Why You Should Be Very Excited About The New Ping G430 Range

Back with its first 'G' series since 2021, the new Ping G430 promises tangible gains over its predecessor.

Why You Should Be Very Excited About The New Ping G430 Range
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Why You Should Be Very Excited About The New Ping G430 Range

Ping is back! While the brand tends to keep us waiting for products in the 'G' range with 18-month product cycles, it was stretched to two years this time around. More often than not, G replacements are worth the wait. Where G400 succeeded, G410 built on it. Where G410 worked, G425 offered accuracy enhancements and better fitting options. That leads us to the present day and the launch of the Ping G430 range of metalwoods and irons. 

With two years' worth of R&D under its belt, the brand seems proud and genuinely excited about bringing G430 to golfers, and the buzz coming from Ping should be getting a wide range of golfers very excited too. But what is all the hype about? We're going to take a deep dive into everything you need to know about the extensive G430 range. 

What is the new technology?

Ping has a number of new technologies to shout about in the G430 range. The highlight in the drivers comes in the shape of the all-new CarbonFly Wrap that is available exclusively in the G430 LST (Low Spin Technology) driver. This is an eight-layer carbon crown that wraps into the heel and toe skirt, which has allowed Ping to save weight and reposition it to create a lower CG and more forgiveness. Fully fitted, Ping claims it can offer you seven yards more distance over the G425 LST

A deconstructed view of the CarbonFly Wrap in the Ping G430 LST driver

A deconstructed view of the CarbonFly Wrap in the Ping G430 LST driver. It is not actually lime green on the driver head! 

(Image credit: PING)

In all three of the G430 driver heads, Ping has worked hard at improving the acoustics from G425. By increasing the curvature of the crown, skirt and sole and by repositioning the ribs inside the club, Ping has been able to adjust the important frequencies when it comes to how the club sounds at the point of impact. It's hard to describe the sound through words, so this is definitely something to try out for yourself when the G430 becomes available for fittings in a few weeks. 

'Spinsistency' face has continued over from G425 into the G430 family of clubs. While the face has become .1" shallower and 6 percent thinner than G425, the theory behind this phrase remains the same - similar spin characteristics across the whole face. All new in the G430 SFT (Straight Flight Technology) driver is a moveable 22g back weight that can be set in a Draw or Draw+ position. This is a move from the fixed heel weight that we saw in the G425 SFT driver. 

The technology highlight from the G430 irons comes in the distinct new PurFlex cavity badge. This badge, located on the back of the iron head, consists of seven 'flex zones' that allow the face to bend more, reducing spin and improving the overall feel and sound versus the G425 iron. Ping has also lowered the CG in the iron allowing shots lower on the face to maintain good ball speed. 

The final exciting development for 2023 is the release of the G430 High Launch (HL) build program. This is aimed at those who swing the driver at 85mph or slower to help these golfers hit the ball further even with a relatively low swing speed. When built with the Alta CB Black SR shaft, the club is around 15 percent lighter than standard and the driver features a lighter 11g backweight with the swing weights built specifically to match lower swing speeds. The HL build is available in the Max and SFT driver heads, all fairways, hybrids, and irons.

What Are The Models?

Ping G430 Max Driver
The Max driver is aimed at those with a driver swing speed between 90-105mph. It features a newly developed Spinsistency face and a new look for 2023. With a head size at 460cc, it also features a moveable weight to give golfers a neutral, fade or draw-biased ball flight depending on the positioning. 

Ping G430 SFT Driver
SFT stands for Straight Flight Technology and this driver is aimed at those who prefer to see a draw-biased ball flight. New to the SFT head is a two-setting, moveable tungsten back weight that positions the CG to deliver a more draw-biased ball flight. There is Draw or Draw+ setting with the latter promising up to 7 yards more draw than the standard draw setting. 

Ping G430 LST Driver
LST stands for Low Spin Technology as is the driver aimed at fast swing speed players who tend to swing the driver at 105mph or more. It features a Carbonfly Wrap on the crown which is exclusive to the LST driver. Employing this feature has allowed Ping to save weight and reposition it to lower the CG and spin. The G430 LST has a smaller 440cc head compared to the 460cc head in the other two models. 

Ping G430 Max Fairway
Carbonfly wrap - that features only in the LST driver - features in both fairway woods in the G430 range. The eight-layer carbon crown wraps into the skirt of the stainless steel head and saves 10 grams overall. The weight saving has allowed Ping to place the CG much lower in the head while also improving acoustics. It also features Spinsistency face and the 3-wood has a loft of 15°. 

Ping G430 SFT Fairway
The Straight Flight Technology fairway wood features all of the same technology with a slight heel weighting to help promote a draw-biased shot shape. Ideal for slightly slower swingers who tend to slice the ball, the 3-wood loft is also slightly weaker here at 16°. 

There will also be a Ping G430 LST fairway wood, but this has been delayed. When we know more on this, we'll be sure to let you know.

Ping G430 Hybrid
This hybrid is designed to be utilized by all skill levels and is optimized for the ideal mixture of forgiveness and distance. With six options from a 17° 2-hybrid all the way to a 34° 7-hybrid, there is scope to fill gaps in the long and mid-irons of the bag. Ping's Trajectory Tuning loft sleeve offers eight settings for loft and lie, allowing you to truly dial this hybrid in any part of the bag. 

Ping G430 Iron
New in the G430 is PurFlex cavity badge, seven flex zones in the back of the head that allow for more face bending, reduced spin, and an improved feel and sound. The CG has also been lowered from G425, and promised the G430 to offer increased ball speeds on shots struck toward the bottom of the face. 

Options include a standard loft (7-iron of 29°), a retro spec (7-iron loft of 31°) or a power spec (7-iron loft of 27.5°). Ping has also added a 45.5° wedge to close the gap between the 41° pitching wedge and 50° gap wedge. 

What Ping Say

WATCH: Ryan Stokke, Director of Product Development at Ping, discusses the tech and resulting benefits in the new Ping G430 range

Who Is Using G430 on Tour?

The likes of Viktor Hovland, Tony Finau, Tyrrell Hatton and Seamus Power are expected to be in the new G430 woods as the PGA Tour gets going this season. Over on the LPGA Tour, the likes of Brittany Altomare, Leona Maguire and Jennifer Kupcho will be also using the new G430 range. 

Specs, Pricing & Availability

All of the Ping G430 range will launch on January 27th in the UK and US with the following RRPs: 

Drivers £525/$600 (Max and SFT), £575/$630 (LST)
Fairways £350/$385 (all models)
Hybrid £295/$325

Irons (steel) £150/$170 per club
Irons (graphite) £160/$180 per club

The Ping G430 Max driver is available in 9°, 10.5° and 12° heads. The G430 SFT is available in a 10.5° head and the G430 LST is available in a 9° or 10.5° head with all three available in left and right hand. The stock Ping shafts throughout the drivers, fairways and hybrid are the Alta CB Black, Ping Tour 2.0 Chrome, Ping Tour 2.0 Black, Alta Quick. Optional shafts at no upcharge are the Project X HZRDUS Smoke Red RDX and Mitsubishi Kai'li White. 

The stock steel shaft in the G430 irons is the AWT 2.0 with the Dynamic Gold, Dynamic Gold 105, Dynamic Gold 120, KBS Tour, NS Pro Modus 105 and True Temper Elevate MPH shafts also available at no upcharge. The stock graphite shaft is the Alta Quick. 

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