Titleist Premium Carry Bag

What can you expect from the Titleist Premium carry bag?

Titleist Premium Carry Bag
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Golf Monthly Verdict

Considering the relatively modest price, the Titleist Premium carry bag is feature rich and well worth considering as a second bag if you normally use a trolley with a ‘big’ bag or if you're the sort of golfer who prefers to play with the minimum of fuss and is just looking for an ultra lightweight model that you can take out for a carefree round.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Premium styling. Lightweight, yet features ample storage space. Comfortable, well constructed shoulder straps.

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Some golfers will prefer a bag with longer legs and more rigidity in the spine. No rain hood. Not fully waterproof.

We head out on the course to try out the Titleist Premium carry bag

Titleist Premium Carry Bag Review

When you opt for a 'pencil style' carry bag, the one area of performance where it must deliver is the weight - they have to be super light, otherwise the object of the exercise is defeated and you might as well have a full on stand bag.

At just 2.2lbs the Titleist Premium carry bag is certainly that.

Titleist Premium Carry Bag

If we had one reservation, that would be the mini, rather than full length, legs and the lack of rigidity. Of course, you know what you're getting with these before you buy - and it may be that's a feature you actually like, as they allow you to pop the bag down and move around quickly - but some golfers may prefer the longer legs, or at least a sturdier 'spine' and base.

Titleist Premium Carry Bag

What this does mean is that you will find yourself bending down and picking up your clubs a lot - which might end up frustrating some.

However, the flip side of 'traditional' legs is the additional weight, and you have to take into account the Titleist Premium carry bag is one very light, easy-to-carry offering - so it's really just a trade off to consider.

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Considering how light it is, we were impressed with just how much gear you could carry, with ample space for a golf jacket, courtesy of its full-length apparel pocket, plus it offers plenty of room for balls and valuables. That all of course adds weight, but how much is up to you!

Titleist Premium Carry Bag

In addition, it features an external water pocket - perfect if you're nipping out for a quick knock on a warm day.

In fact, this bag is perfect for just that - a quick round when you don't need your full arsenal of 14 clubs plus gear and accessories, and when the weather is fine and the ground is dry. Certainly when it comes to the latter, in muddy conditions you might yourself with a bit of cleaning to do before popping it back in the boot.

And, whilst it is water resistant, the Titleist Premium carry bag does lack a rain hood - which is probably the one area that prevents this really smart bag from getting top marks. Having one may have made it slightly more expensive but, for us, it would have been a welcome addition.