TaylorMade Ladies Kalea 3 Driver Review

Our verdict on the TaylorMade Ladies Kalea 3 driver

TaylorMade Ladies Kalea 3 Driver Review 
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TaylorMade has nailed it with the Kalea range. Offering golfers performance and style in one striking package. This driver should inspire golfers of any level to maximise their tee shots and its versatility off the deck makes it a very desirable option.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Stunning design that is very striking. Extremely easy to hit, even off the deck from a good lie.

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Such a glossy white finish that in direct sunlight it can dazzle and distract.

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TaylorMade Ladies Kalea 3 Driver Review 

There is no denying that the new TaylorMade Kalea 3 is a thing of beauty.

The design and attention to detail is second to none. On first picking it up, we were struck by how comfortable and inviting the grip is, offering a gentle tackiness to keep you in control.

This driver will appeal to anyone who tends to strangle their driver, there is simply no need to squeeze this club as the grip almost moulds into your hands.

The predominant white colour is set off by a pastel geometric pattern and this then continues down the shaft and features on the sole of the club too and it's a design you won't tire of quickly.

The top of the club head has been sprayed with an extremely glossy finish and this does glare in bright sunlight which can be off putting, which might be a problem if you live in a very sunny climate.

But this doesn’t take away from its classy appearance, perhaps a pair of the best golf sunglasses would accompany this well.

One of the best benefits this driver holds is it sits behind the ball well and the shape of the club face practically begs you to send a drive soaring down the fairway.


This appearance gives the golfer a big boost of confidence and would be a fix for anyone struggling with their driving. Better than that, it soars off the fairway - yes, you read that right!

If you are a good driver of the ball and your ball is sat well in the fairway or semi-rough and you have a monster hole ahead, here’s your solution. The way the club nestles behind the ball allowed us to launch some shots from even tight lies on the fairway on the more lengthy holes, this really helps the scorecard out especially on a windy day.

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It is like having a 2 wood back in the bag from days gone by. This handy extra advantage is down to a low centre of gravity and TaylorMade's very clever Speed Pocket which sees more flexibility in the lower part of the club face.

This helps to pop the ball up quicker and from a tee this will see shots leap higher faster and carry that ball further.

The price is reasonable for the performance you gain compared to the best women's golf clubs out there. There is a great sensation of speed down to the lightweight feel, almost zipping power through impact and sending the ball further. There is definitely more energy generated from the low-kick Slim Tech shaft, which also launches the ball higher.

A hugely appealing factor with this line of women’s clubs is that you can own matching clubs all the way through from the driver to your putter, plus a bag to boot. So if coordinating is your thing then these clubs will be right up your street.

The head covers are not just eye catching in a classy kind of a way, they’re practical, wipe clean and easy to take on and off so there will be no tugging with the teeth during your round.

TaylorMade Ladies Kalea 3 Driver Review 

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