What To Pack For A Golf Trip

In this post we give a list of some of the best things you should pack for your next golf trip.

What To Pack For A Golf Trip

In this post we give a list of some of the best things you should pack for your next golf trip.

What To Pack For A Golf Trip

When you haven’t got the luxury of opening the boot and filling it with every last drop of your golfing bits then you have to be a bit more savvy. So from your travel bag itself to the contents of it we’ve got you covered.

Below are some of the best golf accessories that you should think about getting for your next golf trip. Also we recommend checking out our post on the best golf luggage and best golf travel bags as well.

What To Pack For A Golf Trip

Sun Mountain Club Glider Meridian Wheeled Travel Cover

What To Pack For A Golf Trip

This is an outstanding piece of kit and, if you do get your hands on one, you’ll wonder why you’ve never tried one before. The integrated leg set, which retracts easily, supports 100 per cent of the weight so, when you’re facing a lengthy walk to the car park or arriving at your accommodation, transporting your clubs around couldn’t be easier.

Inside there’s just the right space to pack your clubs, shoes and a few bits of clothing without your clubs rattling round and, because of the wheels, things will never feel too heavy. It’s all plenty durable with a ‘ballistic-style’ nylon heavy padding to protect your clubs.  There are various choices in this excellent range with the Glider Pro being a larger option.

US Buy Now at Worldwide Golf Shops for $299.99

Motocaddy Pro 3000 Laser

What To Pack For A Golf Trip

To go with their top-of-the-range trolleys now comes this rangefinder from Motocaddy. You can zap a pin from 450 yards away and it’s quick and easy to use with cutting-edge PinLock technology.

It also includes slope compensation (competition legal with slope disabled) and features

background noise filtration to make it easier to lock onto a target. Another great addition is the ability to toggle between yards and metres as well as an automatic standby mode after 10 seconds. It’s completely rainproof and comes with a 24-month warranty.

UK Buy Now at The Golf Shop Online for £249

Galvin Green Tromb Umbrella – 60 inch

What To Pack For A Golf Trip

This 60″ storm-proof umbrella from Galvin Green has an extra strong frame and double layer top cover/ pressure release vent. The umbrella can also be used as a parasol as it has UV protection for when you’re playing in strong sunshine. It is definitely one of the best golf umbrellas anywhere on the market.

UK Buy Now at Golf Support for £40

Titleist Professional 22” Wheeled Duffel

What To Pack For A Golf Trip

This über-smart offering is a beautiful piece of luggage with lots of very nice touches, including leather accent handles with magnetic closure and coated zippers. This is really classy and, again, this is a carry-on size with telescoping handle and premium wheels.

There’s room for an easy-to-access 15” laptop compartment with padded liner for protection and, should you want to add your own touch to things, there is the option to custom embroider.

US Buy Now at Worldwide Golf Shops for $299.99

Adidas S2G Shoes

What To Pack For A Golf Trip

How many golf trips have you been on where you’re scouting the pro shop looking for a new pair of shoes? These are perfectly good for a first pair but they’re also great value for a back-up pair - we like them so much they even made our guide on the best Adidas golf shoes.

These provide a light and breathable feel thanks to an upper mesh and the spikeless rubber outsole is built for comfort,

US Buy Now at adidas from $70

UK Buy Now at adidas from £85

FootJoy ProDry Sport Socks

What To Pack For A Golf Trip

The ProDry Sport socks from FootJoy are all about comfort. They take up no space in the bag and could make your day a lot more enjoyable. They feature a double-layer reinforced heel that pads the foot nicely whilst the very fabric helps here too. They are made from a combination of acrylic, polyester, spandex and nylon to give a soft feel and moisture management.

You’re going to be playing a lot of golf so why not, while you’re tucking into too much food and drink at lunch, treat yourself to a new pair of socks for the afternoon round and put a new spring in your step.

US Buy Now at Worldwide Golf Shops for $9.99

UK Buy Now at Golf Support from £8.49

PuttOUT Mirror Training Gate

What To Pack For A Golf Trip

If you’re serious about your putting or are going to have a lot of spare time on your hands then the PuttOUT mirror will help you to work on your alignment and positioning.

You can set the width of the magnetic guides to check you’re in the right set-up position and it also comes with a stand-alone putting gate so you have something to aim at. And there’s no need to secure it as a durable rubber casing keeps everything in place without the need for tees. 

We also recommend taking a look at more of the best golf training aids on the market too.

US Buy Now at Amazon for $55.18

UK Buy Now at Amazon for £49.99

Kinesiology Tape

What To Pack For A Golf Trip

Another banker on any trip is that you’re going to face some aches and pains. So while everyone is passing round the painkillers why not include some tape to help to reduce pain and reduce any swelling.

The beauty of this is that it gently encourages the body to behave naturally and, once applied, it can last up to five days to provide dynamic support as well as providing a reminder of how to carry yourself. 

US Buy Now at Amazon from $10.97

UK Buy Now at Amazon for £6.95

Extension Cable

What To Pack For A Golf Trip

Bear with me. When you’re in your B&B and you’re sharing a room and there’s just one socket then you’ll be glad that you’ve packed this. There’s all sorts of tech help available to us these days so if you want to keep your trolley, GPS, iPhone and iPad all ticking along nicely then this will be a most welcome addition.

Bungee Cords

What To Pack For A Golf Trip

Likewise remind yourself of all the times when you’ve got a pull trolley for the day and spent large chunks of it wrestling your trolley up or down any sort of slope. These are always going to come in handy so pop a couple in your golf bag and keep them there so your trip isn’t spoilt by something so simple.

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