Best Left Handed Golf Drivers

We run through the best left handed golf drivers, finding the perfect balance between quality and availability...

Best Left Handed Golf Drivers
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Best Left Handed Golf Drivers

One of the most annoying things about being a left handed golfer is equipment availability. While pretty much every brand new club can be custom fit for left handers, there is very little availability to pick up a club quickly online and right handed golfers simply have it much easier when it comes to searching for equipment.

We must stress that all of the current best golf drivers are all available in left handed dexterity if you go through the custom fit process with your local pro or retailer, but this guide aims to point you in the direction of the most readily available left handed drivers out there right now online. 

If you're after a more specific type of driver, check out our guides on the best drivers for slicers or best drivers for beginners for an even wider range of golf drivers. 

Also, if you're a left hander struggling to find readily available equipment, check out our best left handed putters guide where we list the best left handed putters that are easy to get your hands on. 

Best Left Handed Golf Drivers

TaylorMade SIM2 Driver, taylormade golf driver, driver with grass background

Reasons to buy
+Improved alignment+Impressive distance at a lower price point than SIM
Reasons to avoid
-Performance gains over SIM very marginal (player dependent)

Although this has now been replaced by the Stealth drivers for 2022, there's still plenty of availability of the excellent SIM2 driver and plenty of availability for left handers. It's come down significantly in price too since the launch of the Stealth range - another bonus. 

The SIM2 carries over the Asymmetric Inertia generator and Speed Injected Twist Face from last year’s SIM drivers, but the head of SIM2 is now created using a Forged Ring construction made from aluminium, which saves nine grams of weight.

This means there is now no moveable weight on the sole to adjust shot shape but TaylorMade say this was redundant for the majority of players at all different skill levels.

We found that the SIM driver set a very high bar but the SIM2 models provide significant improvements around looks, launch and also forgiveness while keeping spin low in the case of the SIM2 model.

In summary, everything about SIM2 seems to be about finding fairways without giving up distance – the enhanced alignment, bigger faces and greater stability on off-centre hits.

Ping G425 Max Driver, ping golf driver, driver with grass background

Powerful And Forgiving

Reasons to buy
+Increased forgiveness and accuracy over G410+Better fitting options across three models
Reasons to avoid
-No obvious gains in distance over G410 on centred hits.

Ping are generally excellent for supplying left handed equipment in retailers, and the G425 Max is no different with regular availability for left handers. We're also not expecting this to be replaced in the line up until 2023, so don't worry about a new one coming out too soon.

To achieve the new performance levels in the G425 Max, Ping has implemented a new 26-gram tungsten movable weight called a CG Shifter, which is made possible by weight savings from advancements in the driver’s dragonfly crown design.

The weight can be secured in one of three settings – neutral, draw or fade – to influence forgiveness and shot shape. The average MOI increase is 14 per cent across the three weight positions compared to the G410 Plus.

Indeed when comparing to the older model, down at address, the G425 Max certainly has a more rounded profile than the G410 Plus, which to some people will look more user friendly.

That isn't to say performance has gone down though, because the Max still feels just as powerful and has the same sound we loved in the G410.

Overall, in our testing we think the Max, along with the other models with the G425 name, is a range of drivers that will work for every player type to maintain distance while finding more fairways.

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver, callaway driver, driver with grass background

Best For Slicers

Reasons to buy
+Stable feel+Blue carbon crown and red lines add modern touch
Reasons to avoid
-Appeal limited to golfers with a slice

If you're a left hander who has a tendency to slice to the ball, then the Big Bertha B21 driver is one of the best drivers for slicers

Callaway claims its use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), a new face material and Jailbreak has unlocked extra performance for the high handicapper who struggles with a slice.

The larger A.I. Designed Flash Face SS21 has been made of a super strong, heat treated TA-15 titanium, which allows for the complex face architecture required to promote optimal speed, forgiveness, and spin characteristics.

Clearly this driver is designed for golfers who tend to utilise a large portion of the face over the course of a round.

It feels light, partly down to the 55g shaft, but when you find the middle of the clubface it also feels incredibly explosive and stable, even on mis-hits.

Cobra Radspeed XD Driver

Reasons to buy
+Cutting edge technology+Looks awesome
Reasons to avoid
-Won't suit players with a draw

While we expect the Radspeed drivers to be replaced at some point in early 2022, there is still loads of availability for the Radspeed drivers and plenty of left handed availability too. 

The launch of Radspeed in 2021 has brought with it a new Cobra driver aimed specifically for those who slice the ball.

The most important weight for slicers is the 10g draw weight added to the heel of the head. Alongside the 6g weight positioned at the back of the head, the Radspeed XD offers forgiveness, distance and straighter ball flight.

