Chambers Bay hole-by-hole guide: hole 3

A guide to hole 3, named 'Blown Out', at Chambers Bay.

Hole 3 at Chambers Bay. Credit: David Cannon

A guide to Chambers Bay's hole 3 ahead of the 2015 US Open.

Chambers Bay hole 3 - Blown Out - Par 3 - 163 yards

As with the vast majority of the holes at Chambers Bay, a giant bunker stretches along most of one side.

In theory, it's position starts along the left-hand side, but in reality it stretches out to leave a slither of fairway that players won't try to hit anyway. Instead they'll go beyond the point at which the bunker protrudes the most to find a spot not compromised by too much slope.

There's also a bunker off the back of the green, although, depending on pin position, it's very unlikely anyone will send their putt into it.

However, this par 3 might not be that straight forward. 'Blown Out' refers, unsurprisingly, to the element of wind the hole, and the course in general, is likely to be exposed to given its sparse nature. It's also a reference to the large bunker.

If you need more advice on how to play it, just ask Johan de Beer. The South African made a hole in one here in the preliminary rounds of the 2010 US Amateur Championship.

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