Here we take a run through the very best FootJoy golf gloves on the market right now, from premium leather to all weather

Best FootJoy Golf Gloves

Choosing the best golf gloves for you could improve your game. If you find a glove with the perfect fit and feel, your contact with the club will be enhanced, giving you great confidence to make the best swings you can.

There are various options when it comes to golf gloves to suit different requirements. If you want gloves that the top professionals use and trust, then the premium leather offerings will deliver in this regard.

For those after more durability, synthetic fabrics could be the way forward. In challenging conditions, all weather, rain and winter gloves could be game changers.

Thankfully, FootJoy can offer gloves in each of those categories within its current range and the company continues to lead the way in glove design and innovation.

What then are the best FootJoy golf gloves currently on offer? We’ve reviewed and tested them and have selected our favourites below to help you decide which will suit your requirements.

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Best FootJoy Golf Gloves

FootJoy StaSof Golf Glove

Best FootJoy Golf Gloves

FootJoy StaSof Glove

+ Superb feel and fit
+ Excellent grip
– Soft leather isn’t as durable as some materials

FootJoy has been making the premium all-leather StaSof since 1980 and it remains the company’s most popular glove among tour players.

Constructed from TactionLT Advanced Performance leather, it feels fantastic against your skin and it delivers that hint of natural tackiness you expect from high-end leather, helping you maintain a strong grip on the club.

Breathing holes on the front and back of the fingers help keep your hand cool, while the PowerNet mesh across the knuckles adds to the glove’s flexibility.

The Velcro closure tab is slightly angled to work with the shape of the hand and overall, it’s a very comfortable glove to wear.

Although leather won’t last like some synthetic fabrics, the StaSof is impressively durable and we found it will continue to perform after a number of rounds and practice sessions.

FootJoy StaSof Glove Review

US Buy Now at The Golf Warehouse for $21.95

UK Buy Now at Scottsdale Golf for £15.99

FootJoy Contour FLX Golf Glove

FootJoy Contour FLX Glove

+ Lightweight
+ Soft touch
– Although durable for leather, it’s not as durable as some synthetic models

Constructed from premium CabrettaSof leather, this is a nice feeling glove. But with its technical construction it’s also highly flexible and breathable.

The CabrettaSof leather palm offers that nice tacky grip you would expect from a leather glove and it’s pretty durable to boot.

On the back of the glove, a high performance FiberSof material allows for excellent flexibility and enhanced comfort.

The PowerNet mesh across the knuckles also helps with movement.

Although the fit is neat, it certainly doesn’t feel constrictive and you can move fingers freely.

Perforations have been strategically placed to allow for good breathability while the elastic cuff is moisture wicking to further enhance fit and comfort.

Overall, this is a great glove offering a blend of premium leather quality and technological innovation, it’s one of the best FootJoy golf gloves out there.

FootJoy Contour FLX Glove Review

US Buy Now at Rock Bottom Golf for $14.95

UK Buy Now at American Golf for £14.99

FootJoy Pro FLX Golf Glove

Best FootJoy Golf Gloves

FootJoy Pro FLX Glove

+ Lightweight
+ Breathable
– Sporty styling won’t suit all

The FootJoy Pro FLX Glove is one of the best FootJoy golf gloves on the market right now.

Blending superb materials with technological innovation, it’s at the cutting edge of golf glove design.

Constructed with feedback from top players, it features a soft TactionLT Cabretta leather palm for comfort, grip and feel with micro perforations to increase breathability.

On the back, Microvent FiberSof material has been cleverly placed to deliver further breathability and, above all, flexibility.

We found this to be a supremely comfortable glove that moves well with the natural shape of the hand. The fit is excellent, and the combination of fabrics works well.

It’s durable and well-constructed. The synthetic back of the glove means it retains its shape and fit nicely. It’s well worth a trial run.

