Callaway ERC Soft Golf Ball Review

In this Callaway ERC Soft Golf Ball review, we put the 2021 offering through its paces over the course of two rounds of golf to see how it performed

Callaway ERC Soft Golf Ball Review
Golf Monthly Verdict

The Callaway ERC Soft ball offered excellent distance and easier alignment. All in all, the value for money is competitive here, especially given how durable we found it to be, although you would arguably be better off paying a few more pounds to upgrade to the Chrome Soft.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Soft feel on all shots

  • +

    Extra distance off the tee

  • +

    Extra alignment assistance via the Triple Track design

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Lines on ball may prove off-putting from the fairway

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Callaway ERC Soft Golf Ball Review

The 2021 version of the Callaway (opens in new tab) ERC Soft ball is billed as the brand’s longest golf ball with soft feel and it definitely delivered in both these areas. The ball speed comes from the use of a High Energy core and a High Speed mantle which are both engineered to deliver more distance through the bag.

As an 18 handicapper with a mid swing speed we often find it hard to differentiate between balls as our strike is sometimes inconsistent, but the ERC Soft definitely increased carry when the ball was struck from the middle of the club. It produced a higher launch and the extra distances achieved highlights that less spin was being created than you would expect from a soft-feeling ball. (opens in new tab)

Callaway ERC Soft ball

The new ‘hybrid’ cover, made with a durable Paraloid Impact Modifier from Dow, is said to be the secret behind the combination of distance and greenside control with durability. It combines with the High Speed mantle and core to create more efficient energy transfer between the layers.

The cover produces a noticeably soft feel and ample greenside spin on the majority of well-struck, short-game shots. It probably doesn't check up quite as much as the Chrome Soft (opens in new tab), but the difference is minor.

The ERC Soft continues to feature Triple Track technology to aid alignment. This consists of three high-resolution parallel lines – a thick red line down the centre of the ball flanked by two thinner blue lines – and relies on Vernier Hyper Acuity, a technology found on aircraft carriers to aid landing.

We were slightly dubious about this before trying it but it did get us concentrating a lot more on lining up the ball properly and seemed to help with consistency of start line on the greens. It’s definitely something to consider if you’re guilty of lacking focus when putting.

If you’re not a fan of lines then they only cover half of the ball so can be hidden on other shots around the course, especially if you play ball in hand. It is more affordable than the premium balls on the market and worth considering if you’re searching for those all-important extra yards and don’t want to give up on feel.

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