Best Winter Golf Gloves 2024

If you want to play your best golf in the winter then these gloves can help your grip, comfort and stability.

Best Winter Golf Gloves
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Golfing in winter weather is challenging as trying to hold on to the club in the cold, wind and rain. But the right equipment can take some of the strain away during the winter months. The best golf gloves designed specifically for this job can help keep your hands warm and dry, while keeping you in control of the club and your game. 

These high-performance accessories have been designed to make playing in colder conditions a little less daunting. Many have thermal properties to keep your hands warm, others help to deliver exemplary grip in wetter weather. For more on rain gloves, see our guide on the best golf rain gloves too.

Winter golf gloves could be a game changer if you haven’t tried them before. They can definitely make a difference to your performance on course during the colder months. What then are the best golf gloves for winter available right now? We’ve reviewed and tested them and have selected our favorites below to help you decide which will suit you as the temperature drops. Also, take a look at our guides on the best kids golf gloves and best women's golf gloves too.

Best Winter Golf Gloves

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How we test golf gloves

When it comes to testing winter golf gloves our comprehensive methodology revolves around, as you would expect, playing a lot of golf. We feel putting golf products to the test on the golf course, on the range and in practice is the best way to find out how usable and well-designed some gloves are.

On that note we feel it is particularly important to use all golf gloves in different conditions, whether that be rain, wind, hot or cold, to give a clear idea on the protection and grip on offer. We also looked to use the gloves off the course as well to see how versatile they were. Importantly, every member of the Golf Monthly team is a regular golfer so we put gloves to the test over a number of rounds. The final point we should mention is no manufacturer can buy a good review. This is because our testing team tells it how it is and we seek to be as insightful and honest as possible.

How to choose a golf glove

Golf gloves come in all different shapes and sizes and have a variety of features that can help you perform better out on the course. From their velcro straps to their grippy palms, there is a lot to think about when purchasing your next winter golf glove. That can sometimes be a little overwhelming, so, to help you figure out which is the best option for you, we've put together this handy list of considerations you should bear in mind when purchasing your next winter golf glove. 

Wet-weather protection 

Obviously, the most important thing here is protection from wet conditions especially if the winter months in your country see a lot of rain. The last thing you want to be thinking about in those conditions is whether your hands will slip on your golf grips and thankfully there are lots of brands that make models which provide more grip the wetter they get. Quick-drying models are particularly useful too. Here we would recommend being aware of which models are just water-resistant, and which models are totally waterproof. 

Cold weather protection 

Additionally, as the winter months tend to get very cold in the northern hemisphere so a good pair of winter gloves will help with warmth too. This could take the form of a thermal or fleece lining which will definitely help especially if you catch a shot thin!


Breathability is very important when it comes to purchasing a good golf glove. It is nearly impossible to play with sweaty hands, and while we do outline some of the best golf gloves to wear if you do get sweaty hands, it is important to ensure your glove offers great breathability and moisture-wicking options to ensure you have an optimum hold on the club.


Another factor to think about is durability. A good pair will be able to deal with the toughest of conditions and continue to perform over a long period of time. Plus you don't want to have to keep purchasing a pair of golf clubs every couple of months as that can be expensive. 

Comfort and fit 

While things like grip and breathability are important, comfort is paramount. If you're wearing a glove that is uncomfortable on the course, you will get distracted by that glove and not play your best golf. For that reason, it is very important to try your winter golf glove before you buy it and ensure that it fits you well and is comfortable. 


What are the warmest winter golf gloves?

There are lots of models out there which can lay claim to being the warmest winter golf gloves because many models are made with combinations of fleece and leather to really help insulate the hands. From our testing two good examples of this are the Under Armour ColdGear gloves and FootJoy Stasof Winter gloves. 

Do winter golf gloves work in the rain?

In our testing we have found some models are water-resistant which can help in light rain but in terms of sudden downpours there are some specific models that can be deemed totally waterproof, such as the FootJoy WinterSof gloves or Callaway Thermal Grip gloves. 

How do I keep my hands warm in winter golf?

There are several ways of keeping your hands warm in winter golf. First we would always recommend getting a good pair of winter golf gloves or golf mitts because these have been designed for that very purpose. We would also recommend using hand warmers and wearing jackets with pockets so you can put the warmers and your hands in them. 



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