We take a look at some of the best golf shoes made by Danish company Ecco.

Best Ecco Golf Shoes

Ecco has been making some of the best golf shoes on the market for a long time now and has been at the forefront of golf shoe innovation for many years, manufacturing some of the most comfortable products in what is now an extremely crowded marketplace. It isn’t ridiculous to say that the best Ecco golf shoes can compete with just about any model on the market.

Part of the brand’s growth in popularity has been a change in golf shoe design. No longer are we festooning our feet to heavy, cumbersome golf shoes that look terrible.

No, nowadays we put more emphasis on factors like lightness, comfort, style and versatility – all of which are things Ecco seeks to get right in its’ shoes. Indeed the brand is rather famous for many of its spikeless designs and if you want to go down that route our best spikeless golf shoes post will be sure to help you find the perfect model. That being said they also make some good spiked models too.

So what are the best Ecco golf shoes? Well, we’ve picked out our favourites below to help you find your next pair of excellent golf shoes to make the game just that little bit more comfortable and stylish.

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Best Ecco Golf Shoes

Ecco S-Three Shoes

Best Ecco Golf Shoes

Image credit: Ecco

Sizes: 6.5-12.5
Colours: Four Men’s, Five Women’s

+ Stylish and extremely comfortable
+ Ample grip from different lies
+ Protection from the elements
– Premium price may be a stumbling block

A model that blends on-course performance with off-course style, the S-Three delivers dynamic comfort and modern looks with a mix of technologies to enhance performance. The most notable innovation is the new Zonal Fluidform Technology, which creates a moulded midsole with three distinct zones of softness to ensure the right balance of cushioning and stability exactly where you need it. We are not exaggerating when we say that these are legitimately one of the most comfortable golf shoes on sale now.

Ecco S-Three Shoes Review

Ecco S-Lite Shoes

Best Ecco Golf Shoes

Image credit: Ecco

Sizes: 6.5-12.5
Colours: Three Men’s, Four Women’s

+ Super-light feel
+ Surprisingly effective grip
+ Wide range of colours
– Lacks underfoot cushioning
– Not waterproof

The flexible, low-profile design helps you to really feel those subtle bumps and mounds while also pushing the traction elements deeper into the ground for the grip you need when going after a big drive. Comfort comes from the light feel and the softness of the Yak leather whilst the six vibrant colour choices ensure you can choose a pair to match your outfit. The combination of all of these factors mean the S-Lite is not just a quality model from Ecco, but also one of the best spikeless golf shoes money can buy.

Ecco S-Lite Shoes Review

Ecco Biom Hybrid 3 Shoes


Image credit: Ecco

Sizes: 6.5-12.5
Colours: Five Men’s, Two Women’s

+ High level of grip for a spikeless shoe
+ Excellent protection from the elements
+ Modern styling will suit a variety of tastes
– The shape won’t suit everyone
– Some may prefer a softer feeling shoe.

Ecco is synonymous with comfort and the Hybrid 3 is no exception. Freedom Fit mixes a snug heel setting with a roomier forefoot area that allows toes to move naturally. In addition, Fluidform technology bonds the upper and outsole unit, creating a bond between the sole and its leather upper without the use of stitching.

Additionally the Tri-Fi-Grip outsole provides performance in terms of stability, durability and rotational support throughout the swing. The 100 per cent Gore-Tex waterproof protection makes them far more than just a summer shoe and these are also one of the best golf shoes for wide feet too because of the Freedom Fit.

Ecco Biom Hybrid 3 Shoes Review

Ecco Biom Cool Pro Shoes

Best Ecco Golf Shoes

Image credit: Ecco

Sizes: 6.5-12.5
Colours: Four Men’s

+ Stylish, modern looks
+ Premium performance, especially around grip, stability and comfort
– A firm and raised feeling underfoot won’t be to everyone’s taste.

The Biom Cool Pro is one of the most feature-packed spikeless shoes on the market, comprising unique innovations that enhance grip, stability, comfort and protection. One such unique innovation is the Gore-Tex Surround, a technology that features a TPU Exhaust Grid built into the midsole of the shoe with larger, angled openings that channel air directly to the sole of the foot while also allowing moisture and heat to escape. This combination provides breathability and 100 per cent waterproofing from the first tee to the last green and beyond.

Ecco Biom Cool Pro Shoes Review

Ecco Biom G3 Shoes

Sizes: 6.5-12.5
Colours: Three Men’s

+ Excellent grip and stability
+ Top-notch waterproofing and breathability
– Top-end pricing may deter the budget-conscious golfer

Whilst the spikeless offerings from Ecco may steal most of the limelight the brand also makes some excellent cleated offerings, the Biom G3 being the best of the bunch.

It features Ecco’s renowned Biom Natural Motion which combines low-to-the-ground stability with a glove-like fit. Eight Zarma-Tour spikes work together with hybrid cleats on the toe and rotation line to offer optimal grip and a more stable footing.

Additionally Ecco recently added to this impressive shoe by introducing X-Tensa Invisible Technology which links the sole unit to the lacing system for a tighter connection and even more stability.

Ecco Biom G3 Shoes Review

Ecco S-Casual Shoes

Ecco S-Casual

Image credit: Ecco

Sizes: 6.5-11.5
Colours: Three Men’s, Three Women’s

+ Usable on and off the golf course
+ Breathable and stable
– Design may not suit some people’s tastes

The best Ecco golf shoes always look great and the S-Casual continues that trend. These shoes work excellently both on and off the golf course because of the casual styling and excellent performance. On the links Ecco has implemented its HydroMax treatment to make the shoe highly-water repellant whilst the E-DTS Traction system helps you stay firm and in control to deal with whatever the golf course throws at you.

Ecco Women’s Cool Pro Shoes

Ecco cool pro

Image credit: Ecco

Sizes: 3.5-7.5
Colours: Five Women’s

+ Deals with any weather
+ Four cool colours to choose from
– Narrow choice in sizing

A worthy inclusion in our best women’s golf shoes guide, this model has been created to deal with every type of weather. The strong Yak leather construction makes them very light making them the perfect summer shoe and a model that can be worn all day. Additionally the Gore-Tex Surround gives 100% waterproof protection for when the weather turns nasty too.

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