Here we take a look at the very best golf gloves for winter on the market right now, gloves to help you play your best when the temperature drops

Best Golf Gloves For Winter

Golfing in winter weather is challenging as trying to hold on to the club in the cold, wind and rain becomes more difficult. But the right equipment can take some of the strain.

The best golf gloves designed specifically for this job can help keep your hands warm and dry, enabling you to stay in control of the club and your game.

These high-performance accessories have been designed to make playing in colder conditions a little less daunting. Many have thermal properties to keep your hands warm, others help to deliver good grip in wetter weather. For more on rain gloves, see our guide on the best wet weather golf gloves too.

Winter golf gloves could be a game changer if you haven’t tried them before. They can definitely make a difference to your performance on course during the colder months.

What then are the best golf gloves for winter available right now? We’ve reviewed and tested them and have selected our favourites below to help you decide which will suit you as the temperature drops.

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Best Golf Gloves For Winter

FootJoy WinterSof Golf Glove

Best All-Round Model

FootJoy WinterSof Golf Glove, black golf gloves, gloves holding grip, footjoy golf gloves

+ Good grip in wet conditions
+ Thermal properties
– Available in black only

If you’re looking at the best golf gloves for winter, you have to consider this option from FootJoy. Always at the forefront of golf glove innovation, FootJoy’s WinterSof gloves deliver on a number of levels.

Firstly, they feature the autosuede knit palm that appears on their RainGrip rain glove – it offers exceptional levels of grip in wetter conditions and will actually become more grippy the wetter it gets.

Then, with a waterproof structured nylon construction and weather shield foam fleece on the back of the glove, they will help keep your hands warm and dry in poor weather.

Further warmth and comfort are delivered by the extended knit cuff which really helps keep out the wind and cold.

In addition, these gloves are functional off the course as well as on. Given the grip and thermal qualities, and high-visibility piping on the back of the glove, they could be worn for running, cycling or other outdoor winter activities.

To see the comprehensive range of FootJoy designs available right now, have a read of our best FootJoy golf gloves guide as well.

MacWet Winter Climatec Golf Glove

Best Wet Weather Protection

MacWet Winter Climatec Golf Glove, black golf glove, macwet golf glove

+ Superb grip in wet conditions
+ Windproof
– No ball marker attachment

MacWet’s Aquatec material is one of the very best out there for delivering exceptional grip in wet conditions, which is why Aaron Rai wore them to win the 2020 Scottish Open.

These gloves, designed to be worn as a pair, can definitely help you hold on to the club when the rain starts to come down.

In addition, the gloves are water resistant and wind proof and fleece lined on the back to help keep your hands warm in colder weather.

One of the great qualities of the MacWet gloves is their durability. They’ll easily last a full winter season and beyond. They’re comfortable to wear, quick drying and they look sleek and stylish to boot.

Another bonus is that these gloves can be used for other outdoor activities that require grip in wet conditions – fishing, horse riding or cycling for instance.

Mizuno Thermagrip Golf Gloves

Highly Comfortable

Mizuno Thermagrip Golf Gloves, mizuno golf gloves, two black golf gloves

+ Impressive thermo technology
+ Good grip
– Only in black

When the temperature drops, the Mizuno Thermagrip gloves could greatly enhance your playing experience.

Featuring Mizuno’s renowned Breath Thermo technology, trace moisture on the skin in converted into new heat.

It sounds like jargon, but it really does work and, these gloves definitely help keep the feeling in your fingers as the mercury drops.

Made of synthetic leather, they feature a fleece-lined cuff for extra protection.

The brushed palm delivers excellent grip and surprisingly good feel for a winter glove.

The closure tab is effective and allows for a more precise fit.

Sold in pairs, the Thermagrip is available in sizes from S to XL.

Cobra StormGrip Winter Glove

Touch Screen Compatible

Cobra StormGrip Winter Gloves, two black golf gloves, cobra golf gloves

+ Excellent grip in wet weather
+ Index finger is touch screen compatible
– No ball marker attachment

These gloves work well as a pair and the fit is excellent. They’re sleek, comfortable, and feel on the grip is not compromised.

The grip provided by the StormGrip suede fabric is outstanding and we found performance improved when they got wetter.

A tailored, elasticated cuff helps keep out a cool breeze and they’re water resistant to keep your hands dry.

A nice touch is that the index finger is touch screen compatible so you can operate an electric trolley, GPS device or your phone without having to take them off.

Overall the Cobra StormGrip ticks a lot of boxes if you’re in the market for a solid winter golf glove – durable, comfortable, good fit, good grip, good looks – An excellent product.

Under Armour ColdGear Golf Glove

Best Cold Weather Protection

Under Armour ColdGear Golf Glove, under armour golf glove, black golf glove

+ Well insulated for great warmth
+ Soft leather palm delivers great feel
– No extended cuff leaves wrist exposed

With a dual layer fabric on the top of the hand and a brushed interior, plus ColdGear infrared lining, the Under Armour ColdGear golf gloves will keep your hands warm in all but the most brutal conditions. ColdGear technology has been developed to help your body absorb and retain body heat.

