Titleist T100 vs T200 Golf Irons: Read Our Head-To-Head Verdict

Find out how two of Titleist's premium iron models compare here

Titleist T100 vs T200 Golf Irons
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Titleist T100 vs T200 Golf Irons: Read Our Head-To-Head Verdict

If you were to ask a golfer which is the most iconic brand in golf, many would say Titleist, with the company the purveyor of multiple Major titles and some of the best golf drivers, best golf irons and best golf balls ever made. Here, it is the Titleist T100 and T200 that are under the microscope having being extensively tested to find which one is best for your golf game. 

Both feature amongst the best Titleist irons that money can buy, with both also aimed at slightly different standards of player. We take a look at which one would suit you better by breaking the comparison down into different categories.


Titleist is known for producing some stunning-looking irons and, with these two, it is no exception, as both hold their own in the looks department. Obviously, looks are subjective, but we thought the T100 is one of, if not, the best looking irons for the better player.

Certainly it is one of the best irons for low handicappers, with the clean lines, no gimmicks and a beautiful brushed satin finish making it look great in any bag. At address, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a blade because of how compact it is, especially the topline and the distinct lack of any offset. While the profile is intimidating at first, it also narrows your focus on the strike.

The new T200, on the other hand, represents the biggest makeover of any iron within the updated Titleist T-Series, not only because of how the iron looks, but also how it has been constructed. 

It has been made smaller overall to give a sleeker look - specifically, the blade length has been shortened and the offset reduced to match the new T100. From the back, the cavity has been enclosed by a polymer cap that has a metallic appearance to match the rest of the head, making it look like a hollow head. 


The T100 takes the advantage in the looks department then and, whilst we are it, it also stands out in the feel category too. When connecting with the golf ball out of the middle, it feels sensational. Featuring denser tungsten weights, it provides a solid, crisp ‘thud’ at impact and, over a wider spectrum of shots, the off-centre forgiveness becomes more apparent (especially in the heel/toe direction), manifesting itself with consistent spin numbers and carry distances.

With the T200, Titleist claims to have made a conscious effort to improve the sound and feel of this iron versus the prior model - but while it remains lively from a wide area, we didn't feel like there was any improvement here and actually maintained a louder, 'clicky' sound that not everyone will enjoy. 

The Titleist T100 iron at address

The Titleist T100 Iron at address

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There are some positives to the T200 and they come in the form of ball speed. These are some of the best compact mid-handicap irons on the market and were noticeably longer than the T100 in testing.

Both may not be the best distance irons, but do provide ample performance, as the T200's stronger lofts made a tiny bit of difference in the form of distance. However, it is worth noting that, due to its slightly higher lofts, the T100 isn't designed with distance or slower swing speeds in mind. 

In Titleist's range of irons, the T400 is the iron for maximum distance. Both of these models tend to focus on consistency and stopping power, a factor that is needed for when you want to get the ball close to the flag.


Arguably, the biggest stand-out point of the T200 over the T100 is in its forgiveness. During testing, it felt a lot more stable overall and this will enhance your confidence over the ball and the dispersion of your shots.

In truth, forgiveness isn’t the T100's strongest suit. There are certainly more user-friendly irons in the range although for its modest size, there is an element of help for the slight mishit, but not to the level of the T200.

The Titleist T200 at address

The Titleist T200 Iron at address

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Overall Appeal

Overall, it comes down to what you are looking for within an iron but, for us personally, we think the T100 is one of the best irons out there. Not only does it have stunning, premium looks, but the performance matches it superbly. The T100 is obviously aimed at those in the lower handicap category, with the all-round performance hard to beat.

Compared to the T100, the T200 is a decent performer, but the 7-iron loft of 31° suggests that this is a small game-improvement iron rather than a forgiving players club. It does offer a good mix of performance attributes, but better players should certainly consider following the Tour players lead by adding the T200 model in the long iron slots in their bag (or as a utility iron too) because of the extra playability it affords versus the T100 irons.

Which one should you choose?

Choose the Titleist T100 if…
- You want a compact, streamlined look
- You have a faster swing speed and are content to sacrifice distance for feel
- You are looking for an iron that produces consistent spin and distance

Choose the Titleist T200 if...
- You want a bit more help from your irons
- You want a faster feel and longer carries
- You want extra playability in your set up 

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