Blast Golf Swing Analyser Review

In this Blast Golf Swing Analyser review, Dan Parker details how this clever device can help your ball striking.

Blast Golf Swing Analyser review unboxed
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Golf Monthly Verdict

A clever device for driven golfers looking to improve all elements of their swing and ball striking. While a few things need to be ironed out from a user experience point of view, the Blast Golf Swing Analyser has the potential to transform the way you practice.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Measures a huge amount of metrics

  • +

    Instant feedback via an app

  • +

    Encourages meaningful, focussed practice sessions

  • +

    Can be used indoors or outdoors

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Sensor attaches to clubs rather awkwardly

  • -

    Beginners will struggle to comprehend the data

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Blast Golf Swing Analyser Review

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The Blast Golf Swing Analyser is a sensor that attaches to the grip of any golf club and gathers data about your swing. Alongside the free app, the swing analyser captures an incredible amount of data about your golf swing and quickly feeds back that information so you can work on things like tempo and attack angle to achieve a better swing. 

The Blast Golf Swing Analyser unboxed showing all contents

Included in the kit is the sensor (the small white circle), a wireless charging dock, two grip attachments and a Blast Golf sticker. 

(Image credit: Dan Parker)

Frustratingly, the only way to attach this small sensor to one of your golf clubs is via a grip attachment. This makes the club you attach it to about 2 inches longer and took a while to get used to. I also really struggled to get it over the grip of my putter, which doesn’t have an especially large grip. This took a long time to get used to and it’s frustrating that the sensor doesn’t simply screw into the grip like we see on products from Arccos and Shotscope

Blast Golf sensor attached to a 7-iron grip

As you can see, when the attachment sits on a grip, it's quite bulky. Hopefully this is something that can be updated on later models.

(Image credit: Dan Parker)

Moving onto the actual data itself, the breadth and depth of information that the Blast Golf Swing Analyser is seriously impressive, but I found it initially quite an overwhelming experience. If you’re already au fait with statistics like angle of attack, swing tempo ratios and peak hand speed, this device will feed the data-centric way of improving your golf swing. Unfortunately, I’m not, and I feel like this device won’t be as useful to the beginner golfer.

The overwhelming nature of the statistics is only exacerbated by the fact the device comes with no instructions and thrusts you into the world of swing speed ratios with no real context. To really access all golfers, I feel like the device needs to hold your hand a bit more than it currently does. 

A screenshot of the Blast Golf app

An example of the feedback the sensor provides. This swing was with a 7-iron.

(Image credit: Dan Parker)

In defence the lack of initial instructions, once you dive into the app there is a plethora of instructional videos and explainers. The videos - led by the charming brand ambassador and putting guru Brad Faxon - are enjoyable and useful. The videos range from simple explainers on what each metric on the app means, to useful drills on putting and chipping. If you’re a dedicated golfer - and a bit of a stat person - this is an extensive and immersive app.  

The speed of the feedback, the accuracy of the data and the way it feeds it back is incredibly intuitive. When you're swinging, a simple red, amber and green banner lets you know when you’re in the right part of a specific metric. It’s a fantastic way to practice with some intent on the range, as opposed to aimlessly hitting balls.

I found it especially useful with improving the tempo of my putting and mastering distance control with my wedges. A week or so of using the sensor while practicing my putting at home has given me a lot more confidence with the speed on my stroke. If you’re after a device that can help you drill your short game, it’s hard to look past this. 

A screenshot of the Blast Golf app

More metrics on the Blast Golf app. Here is a deeper dive into the swing tempo in my full swing and swing tempo in my chipping. As you can see, I'm a bit quick on my chips 

(Image credit: Dan Parker)

I had a few issues with the app too. There was no option to register a hybrid club and instead had an option for a 1-iron - who still uses a 1-iron! I also couldn’t find a way to change the output from km/h to mph. This will be a quick fix in an update, but it was frustrating when I was testing. 

Overall, I have to conclude it’s an excellent device, but only for the golfer who wants to take a deep dive down into improving ball striking and tempo. With an RRP of £149, it feels like very decent value for money considering what this device can offer the committed golfer in the long run. For anyone who doesn't fall into this category, it feels like the Blast Motion Swing Analyser is a few updates and tweaks away from becoming a fully accessible swing analysing device. 

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