We review the FootJoy Rain Grip gloves to see how they perform in wet conditions and how practical they are to use for a whole round.

Product Overview

Overall rating:

FootJoy Rain Grip Gloves


  • Fantastic grip when wet, comfortable and secure, and they dry out quickly.


  • A little less feel than a normal glove, not quite as much grip when dry. Hands also feel colder when wet.


FootJoy Rain Grip Gloves


Price as reviewed:

£19.00 (for a pair, £12 for one)

Clubhouse Golf

FootJoy Rain Grip Gloves Review

The FootJoy Rain Grip is the wet weather option from the number one glove brand in golf. It’s the second least expensive option in its glove range and it’s the only one available as a pair, as well as a single glove.

Footjoy raing grip gloves

The golf gloves are made from a water absorbent micro-suede knit in the palm and fingers and QuickDry knitted material along the back of the fingers and the knuckles.

It feels really comfortable when you put it on. The material is soft, the fit is secure, and it doesn’t feel too much thicker than a traditional leather glove.

FootJoy rain grip gloves

The performance is excellent in wet conditions. Most importantly, the grip feels really secure, although you wouldn’t describe it as tacky. You will have total confidence swinging and gripping the club, even in the wettest conditions.

They dry out pretty quickly too, although having a dry glove on the hand you wouldn’t normally wear a glove on does feel a bit strange and not quite as secure as without a glove.

The idea is to wear them the whole time when it’s raining. You obviously don’t quite have the same feel when chipping or putting as with bare hands, but it’s down to personal preference if you want to take them off for the short game or not.

footjoy rain grip gloves

It comes with a detachable ball marker and a small elastic tee holder on the wrist, which is handy because it’s a bit harder to get things out your pockets if you wear a pair.

That being said, you’ll still probably need to be getting other things like a pencil out your pockets during the round, so that might be a bit trickier if you don’t take one glove off.

They are available in black with grey trim or white and grey.


FootJoy Rain Grip gloves are fantastic when playing in wet conditions. They fit and feel really well and offer superb grip when it’s raining. The level of feel isn’t quite the same as a leather glove or bare hands, but that’s a minor sacrifice worth making for a completely secure grip in the wet.