Joel Tadman puts the new T400 iron from Titleist through its paces, testing it on the GCQuad launch monitor before taking it out on the course

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Titleist T400 Iron


  • Extremely long and easy to hit, ideal for golfers that struggle with inconsistency of strike thanks to the forgiveness of the sole and stability of the clubhead.


  • Back of the sole is visible at address in the long irons. Premium price will be a stumbling block for some.


Titleist T400 Iron Review


Price as reviewed:

£1,120.00 (six-piece set)

Clubhouse Golf

Titleist T400 Iron Review

Key technology
– A wide body shape, along with the Split Sole design, provides optimal turf interaction for cleaner strikes.
– Up to 100g of tungsten in each head creates a low CG, working in combination with a super-thin forged SUP-10 L-Face insert (5- to 7-irons) to produce explosive launch.
– The set is progressive, with blade lengths, sole widths and hosel lengths changing through the set for optimal CG positioning and preferred shaping. Read more here.


GM Verdict
As if the T300 iron wasn’t long enough, now golfers can achieve even more distance from the Titleist T-Series with the T400. It’s an iron with the firepower of a hybrid and at 26°, it has one of, if not the, strongest 7-iron lofts on the market. However, the design is such that it still produces a playable ball flight with exceptional forgiveness, both on off-centre strikes and through the ground at impact too.

From a visual perspective, as you can see below, the overall size and thicker topline makes it look inviting to hit. There is noticeable offset and the back of the sole on the 7-iron is visible at address, which some won’t like to see.


Testing on the Foresight Sports GCQuad launch monitor, the T400 7-iron produced fast ball speeds close to 130mph, with carries around 190 yards on average. As you would expect, the spin sat comfortably under 5,000rpm, with a peak height of 34 yards, which is actually where we see many traditionally lofted 7-irons peaking at.

So despite its low loft, the T400 has no issue getting the ball in the air, helped by the softer and lighter stock AMT Red R300 shaft, hitting a flight window many golfers will already be familiar with.

The unique geometry of the split sole means it doesn’t play as wide as it looks and you get some assistance should you catch the ground slightly before the ball from the extra bounce close to the leading edge. There’s no question, this is one of the easiest irons to hit on the market, even when considering the emergence of full hybrid-iron sets.


If you struggle to generate speed and are fed up of taking an extra club, the T400 will deliver longer carries without sacrificing the forgiveness high-handicappers need. The satin chrome finish adds to the appeal but, at £1,120 for a six-piece set, the T400 does represent a premium investment.