Plenty of adjustability in the hosel and with an Arccos sensor included in the grip, the Cobra Radspeed XD has got everything an anti-slice driver needs.

taylormade m2 driver left handed

(Image credit: TaylorMade)

TaylorMade M2 Driver

Old But Gold

Reasons to buy
+Great value for money+Modern performance from a six year old driver
Reasons to avoid
-Missing some of the newest technology

A golden oldie! The TaylorMade M2 driver is still being made to this day thanks to the popularity of the driver since its initial launch in 2016. 

It wears its six year age well though with the styling and headcover looking as good as any of the drivers to be released in 2022. The weight in this driver is low and back, allowing for really easy launch and plenty of distance thanks to the Speed Pocket located just behind the face. 

All of this, and plenty of availability for left handers, make it a great option and a great price too. 

Callaway Epic Speed Driver, callaway driver, driver with grass background

Best For Technology

Reasons to buy
+Streamlined shape increases clubhead speed with the same effort+Three models cater for different swing types
Reasons to avoid
-Compact address profile could be intimidating.

While the new Rogue ST driver family will have plenty of availability for left handed golfers when it's released in February 2022, the Epic Speed drivers from 2021 are carrying over with plenty of left handed availability and a new lower price to boot.

The Epic 21 drivers feature the next generation of Jailbreak called Speed Frame designed using Artificial Intelligence to form a completely new shape, connecting with the head at four different points top and bottom to provide extra rigidity in the horizontal direction.

The result, Callaway say, is a five per cent increase in efficiency and when combined with a lighter triaxial carbon crown and enhanced face design unique to every loft, should increase ball speed and forgiveness as well as spin consistency.

There are three models to choose from. The Epic Speed is the fastest as it has the same cyclone shape as 2020's Mavrik driver where the tail of the driver lifts up to improve airflow over the head during the swing to increase clubhead speed for the same amount of effort.

In our testing we thought this Speed, as well as the two other models, felt fantastic - very powerful, solid and stable, whilst the higher pitched sound of the Speed wasn't off-putting.

Women's Left Handed Drivers

TaylorMade Ladies Kalea 3 Driver Review 

(Image credit: Future)

Lofts: 12°
Reasons to buy
+Lightweight but powerful+Super stylish looks+Can be used easily off the deck
Reasons to avoid
-Reflects sun glare easily

Buying a left handed women's golf club can be an even more tricky task and it's often only the top of the range equipment that you can find in left handed dexterity. While this may mean a slightly more expensive trip to the pro shop, the quality will last you a long time. 

Starting with the Kalea 3 from TaylorMade, we think this is like having a 2 wood from days gone by. This handy advantage is down to a low centre of gravity and TaylorMade's very clever Speed Pocket which sees more flexibility in the lower part of the club face.

This helps to pop the ball up quicker and from a tee and even the ground when hitting into the wind to ensure the ball carries further.

The price is reasonable for the performance you gain compared to the best women's golf clubs out there and you can own matching clubs all the way through from the driver to your putter, and even your golf bag.

Best Golf Drivers For Women

Lofts: 11.5° loft/lie adjustable
Reasons to buy
+Lightweight for faster swing speeds+Excellent adjustability
Reasons to avoid
-The striking looks may not be to everyones taste

This is the second generation of the women’s G Le range and with custom-fitting being a core principle of the Ping brand, there are more fitting options in the latest edition to allow a woman to dial-in for an optimum fit. The driver features an adjustable, 8 position hosel to alter the loft, and there are 3 different settings for the lie of the club.

The light titanium clubhead with an aerodynamic shape is designed to promote faster clubhead speed, whilst the Internal heel-biased weighting helps with right-to-left spin for straighter ball flights. 

The G Le 2 has a thin, forged face to increase flexing for ball velocity and improved launch conditions, whilst forgiveness is at the heart of this driver so players can achieve repeated results with every swing.

Callaway Big Bertha Reva Women's Driver

Lofts: 10.5 or 12.5° loft and lie adjustable
Reasons to buy
+Large, ultra-forgiving face+Cutting edge aesthetics
Reasons to avoid
-Unorthodox shape may put some off

The main aim of the Reva is to help women hit their tee shots further and find the fairway more often. To deliver longer drives and greater accuracy, Callaway has engineered a large clubhead with internal draw bias weighting.

By also incorporating Callaway’s Jailbreak technology, which helps to make the clubface more efficient, two internal bars stiffen the body of the Reva to allow the face to flex more, while the lightweight crown permits weight to be redistributed for higher MOI. 

Thanks to the advanced design of the clubface, there’s a more expansive area to promote faster balls speeds, so women will still drive the ball a long way, even if they miss the centre of the face at impact. Given all of that, this was a no-brainer inclusion on the best golf drivers for women list.

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Dan Parker

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