Will Zalatoris What's In The Bag?

Here we take a look inside the golf bag of young American star Will Zalatoris.

Will Zalatoris What's In The Bag?
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Will Zalatoris What's In The Bag?

Will Zalatoris has had a fast start to his career out on Tour, shooting up the world golf rankings. His play in Major Championships in particular has been stellar, coming close to winning at the 2022 PGA Championship and 2021 Masters. With a lot of near misses, he finally got into the winner's circle at the 2022 FedEx St Jude Championship. Let's take a look inside his bag. 

Will Zalatoris What's In The Bag?

Will Zalatoris WITB: Full Specs

*We believe Zalatoris switches his hybrid and utility iron in and out of the bag.

Driver: Titleist TSR3 (8 degrees, A1) with Fujikura Ventus TR Black 7X shaft

Three-wood: Titleist TSR2+ (16.5 degrees at 15.75 degrees, D1) with Fujikura Ventus Blue 8 X shaft

*Hybrid: Titleist TS3, 19 degrees

*Utility (3): Titleist T200 with Nippon Pro Modus3 shaft

Irons (4-PW): Titleist T100 all fitted with True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 shafts

Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM9 (50, 55 degrees), Titleist Vokey Prototype (60 degrees)

Putter: Scotty Cameron Phantom X T11

Ball: Titleist Pro V1

Shoes: FootJoy


Titleist TSR3

will zalatoris

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Zalatoris has a full bag of Titleist gear at the moment. Starting with the driver he was using a Titleist TSi3 model with nine degrees of loft but this has come out for the newer TSR3 model with a Fujikura Ventus TR Black 7X shaft.

“The first time I got to see (the TSR3) was actually at The Players Championship,” Zalatoris told GolfWRX.com. “Immediately, I was seeing the mishits were way better. My speed is up a little bit, about 1.5 mph ball speed. Same shaft, we really didn’t change much at all, it’s just the new head. Obviously, what they did is they took the technology and expanded it throughout the face. With Titleist, I mean, we push the limits enough to where it’s basically, there’s only so much we can do, but with the mishits being that much better, you might see my driving average pop up six yards just because of the mishits going that much farther and that much straighter, too.”

“Acoustics are a little bit different. I always put a lot of hot melt in my woods, because I like that kind of dull sound. We didn’t put as much in this one as the last one. It sounds a … little bit quieter. … You can hear just a slight difference. When you hit one good, it just feels so hot off the face, and especially, like I said, the mishits are the things I’m amazed by, because normally if I hit one off the heel, I might go down to about 180 mph, and I’ve been hitting a couple on the heel and I’m about 182 mph. Like I said, that’s where you’re going to see that extra six yards out of me.”


Titleist TSR2+

will zalatoris

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He then also uses the TSR2+ in his three-wood replacing his TSR3 model. It has 13 degrees of loft and once again has a Fujikura shaft but this time it is the Ventus Blue 8 X shaft instead. The Plus version was a new addition to the Titleist TSR wood family. Designed as an option for those who want a fairway wood as predominantly a second driving option, it is being billed as a “longer, more forgiving, tee-biased 3-wood.”


Titleist T200, Titleist T100

will zalatoris hitting an iron

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Zalatoris has often used a hybrid in the past but in 2021 he was also testing utility irons like the U500 as well. Right now though, we believe he has the newer T200 Utility in the bag whilst the rest of his irons are all Titleist T100's, and they go from four-iron down to pitching wedge. Interestingly he uses the older T100 iron and given his meteoric success at the start of his career, this comes as no surprise. All of the T100's are fitted with True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 shafts

“When he hit the T200 for the first time, it launched higher, it had a little more ball speed, he could take something off it and he could flight it,” Titleist tour rep J.J Van Wezenbeeck said to PGA Tour.com. “It just created so many shots in his bag. … The first time I got to work with him was at Riviera (for the 2015 Genesis Invitational) when he was still in college. We had the challenge of trying to make him something that launched over 6 degrees in a 3-iron. He was (hitting) so down on it. He was so fast, but he was so down on it that it was like, ‘How do we get him something that gets up in the air at all?’


Titleist Vokey SM9

will zalatories wedge shot

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He then has three Vokey wedges in the bag, two of which have 50 and 54 degrees and both are SM9's. His final wedge is a Vokey WedgeWorks prototype with 58 degrees of loft. The SM9 is arguably the best wedge money can buy as shown by how many Tour professionals, both contracted to Titleist and not, put it in the bag. We are yet to confirm if he still has this, but on older wedges he often got Happy Gilmore related stampings because of how much he looks like a character from the movie. 


Scotty Cameron Phantom X 11

will zalatoris with putter

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His final club in the bag has recently changed from an Odyssey White Hot Pro #7 putter, to a Scotty Cameron Phantom X T11. He has a very long grip which he locks against his arm and he also putts with a claw grip as well. Speaking to PGA Tour.com he said; “I loved how immediately off the face ... I just get immediate feedback. “I was starting to lose that a little bit with my putter. ... I can feel that ball exactly where it comes off on the face.”

“I was hitting putts and not looking at where the ball was going and just trying to guess long (or) short, and I immediately was getting that,” he said. “I wasn't able to do that with my old one, so right there I know exactly this is the putter I was going to go to.” 


Titleist Pro V1

titleist pro v1 ball and packaging

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He uses a Titleist Pro V1 golf ball which has been used out on Tour for decades now. Another Titleist product with a five-star review; from tee-to-green, it offers superb, but distinct, all round performance. We were also seriously impressed with the strength and consistency of the flight, particularly in the wind.



will zalatories shoes

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Zalatoris then wears FootJoy apparel and Premiere Series Packard shoes as well. The shoe is inspired by Frederick Packard, FootJoy’s founder and a shoe pioneer who drove the adoption of many modern manufacturing and design innovations that are still used today. He also occasionally wears the Field design. Zalatoris is also one of several Tour professionals who uses a WHOOP strap.

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Sam's What's In The Bag: 

Driver: Titleist TS3 (9 degrees) 

Fairway Wood: Callaway Paradym (15 degrees), Nike Covert Tour 2.0 (19 degrees) 

Irons (4-PW): Titleist AP2 

Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM7 54˚, 58˚ 

Putter: Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5 

Ball: Srixon Z-Star Diamond

Shoes: G/FORE Gallivanter/Nike Air Zoom Infinity NEXT%/Cuater The Ringer