Best Headphones For Golf 2024

Our selection of the best headphones for golf will help you focus on your game when you practice

Best Headphones For Golf
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Best Headphones For Golf

Practice makes perfect in golf. But have you considered honing your striking skills with a bit of background music? Hooking yourself up to a pair of headphones can really help you focus. After all, who hasn't been down at the range and had screaming kids, blaring ring tones and annoying chatter in the bay next door upset their rhythm?

This is why we’ve rounded up the best headphones for golf. All the pairs listed below are wireless in-ear headphones because we think they lend themselves best to practice thanks to their secure fit and versatility a little better than the best golf speakers. Wired headphones could leave you tangled up, while over-ear headphones are on the bulky side and can slide around while you're swinging.

All the pairs listed below also offer solid battery life and great sound quality so you can appreciate your favorite tunes and really get in the swing groove. Read on for our pick of the best headphones for golf or alternatively, check out our guides on the best golf training aids or best portable launch monitors to really make the most of your practice time.

Best Headphones For Golf

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Best Wireless Headphones For Golf

How to choose the best headphones for golf

Battery life

One of the big things to consider is battery life. You don't want your headphones running out of juice before the end of your practice session. Thankfully all the pairs in this list last at least six hours with some even topping out at ten. And that's before you've topped them up with the supplied charging case.

Noise cancelling

The isolation you get from a normal pair of in-ear headphones tends to be pretty good. But if you want to cut out any and all external distractions and concentrate on your swing, then noise-cancelling headphones are where it's at. Most pairs that offer this functionality also offer a transparency mode which will allow in some external noise if you desire.


Everyone's ears are different. Which means finding the right pair for you can be tricky. So you might want to try out a couple fo different pairs to see which ones you gel with on the range. Don't forget to experiment with the different ear tips that the  manufacturer provides to make sure you get the perfect seal. Otherwise, bass performance will suffer.


In the world of headphones there are seemingly models at every price point so we definitely recommend having a number in mind, or an awareness of how much you want to spend. 


Can you wear headphones when playing golf?

In recreational play, yes you can play in headphones when playing golf, and you can also do it in competition but there are a few things to be aware of. First, Rule 4.3a (4) covers this and it basically says you can listen to audio, or watch video, as long as it is unrelated to the competition. For example a new report or background music is fine. However you should be wary of playing music too loud to distract other players, and playing golf in headphones means you might fail to hear FORE shouts and such. 

Why are pro golfers wearing headphones?

We have seen a lot of Tour professionals wearing headphones of late and this is during practice so they can block out noise and distractions whilst they go about honing their games. Many players also just like to listen to music or podcasts so it kind of gets rid of the monotony of practice as well.

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