Chambers Bay hole-by-hole guide: hole 4

A guide to hole 4, named 'Hazard's Ascent', at Chambers Bay.

Hole 4 at Chambers Bay. Credit: David Cannon (Getty Images)

A guide to Chambers Bay's hole 4 ahead of the 2015 US Open.

Chambers Bay hole 4 - Hazard's Ascent - Par 5 - 530 yards

A reasonably straight shot off the tee from a big hitter could see a player go for birdie from here. The likes of Bubba Watson and Rory McIlroy could thrive.

However, a bunker sits in front of the green and reaches all the way down the right-hand side.

Players will need to aim right to find the green once they're settled on the fairway, but not so far right that they find the bunker. A long iron should see they make it to the green while staying under par.

Although the name is a reference to the climber Hazard Stevens, who made it to the peak of Mt. Rainier in nearby Pierce County, it should also act as a warning to players when approaching the green. Three evenly spaced bunkers sit in the banks just behind the green, ready to punish inaccuracies.

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