Oakley Portal X Sunglasses

Our verdict on the comfort and performance of the Oakley Portal X sunglasses

Golf Monthly Verdict

Sunglasses can play an important part not only in protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays but also allowing golfers to see the subtle details required to hole crucial putts and the Oakley Portal X are one of the best pairs on the market this year. Stylish, comfortable and durable, they fit well and provide that all important off-course versatility.

Reasons to buy
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    Stylish, comfortable and stay secure when swinging even when sweating. Undoubtely enhance clarity and contrast in bright conditions and are also more than suitable for off-course wear.

Reasons to avoid
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    The view is a little too dark when the sun isn't at its brightest.

We test the new Oakley Portal X sunglasses out on the course to see how they perform in different light conditions

Oakley Portal X Sunglasses Review

Many will view a pair of sunglasses as a mere accessory but they do have the potential to enhance your vision in certain conditions, which can only help you play better golf.

Oakley recently launched two models within its Portal range. The Portal frame, with its jagged edges, has a more unorthodox shape so we opted for the Portal X. A little more traditional and versatile in terms of shape with its more rounded edges, we paired them with Oakley’s Dark Prizm Golf lenses, which claim to enhance colour and contrast so you can see more detail.


Some golfers don’t like wearing sunglasses for fear of them moving around on your face when you swing and thus being distracting but there was no such issues with the Portal X.

The tacky material used for the nose pads ensures a comfortable but secure fit while the special Unobtainium material on the inside of the earsocks has a similar feel and increases in grip when wet. This ensures that when you sweat, a common occurance when playing on hot sunny days when sunglasses are required, they stay firmly in position when you swing.


How Oakley percieve the difference in view when wearing (right) and not wearing (left) its Prizm Dark Golf lenses

Through the lenses, the purple tint dims the view and enhances the colour on bright days perfectly well and when the sun is at its highest, the extra contrast is most noticeable, especially on the greens. We found the extra detail helped us pick out subtle borrows on the greens more easily.


When the sun is out but conditions aren’t overly bright, like on early mornings or evenings, you might find the tint is a little too dark, but because the Portal X sunglasses are so comfortable the chances are you’ll have forgotten you were even wearing them.

The styling is modern and versatile, to the point where you’ll probably find yourself wearing them as much off the course as you do on the course, adding even more value to your investment.