Sold in pairs, the gloves’ soft leather palm offers great feel and a sleek finish. It may not provide the best grip in the wettest weather, but it’s generally pretty durable and robust.

This is a great option in colder, dry conditions though – It will keep you warm without compromising touch and feel.

Callaway Thermal Grip Glove

Provides Pleasing Feel

Callaway Thermal Grip Glove, callaway golf gloves, two black golf gloves

+ Wind and water repellent
+ Neat fit
– No extra protective cuff

Sold in pairs, the Callaway Thermal Grip gloves deliver a good blend of protection and performance.

They’re fleece lined for warmth but the digitized synthetic leather palm offers a good degree of feel.

These are not cumbersome and awkward gloves, they fit neatly and this is enhanced by the Opti Fit closure system – They are thin, lightweight and comfortable.

The Microfiber outer shell provides good protection against both wind and water whilst also allowing good freedom of movement for the fingers.

Overall, the Callaway Thermal Grip gloves deliver a good halfway house in terms of winter gloves – impressive warmth with a decent level of feel retained.

Inesis Winter Golf Gloves

Best Value Gloves

Inesis Winter Golf Gloves, inesis golf gloves, two black golf gloves

+ Great feel thanks to suede palm
+ Elasticated cuff for neat fit
– Warming benefits effected negatively if gloves get wet

There’s nothing worse than losing the feeling in your fingers on a winter’s day on the golf course. These super-soft fleece and suede gloves are great in cold, dry weather and will help you to keep playing when the mercury falls.

The soft fleece back and elasticated cuff deliver good thermal qualities while the suede palm gives maximum grip and feel.

The fit is neat and can be tailored using the robust closure system.

The glove has been designed to be sleek and unfussy and they work well as a pair.

Offering good value for money, these are worth a look when considering the best golf gloves for winter.

Galvin Green Lewis Winter Golf Gloves

Best Premium Model

Galvin Green Lewis Winter Golf Gloves, galvin green gloves,

+ Soft leather grip
+ Great thermal properties
– Better models out there in the rain

Galvin Green is at the cutting edge of performance equipment and, as you would expect, their winter golf glove offering is packed with technologies to help you get the most from your game during the colder months.

The windproof, softshell fabric back provides great protection against the elements while the cabretta leather palm offers good grip and feel.

This is a stylish looking glove and the fit is excellent – A solid Velcro closure system combines with an extended cuff to make sure your hands are as snug as possible.

These may not be suitable for wet weather golf, but they certainly tick all the boxes for a cold, dry day.

Sleek, stylish, super-warm and lightweight, they offer excellent levels of protection without compromising on feel.

Zoom Weather Glove

Best To Stand Out

Zoom Weather glove, zoom golf glove, purple golf glove

+ Superb, versatile fit
+ Excellent feel
– Not as much in the way of thermal qualities

Developed in conjunction with Austrian Tour pro Marcus Brier, Zoom gloves are one-size fits all and have been engineered to fit like a second skin.

With FLEXX-FIT technology, essentially a Lycra-style section on the back that incorporates a mix of flex zones to fit the contours of a golfer’s hand, it does just that.

The back of the glove is stretch Lycra while the palm is a highly durable all-weather material.

We like the fact that the glove’s structure is such that it doesn’t lose its shape, even when it gets wet. It’s a solid item of equipment.

Rife RX2 All-Weather Winter Glove

Solid Durability

Rife RX2 All-Weather Winter Glove, rife golf glove, white golf glove

+ Super thin for an all-weather glove
+ Durable
– Not as much protection from elements as others

This is one for when the winter weather is unpredictable. It offers all-weather capabilities but the feel and performance of a standard glove.

Constructed from a blend of synthetic leather and cabretta leather on the thumb and palm, it offers great touch and feel on the golf club.

The glove fits well thanks to the Velcro closure system and we found it to be a hard-wearing bit of kit that will continue to perform well in all but the harshest of winter conditions.

What to look out for when buying a golf glove for winter

There are a number of factors you should consider when purchasing a golf glove for those testing winter months out on the golf course. Below we have discussed them;

Wet-weather protection – Obviously the most important thing here is protection from wet conditions especially if the winter months in your country see a lot of rain. The last thing you want to be thinking about in those conditions is whether your hands will slip on your golf grips and thankfully there are lots of brands that make models which provide more grip the wetter they get. Quick-drying models are particularly useful too.

Cold weather protection – Additionally the winter months tend to get very cold in the northern hemisphere so a good pair of winter gloves will help with warmth too. This could take the form of a thermal or fleece lining which will definitely help especially if you catch a shot thin!

Durability – Another factor to think about is durability. A good pair will be able to deal with the toughest of conditions and continue to perform over a long period of time.

Color – You may want a black golf glove and this tends to be the most common design for winter golf gloves however some brands make them in the classic white finish, or different color options like the Zoom model above.

Price – Of course there are lots of models at different price points so you need to think about how much you want to spend here.

We hope you enjoyed this guide on the best golf gloves for winter.