US Buy Now at Worldwide Golf Shops for $19.99

UK Buy Now at American Golf for £16.99

FootJoy GT Extreme Golf Glove

FootJoy GT Extreme Glove

+ Great flex
+ Magnetic ball marker
– Not as soft as the Cabretta models

This high-tech glove offers exceptional grip and durability. Constructed from a combination of FibreSof material and APL leather, it’s built to last but not at the expense of fit and feel.

The clever use of moisture-wicking elastics helps to deliver a precise fit and the PowerNet mesh over knuckles and fingers greatly enhances flexibility.

Perforations offer breathability, while the combination fabrics will stand up well to rainfall.

We like the touch of the magnetic ball marker on the back of the hand – it’s unobtrusive but easy to access, removing the need for fumbling in the pocket!

Overall, the FootJoy GT Extreme glove is a good crossover option, delivering good fit and feel combined with durability and resilience. It is also available in women’s sizes too which is why we included the GT Extreme in our best golf gloves for women guide too.

UK Buy Now at Scottsdale Golf for £11.99

FootJoy WeatherSof Golf Glove

Best FootJoy Golf Gloves

FootJoy WeatherSof Glove

+ Great value
+ Good durability
– In really heavy rain, the RainGrip is a better option

This is FootJoy’s top selling glove, and it’s actually the number 1 selling glove in world golf. Therefore we could not leave it off this best FootJoy golf gloves list could we?

It’s a superb hybrid glove designed for durability and performance in changing weather conditions.

A combination of fabrics deliver optimum grip and comfort.

The palm is FiberSof with leather sections to increase feel, while the back of the glove is FiberSof with PowerNet mesh across the knuckles for greater flexibility.

The ComforTab closure system adjusts nicely to guarantee a snug fit and the overall construction is such that this is a glove built to last.

The FootJoy WeatherSof comfy and breathable and will repel water unless you face a real deluge, in which case you might like to consider FootJoy’s RainGrip – see below.

US Buy Now at Rock Bottom Golf for $10.95

UK Buy Now at American Golf for £9.99

FootJoy RainGrip Golf Glove

FootJoy Rain Grip Glove

+ Quick drying
+ Available as a pair
– Won’t keep hands warm

The FootJoy RainGrip glove showcases the company’s expertise when it comes to producing innovative and functional products. It’s one of the best wet weather golf gloves out there.

The autosuede knit palm provides tremendous grip in the wet. In fact, the wetter it gets, the better the grip. We found that, if you’re playing in the rain, it’s a good idea to get the palm of the RainGrip a little wet before you even start to maximise grip.

It’s very comfortable for a wet weather glove, lightweight and neat fitting with stretch properties meaning it hugs the hand nicely.

The QuikDry knit fabric has been designed not only to be quick drying, as the name suggests, but also breathable and flexible.

The ball marker is a nice feature and actually comes in very useful on wet days, giving you one less reason to have to dig around in soggy pockets.

The FootJoy RainGrip is available either as a single glove or a pair.

US Buy Now at The Golf Warehouse for $21.95 – Pair

UK Buy Now at Scottsdale Golf for £9.49

FootJoy WinterSof Golf Glove

Best FootJoy Golf Gloves

FootJoy WinterSof Glove

+ Good grip in wet conditions
+ Thermal properties
– Available in black only

If you’re looking at the best golf gloves for winter, you have to consider this option from FootJoy. At the forefront of innovation, FootJoy’s WinterSof gloves deliver on a number of levels.

Firstly, they feature the autosuede knit palm that appears on their RainGrip rain glove – it offers exceptional levels of grip in wetter conditions and will actually become more grippy the wetter it gets.

Then, with a waterproof structured nylon construction and weather shield foam fleece on the back of the glove, they will help keep your hands warm and dry in poor weather.

Further warmth and comfort are delivered by the extended knit cuff which really helps keep out the wind and cold.

In addition, these gloves are functional off the course as well as on. Given the grip and thermal qualities, and high-visibility piping on the back of the glove, they could be worn for running, cycling or other outdoor winter activities.

Sold in pairs, the WinterSof is available in sizes from S to XL.

US Buy Now at Rock Bottom Golf for $21.95

UK Buy Now at Amazon for £21.99

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