10 Best Callaway Clubs Of All Time

We pick out 10 of the best clubs made by Callaway through the years, including the Great Big Bertha driver, 2-ball putter and Heavenwood hybrid

Best Callaway Clubs Of All Time

We pick out 10 of the best clubs made by Callaway through the years, including the Great Big Bertha driver, 2-ball putter and Heavenwood hybrid

10 Best Callaway Clubs Of All Time

Callaway is one of golf's most well-known brands and most golfers will have played their clubs and balls at some point in their lives.

Below, we pick out 10 of the best Callaway clubs of balls of all time...

10 Best Callaway Clubs Of All Time:

Great Big Bertha Driver

iconic golf equipment

The shift from wooden to medal drivers was expedited in 1991 when Callaway Launched the Big Bertha – one of the most iconic drivers in golf’s history.

Its neckless design was the catalyst for oversize driver heads, and even though its 190cc volume seems minuscule by today’s standards, it was truly revolutionary and remained in many players' bags for a very long time.

Odyssey 2-Ball Putter

The Odyssey 2-ball putter launched a revolution when it burst onto the scene late in 2001. Odyssey placed two round circles, each the diameter of a golf ball behind the putter face to act as an alignment guide. By putting more weight behind the ball, it skidded less off the face and provided high levels of forgiveness on off-centre hits.

In October 2001 Paul Lawrie became the first touring pro to win using a 2-ball when he captured the Dunhill Links Championship. It was the first week he’d had it in the bag. Through 2002 and 2003 one in every four putters sold was a 2-ball.

Since 2002 there have been a number of different versions, most recently the EXO model, but the concept remains the same and golfers of all levels continue to trust it.

X-12 Irons

The Big Bertha X12s hit shelves in 1998 and featured stainless steel heads along with a lower CG for high launch.

The lower CG improved the irons' forgiveness and they proved very popular as they had a smaller profile than the original Big Bertha.

Each iron had optimised weighting, helped by the thinner toplines.

Big Bertha Heavenwood

Perhaps one of the greatest utility clubs of all time, the Big Bertha Heavenwood came out in 2004 and was one of the best early hybrids around.

It was so good that they were still in many golf bags a decade later, and we imagine some GM readers will still be using them.

They were long, forgiving and easy to hit thanks to the unique Warbird sole.

Apex UT

With the new craze for utility irons seen from 2015 on, Callaway's Apex UT was one that made its way into golf bags across the country and out on Tour.

With its iron-like profile and hollow body, it looks like an iron but is so easy to hit with great performance.

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Chrome Soft Ball

The Chrome Soft was marketed as 'the ball that changed the ball' thanks to use of graphene inside said to improve tee-to-green performance.

It offers an extremely soft feel coupled with all-round performance, including little driver spin and high iron and short game spin.

It has since gone on to have great success with Tour Pros and amateurs alike.

GBB Epic Driver


Callaway's GBB Epic driver came out in 2017 where the groundbreaking 'Jailbreak' technology was first seen, featuring metal bars behind the face connecting the crown and sole.

The two steel bars allow the face to take more of the load at impact and spring more powerfully. Jailbreak was subsequently improved for the 2018 Rogue driver and may be around for some time.

It had a big impact on Tour and at club level and will go down as one of their best ever drivers in recent times.

Apex Irons

The Apex irons debuted in 2014 and offered a compact look but with technology comparable to bigger, chunkier forgiving irons.

A thin steel face insert, first seen in the X Hot fairway woods, was said to generate an extra 1-2mph in ball speed, while a forged carbon steel body should improve the feel on offer.

They were a hit and saw future upgrades, with the Apex Pro irons proving very popular.

Danny Willett won the 2016 Masters with them and Sergio Garcia still has them in his long irons.

Fusion ERC Driver

Callaway’s ERC Fusion driver was launched in 2003 and the company’s Chairman and CEO said, “We believe the ERC Fusion Driver is the most technologically advanced driver ever made.”

That was because the driver ‘fused’ together the best elements of titanium and composites by taking full advantage of both materials – resulting in an ultra-lightweight carbon composite body, the first of its kind.

Mack Daddy PM Grind Wedge

Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind wedge

The Mack Daddy PM Grind wedge was first seen in 2015 and was named after Phil Mickelson who had great input.

The wedge features 39 per cent more groove area than other wedges which helps Mickelson, his fellow Tour Pros and amateurs play those open-faced short game shots where you need the entire face to get the ball up.

The PM Grind may well have inspired TaylorMade's Hi-Toe wedge, which is fairly similar in design.

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