TaylorMade TP5 Pix vs Tour Response Stripe Golf Ball: Read Our Head-To-Head Verdict

How do two of TaylorMade's most popular golf balls match up? Here, we compare the pair

TaylorMade TP5 Pix vs Tour Response Stripe Golf Ball
(Image credit: Golf Monthly)

TaylorMade TP5 Pix vs Tour Response Stripe Golf Ball: Read Our Head-To-Head Verdict

Along with your clubs, a golf ball is the most used bit of equipment when you're out on the golf course. To begin with, it's the piece of equipment that has to find the cup to give you a score.

It's therefore crucial that you find a golf ball that will provide you with distance, spin and control. Thankfully there are an array of options, with brands like TaylorMade creating a number of the best golf balls (opens in new tab) that money can buy.

Not only do they help with the factors listed above, but the two models in this piece actually help with your alignment, yet another element that needs to be considered if you are to score as well as you possibly can.

Both golf ball models in this piece are made by TaylorMade, a brand that is known for producing some of the best golf drivers, best golf irons and best putters on the market. 

First introduced in 2021, the TaylorMade TP5 Pix Golf Ball is a variation on TaylorMade’s flagship TP5 golf ball, a model used by a number of Professionals on the PGA and DP World Tour. A year later, the company introduced the Tour Response Stripe, a golf ball that is priced below the Tour models of the TP5 and Titleist Pro V1


As mentioned, the Pix is a variation of the TP5 golf ball, with the difference being a visual change to the design. Instead of a plain white layout, it has 12 orange and black triangle-shaped graphics strategically printed on its urethane cover.

TaylorMade calls this ClearPath Alignment technology and its purpose is to allow golfers to visualize three clear lines going through the centre of the ball, akin to the red and blue markings on the Callaway Chrome Soft Triple Track

Because of the strategically placed triangles, it is a great way to help calibrate the angle of a putt when crouching behind the ball or even when in address. The alignment tool can also be used off the tee to help visualize where to aim with your driver. 

Like the Pix, the Tour Response Stripe also features an alignment aid, but this time in the form of a lime green and grey coloured band that wraps around the ball. TaylorMade have always been a brand that likes to think outside the box and, with this version of the Tour Response, it appears that way.

This bold look might not be for everyone, but we loved it as a striking alternative. If you are a player that struggles with alignment, or getting to roll the ball properly end over end, then the Stripe is designed to help. It creates a very clear alignment aid off the tee and on the green especially with the putter. When you putt, the stripe clearly shows how effectively the ball is rolling.


Moving on to feel and with the Tour Response which, in testing, gave instantaneous feedback and really narrowed the focus on the ball and the putter face. Despite the garish color, it certainly ranks as one of the best value golf balls out there.

One big factor was that the Tour Response felt noticeably firmer than the TaylorMade Soft Response 2022 golf ball. We think that this will not be a big issue because many will enjoy this feeling of a firmer golf ball, plus, because it struck a good balance, it would make a perfect option to use all year-round.

Being based on one of the best premium golf balls on the market, the TP5 Pix certainly provides high-quality performance despite the higher price tag. Featuring a urethane cover, the Pix delivers tour-level distance from the tee box and is very workable with an iron or a wedge in hand. 

Despite the soft cover, it remains a very durable addition to TaylorMade's range of golf balls, that didn't cut up or get scratched during the round. It's also worth noting that we felt it reacts better than other firmer golf balls on the market, making it a great addition when the greens are a tad harder.

Ball Flight

One important aspect is the ball flight, you don't want a golf ball that is going to go sky high, or that is going to waver off-line. Beginning with the Pix, you'll be pleased to know that it performs superbly in this category, but does compliment players who can generate greater clubhead speeds. Many high handicappers may struggle to generate enough power to lift this ball into the air.