We take a look at the best budget irons on the market, sets that will help you get the most from your game but won’t break the bank.

Best Budget Irons

Usually the best golf irons can be quite expensive because a set of irons is one of the most costly equipment purchases in the game.

If you’re new to golf, if you only play infrequently, or are simply keen to get value for your money, then splashing out hundreds, even thousands on a set of irons might not seem justifiable.

Fear not, there are budget irons out there that offer high levels of performance, without the premium price tag.

If you’re looking for value from your irons then you need to check out our run down on the best budget irons on sale right now.

We also recommend taking a look at some of our other guides on irons too so help your search. For example if you want to hit it further then take a look at the best distance irons on the market. Or if you need as much forgiveness as possible, we have created guides on the most forgiving irons, as well as the best game improvement irons.

Best Budget Irons

Benross Delta Irons

best budget irons

+ Confidence-inspiring topline
+ Good value for money
– Not easy to shape the ball

Featuring a heat-treated 431 stainless steel construction, these irons deliver excellent ball speed and carry.

The positioning of the centre of gravity has been designed to help you get the ball airborne and it’s progressive through the set to give you more assistance with the longer irons.

We were impressed with the launch and the feel of these irons. Offering great value for money, these are a great option for beginners.

UK Buy Now at American Golf for £399

Callaway Rogue X Irons

best budget irons

+ Enhanced feel
+ Forgiving
– Not most workable irons

The Callaway Rogue X irons offer extremely high performance, with exceptional power and feel.

These are forgiving irons thanks to the 360 degree face cup and variable face thickness. Those technologies combined make for greater ball speeds over a larger face area. You’ll definitely notice more power and distance from off-centre strikes.

The great feel in these irons comes from the urethane microspheres within the construction which dampen vibrations and soften the impact.

Lightweight and with strong lofts, these clubs are built for distance. In testing we found that the ball came off like it had been launched from a rocket.

US Buy Now at Worldwide Golf Shops from $599.99

Rife RX5 Irons

best budget irons

+ Easy launching
+ Oversize head
– Thick topline won’t be to all tastes

With a premium chrome finish, these oversize irons have been designed to offer good levels of forgiveness and power.

They have a wide, undercut sole design for good turf interaction and are constructed from 431 stainless steel.

Positioning of weight low in the head means the centre of gravity is shifted in such a way to deliver a powerful, high launch and a strong ball flight.

These are unquestionably one of the best budget irons out there and will suit starter golfers and those looking to make improvements in their game.

UK Buy Now at American Golf for £299

Fazer XR2 Irons

best budget irons

+ Forgiving
+ Easy launch
– Not best for feel

The Fazer XR2 irons offer good levels of forgiveness for beginner and improving golfers.

With a wide, undercut sole design positions the weight low in the clubhead to help get the ball up and flying, while the oversized head inspires confidence at address.

They may not be the most workable clubs on the market, but they generate good distance and a consistent ball flight.

UK Buy Now at American Golf for £149.99

Wilson Deep Red MAXX Irons

best budget irons

+ Good distance
+ Strong launch
– Won’t suit better players

These irons from Wilson have been engineered to offer maximum distance and forgiveness.

With oversized head, wide soles and a low centre of gravity – the Wilson Deep Red MAXX Irons are extremely forgiving and will help improving players who struggle for consistency.

Constructed from 431 stainless steel, they offer a powerful feel and launch. They’re long, even on off-centre strikes.

UK Buy Now at American Golf for £189

TaylorMade M2 Irons

best budget irons

+ High quality irons at budget price
+ Strong ball flight
– There’s newer TaylorMade tech out there

With a low centre of gravity and speed pocket, TaylorMade’s M2 irons offer a powerful launch and a long flight.

The M2 irons employ ‘Geocoustic’ engineering techniques; acoustics tuned through geometry for better feel and sound via 3-D damping and an optimized rib structure to create ideal frequencies.

In testing we felt this to be a very good offering in the game improver category that will provide assistance in gaining distance and accuracy to those who need it most.

TaylorMade M2 Irons Review

US Buy Now at Worldwide Golf Shops from $499.99

UK Buy Now at Decathlon for £549.99

Inesis 500 Irons

best budget irons

+ Low price
+ Strong flight
– Not the most attractive iron on the market

The best budget irons not only have to be good value, but they also have to offer performance that further enhances the appeal of the irons too.

These Inesis irons has been designed for higher handicap golfers to offer great forgiveness and distance.

The ultra slim face gives good ball speed and power while the perimeter weighting means even off-centre hits get good flight and distance.

Inesis have come up with an interesting way for you to find the right irons for you without having to do the traditional custom fit.

Within the Inesis iron range you have 6 different setups to choose from and the first thing you need to do is figure out your hand to floor measurement which will give you an idea on the length of golf clubs you need.

The second thing you do is you select the iron set you want based on your swing speed. After you have been through this process via the Decathlon website, you will get a set that is slightly more tailored towards you.

In testing we found these irons easy to flight and with a good feel at impact. There is plenty of forgiveness on offer, packed into a package that looks good too.

UK Buy Now at Decathlon for £349.99

Wilson Staff Launch Pad Irons

best budget irons

+ Extra assistance from wide sole
+ Good accuracy
– Unorthodox looks take some getting used to

The clubhead of the Launch Pad irons incorporates a wide, progressive sole throughout the set that prevents the sole from digging into the turf before impact. The short irons (7-SW) feature more traditional sole widths, while the longer irons (4-6) feature wider, more forgiving soles, for more consistent ball-striking and greater distance.

In testing we were impressed with the Wilson Staff Launch Pad irons. They’re not going to hit the ball for you and they’re certainly not going to save a really poor swing, especially in wet conditions, but the margin for error on the strike is definitely larger on a club like this and if you’re a beginner or high handicapper it’s certainly an option worth trying.

We also included these irons in our best golf irons for seniors post too.

US Buy Now at Worldwide Golf Shops from $699.99

UK Buy Now at American Golf from £519

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