In this PuttOut Premium Pressure Putt Trainer review, we compare it against the previous model and see if it's still as good for practicing putting.

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PuttOUT Premium Pressure Putt Trainer


  • Much higher quality finish than its predecessor but still has all the same great features. Great for practicing pace control with your putts.


  • Need to invest in the PuttOut mat to get the best use out of it.


PuttOut Premium Pressure Putt Trainer


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PuttOut Premium Pressure Putt Trainer Review

PuttOut’s Pressure Putting Trainer has been given a shiny new upgrade for 2021 and has been renamed the PuttOut Premium Pressure Putt Trainer.

The new name certainly suits the new product, with a new paint job and finish giving it a more premium look and feel than its predecessor.

It uses the exact same scientifically shaped parabolic ramp as the old trainer, but is made of a sturdier matte plastic and feels together more premium than the old version.

Unfortunately, this has knocked the RRP up by £10, but for us it’s a price worth paying and you can see and feel the extra effort that has gone into this.

This parabolic ramp means that the each putt made is returned to the player at the same distance it would have gone past the hole had it missed.

It’s the same principle as the original trainer and it is fantastic for working on your pace.

Far too many golfers leave putts short and never give the chance for the ball to drop. Regularly using the PuttOut Premium Trainer should give you the confidence to start knocking the ball past the hole more often.

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The PuttOut Premium Trainer at work with the PuttOut Studio Travel Bundle.

It still has the small micro target at the back, allowing the ‘perfect putt’ to fall into the hole if you pace and line are spot on.

To get this to happen, you’ll need to hit the ball on the perfect line and at a weight going 18 inches past the hole.

This is the most enjoyable part of the PuttOut experience and trying to secure the perfect putt from 6ft is an enjoyable – if sometimes infuriating task – and a great way to add some purpose to a putting session.

It’s also a great way to have a competition with friends wherever you set up your putting practice area.

It’s the best putting trainer we’ve used and it is great for practicing consistent pace control from those annoying 6ft putts – the more premium finish only adds to the desirability of this product.


Quite simply one of the best and most enjoyable putting aids out there right now. It's best use is to help with pace control and finding the 'perfect putt' is a great way to focus your practice and keep it entertaining.