Chambers Bay hole-by-hole guide: hole 5

A guide to hole 5, named 'Free Fall', at Chambers Bay.

Hole 5 at Chambers Bay. Credit: David Cannon (Getty Images)

A guide to Chambers Bay's hole 5 ahead of the 2015 US Open.

Chambers Bay hole 5 - Free Fall - Par 4 - 488 yards

Free Fall owes its name to the elevated tee, offering a clear view of the hole, including its two bunkers that will take any balls that aren't accurate enough down a narrowing fairway.

A good tee shot should mean these bunkers don't become part of the equation. Players can stop just short of where the fairway narrows and then send their second shot towards the green.

It's not plain sailing from there, though, with a ball struck too centrally and just short of the green likely to end up in an unforgiving bunker. If that's the case, this hole could go into free fall for the unfortunate player.

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