The Golf Monthly test team's Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind wedge review, a uniquely shaped model designed to achieve more spin from poor lies greenside

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind wedge


  • Impressive levels of control when hitting open-faced shots from the rough. Wide sole boosted forgiveness from tight lies


  • The look takes some getting used to. Struggled to get under the ball in sand at times, especially in wet conditions


Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind wedge


Price as reviewed:

£109.00 (available in four lofts: 56°, 58°, 60° and 64°)

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Key Technology
Phil Mickelson and Roger Cleveland’s have worked together to create the uniquely shaped PM Grind wedge, which is designed to reduce your variation in distances when playing from testing lies. It chiefly manages to do this thanks to its face, which has 39 per cent more groove area with the grooves extending all the way out to the toe, giving you more room for error when you open the face up around the green.

Mickelson and Cleveland have also designed the sole to be wider, giving it a secondary bounce that stops it digging in during delicate touch shots. Because a lot of metal needed to be added to make the toe section bigger, weight ports have been introduced to ensure the swing weight remains unaffected.

PM Grind wedge address

GM verdict
There’s no doubting the shape looking down at address is unusual, with a touch of the old school Ping wedges about it but in a larger size. But once you’ve hit a few shots to get used to the aesthetics, the Mack Daddy PM grind wedge is a versatile club that helps you recover from tricky situations. The shape and width of the sole especially excelled from tight lies and the questionable lies in the rough where control is normally limited.

If you’re already a competent bunker player, using the bounce with a shallow angle of attack, this club won’t help you get the club under the ball from sand but it will certainly help those that attack the ball too steeply with the leading edge. The range of short game shots that can be executed with this wedge make it something you need to try if you struggle to get up and down. The flight was strong enough to work on full shots and more so than anything, it was just fun to play with. Having that extra control meant you could be more aggressive through the hit, which improved my ball striking and distance control.


A versatile, forgiving wedge that will help you gain control from poor lies around the green