With soggy lies and ice-numbed hands, winter golf can be tough. To counteract the elements, here are 17 top winter golf hacks to help make your scores drop as low as the temperature does.

17 Top Winter Golf Hacks

Winter golf can be some of the most enjoyable and rewarding golf you play all year. While everyone else is stuck at home, you have the chance to get out and compete.

However, playing well during the winter requires a slightly different approach.

Read on for our 17 top tips for getting the most out of your golf game this winter.

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1. Get yourself a good pair of wet weather and winter playing gloves

Keeping your hands dry and warm are crucial to enjoying your golf through the weekend. A wet weather glove is a must-buy and will help you keep things under control when it rains. The wetter they get, the firmer they grip, helping you to keep a hold of both your clubs and the pars on your scorecard. Another must-have is a pair of winter gloves which you can wear whilst playing.

2. Short game practice

With cold air, frost-covered golf balls and wet ground, golf courses start to play a lot longer once the winter kicks in. Par 4s that in summer needed only a fair drive and a flicked wedge now have you pulling out a 3-wood for your second shot and coming up short. With even your best strikes going nowhere, you’re likely to be scrambling a lot more for your pars. Getting your short game and wedge play on point will be the key to keep posting good scores.

winter golf base layer

3. Invest in a good baselayer

Keeping warm on the course is a must. A cold body is a stiff body and will cost you both distance and feel. Wrapping yourself up in a collection of bulky jumpers, however, is almost certain to limit your golf swing. The answer? A wafer-thin, heat-locking base layer.

4. Keep your golf balls warm


That a warm golf ball flies further than a cold one is no urban legend, it’s fact. The rule of thumb is that for every ten degrees by which the temperature drops, a golf ball will carry two yards shorter. Clearly then, there’s a premium for keeping your golf balls as toasty as possible. One of the easiest ways of doing this is to keep it in your pocket from green to tee and whilst it has been marked. Don’t just chuck it towards the next tee and pick it up when you get there, it simply won’t perform as well.

5. Carry your bag

With golf courses vulnerable to becoming mud-baths over the winter months and an increase in restrictions on trolley usage, you might find it less hassle just to work out those shoulder muscles and trade in your wheels for a carry bag. You’ll help keep your home course in good fettle, cut out those laboursome detours around ‘NO TROLLEY’ areas, and, with one less thing to worry about, you might even cut a few shots off your scorecard.

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6. Wear two pairs of socks

Get cold feet? Wear two pairs of socks if you’ve got any room left in your shoes. If not, a nice thick pair of winter socks will do the job.

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7. Keep the soles of your shoes clean

You don’t want any slipping around do you? Ice, mud, grass, sand and just about anything can get lodged in your cleats and will cause a loss of grip. Make sure they’re clean by using a tee as shown above.

8. Long Johns

Similar to the above and the baselayer, buy some long johns… they make a huge difference! When it’s not raining you don’t always want to be wearing your waterproof trousers and a pair of long johns will really help your legs stay warm as the chilly winds get up.

9. Keep your hands warm

When your hands are too cold, you lose feeling in them and golf becomes almost impossible. Buy a pair of winter mitts and drop a couple of hand warmers in them to keep your hands toasty.

winter golf snood

10. Buy a snood

When those winter winds come in, a snood will keep your neck warm and will stop the cold air going down to your body. They’re also great for pulling over your face when the winds really get up.

11. Change ball

Do you usually use a high-performing tour level ball? Perhaps a lower compression ball that will travel further might help your game. You’ll lose out on a bit of spin on the greens but the greens in the UK and Ireland aren’t great in the winter anyway.

12. Get winter wheels

PowaKaddy Winter Wheels

Not all of us our fit enough to carry our bag so help out the course by buying some winter/hedgehog wheels. They’ll do less damage to the ground and also pick up less mud. Win win!

13. More than one towel

Chances are that your towel will get fairly messy in the winter with all the mud that your clubs will pick up. Take a second towel and keep it in your bag for whenever you’ll need a clean one, like if you’re caught in a downpour and need to wipe your grips.

14. Take more club

It’s common knowledge that the ball doesn’t go as far in the winter and when you couple that up with no roll on the greens, more club is needed.

15. Adjust your driver

With the soft ground that we encounter in the winter, we barely get any roll-out on our drives. If you’ve got an adjustable driver, perhaps put the loft up or slide a weight back to increase launch. If your driver isn’t adjustable, tee it up slightly higher and swing more on the up. These tips will help you get more distance off the tee.

16. Waterproof bag

If you don’t have a waterproof golf bag and plan to play a lot in the winter then prepare for it to get drenched. A waterproof golf bag is simply a must-have item to keep all your belongings and clubs dry for the inevitable rain you’ll be playing in.

Clean putter face

17. Change your putting technique

There is no doubt that putting becomes more tricky on winter greens. The imperfections on the surface means that you will have to be more positive with our putts. It is also essential that you keep the face of your putter clean. If any moisture or dirt gets between the face and the ball, you’ll struggle to find the strong roll that you need.

Think of any winter golf hacks that we’ve missed?

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