we've seen plenty of golf manufacturers make a step towards more sustainable practices already in 2022. The new adidas Tour 360 22 golf shoes are made partly with recycled plastic waste, and we are seeing brands like Ocean Tee and Reflo popping up with the sustainability story at the very centre of their production methods. Certainly as we go further into 2022, expect to see most major golf brands start being more open and aware of the sustainability elements of their production methods. 

10. Price 

Across the board, prices in 2022 have actually stayed quite steady versus last year. With the participation and sales boom post-Covid, brands have been able to take a bit of a hit on the spiking costs of production and shipping in 2022. While we think prices will stay pretty stable for this reason in 2022, perhaps by 2023 we might start to see prices edge up a little bit. Obviously, if participation and sales stay as high as they have in 2021 and 2022, hopefully prices across all golf equipment can stay steady. 

Dan Parker
Staff Writer

Dan has been with Golf Monthly team since 2021. He graduated with a Masters degree in International Journalism from the University of Sussex and looks after equipment reviews and buying guides, specializing in golf shoe, golf bag, golf cart and apparel reviews. Dan has now tested and reviewed over 30 pairs of golf shoes and is an expert in the field. A left-handed golfer, his handicap index is currently 6.5 and he plays at Fulford Heath Golf Club in the West Midlands. 

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