adidas Tour360 22 Shoe Review

In this adidas Tour360 22 shoe review, we test out the newest iteration of the iconic Tour360 golf shoe from adidas

adidas tour360 22 shoe review
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Golf Monthly Verdict

The new Tour360 22 golf shoe is a triumph in comfort, style and stability. A golf shoe that can be worn all day and all-year round, providing grip and control when you're swinging and comfort in between shots.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Snug fit gives immense comfort

  • +

    Locked in feel and stability on the ground

  • +

    Styling will have broad appeal

  • +

    Plenty of colour options

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Boost sections don't wipe clean easily

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adidas Tour360 22 Shoe Review

17 years ago adidas introduced the world of golf to the now iconic Tour360 golf shoe. With the combination of achievements in the professional and amateur ranks, as well as big commercial success, adidas has now unveiled the Tour360 22 version ($210/£160). 

Finding ways to update a flagship franchise and bringing it into the modern game can be difficult, but adidas sought to do this by going back to the original designs, analysing what made them work, and implementing those ideas into the new model. adidas looked to focus on two areas that would effect all golfers - fit and traction. So how did the shoe perform? We tested a pair out on the course to find out.

adidas tour360 22 golf shoe

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I have often struggled to get proper fitting golf shoes because my feet seem to be between a 9.5 and a 10, and sizing differs across brands. However this was not the case here as in a 10 my feet felt comfortable, snug and cocooned. 

This partly comes down to the Feet You Wear last. First introduced in 1996, it mimics the natural shape of the foot and accommodates the movement of the foot in all directions, even throughout the golf swing. I definitely felt the shoe wrapped itself around my foot rather than having a set shoe shape my foot had to adhere to. 

adidas tour360 22 golf shoe

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Additionally, adidas has a new Tour360 FIT, which has several design elements -

  • Dualstack Midsole – Combination of Boost cushioning with EVA stability frame. This technology is difficult to see but I felt it around the forefoot and the arch of my foot as well. The support here really felt good.
  • Geofit Collar Pad – Located on the top of the foot, this piece gently conforms to the individual to provide a more personalized and comfortable fit.
  • Insite Sockliner - The sockliner also conforms to each individual foot and its contours, especially in the heel.

I am always slightly apprehensive with wearing new shoes straight out of the box, but these just felt good and I was not concerned about blisters, rubbing or anything of the sort. The only minor complaint was the heel can feel quite stiff but this is part of the point of the design, so the heel feels locked in. This is a tiny negative for me but on that note, and because of the other technology in the shoe, I think these golf shoes would help those players who suffer from plantar fasciitis pain. (opens in new tab)

adidas tour360 22 golf shoe

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Next up is traction and stability. I tried this golf shoe out in dry, damp and wet conditions and overall there was a good amount of grip in all conditions. A model that will no doubt find itself going into our guide on the best spiked golf shoes (opens in new tab), the Tour360 22 has cleats directly injected into the base of the shoe which means you won't ever have to worry about losing them. 

This design touch, combined with a variety of spikes and traction elements, really gripped into the ground. During my golf swing I occasionally stand up on my toes which has often meant I slip in wet conditions, but I never felt a lack of trust with these shoes. I also really liked the fact they weren't creating any large marks of indentations on the greens, something that can be a problem during winter golf.

adidas tour360 22 golf shoe

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Of course for any model to be considered as one of the best golf shoes (opens in new tab) on the market, durability is also vitally important. Despite noticing how light the shoes were when I picked them up and tried them on, they still felt sturdy and really well made. I have used golf shoes in the past that have occasionally had the odd bit of questionable stitching or a piece of material is slightly coming away from another, but none of that was true here. Despite my best efforts to be heavy-handed with the shoes, every element was locked in and properly constructed. 

The upper features a premium rich leather which is 100 percent waterproof and you also get a one-year waterproof warranty as well which gives good peace of mind. adidas has also incorporated recycled materials into the design to continue the brand's goal of ending plastic waste. 

adidas tour360 22 golf shoe sole

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The leather upper is easy to clean, as is the outsole, but the Boost technology can be difficult to get spotless which is common on many of the best adidas golf shoes. Additionally because the stripes come away from the core upper part of the shoe, dirt can get behind there so that is something to be aware of. 

adidas tour360 22 golf shoe stripes

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A common negative comment I see online about the Tour360 is people asking whether the design has changed enough. I don't really understand that mindset - I say if it ain't broke, don't fix it. But this new shoe should keep everyone happy because it looks like the traditional Tour360, with design touches that make it look different to past models. 

I was a big fan older Tour360s because of the classic look and three-stripe design, but the new model has found a way of incorporating some modern flourishes that really stand out. I tested the white, blue and orange model and the small splashes of color give a totally unique style. But adidas has not gone too far and the restraint the designers have shown makes these the best looking golf shoes I have ever used. 

The new shoe will be offered in five models: both laced and BOA models for men and women, and a simplified lace model for junior golfers.

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