In this 2021 Titleist T100 Iron review, Technical Editor Joel Tadman tests it on the launch monitor, driving range and golf course to assess the performance

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Titleist 2021 T100 Iron


  • A slimline, traditional looking iron that packs in surprisingly high levels of forgiveness with a soft yet solid feel.


  • Tangible gains over the prior model are minimal. Questions the need for the 620 CB model.


2021 Titleist T100 Iron


Price as reviewed:

£164.00 (per club)

Clubhouse Golf

2021 Titleist T100 Iron Review

The latest iteration of the T100 iron for 2021 and beyond, which some of you may remember as the old AP2 from a few years ago, has been made even more compact to better suit the eye of the tour player gravitating towards an iron with a little more technology versus a traditional muscleback.

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Visually, you’ll struggle to find a better looking iron for the very low handicapper. Clean lines, no gimmicks and a beautiful brushed satin finish, it’s an iron that would look great in any bag.

But does it have the performance to match? Looking down at the iron in the playing position, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a blade because of how compact it is, especially the topline and the distinct lack of any offset.


The profile is intimidating at first, but it also narrows your focus on the strike – connect with the ball out of the middle and feeling is sensational. The denser tungsten weights provides a solid, crisp ‘thud’ at impact. Over a wider spectrum of shots, the off-centre forgiveness becomes more apparent (especially in the heel/toe direction), manifesting itself with consistent spin numbers and carry distances.

The 7-iron loft is still 34°, so it’s not an iron designed for distance or slower swing speeds. We got custom fitted at the new Performance Fitting Centre at Woburn Golf Club and then tested our fitted spec indoors with Titleist Pro V1x golf balls on the Full Swing Golf simulator.

Our average carry of 167 yards was higher than expected, probably because of how well we struck shots when testing, and it was refreshing to see the spin be high to add to the stopping power.

Titleist T-Series Irons Data 2021 new

In all scenarios, it seemed easy to replicate the soft draw we play for into greens consistently, occasionally turning over too much but this was more down to user error than the club.

Forgiveness isn’t this iron’s strongest suit – there are more user friendly irons in the new T-Series – but the consistency of the flight and the ball striking experience sets this iron apart, especially how the club gets through the turf so briskly while still taking healthy sized divots.

You certainly start to question the place of the 620 CB and MB irons in the range given the extra forgiveness T100 offers with no obvious sacrifice in feel, flight or workability.

The greater margin for error versus the 620 models is surely something a golfer at every level would welcome.


The Titleist T100 is an iron that looks and feels like a blade but plays like a cavity back - a dream combination for the low handicapper that likes to shape the ball and attack pins but is also prone to the occasional mishit. It’s not a drastic jump from where the performance was with the old T100, but you could make a strong case for the looks and forgiveness to have improved enough to warrant an upgrade.