Best Callaway Wedges 2024

We run through some of the best wedges on the market made by Callaway.

Best Callaway Wedges
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Callaway is one of the most highly respected golf brands in the business and, as such, it should come as no surprise it makes some of the best golf wedges around. Not only does the brand make top of the range models for the best players in the world, but it also makes forgiving chippers for players at every level. Whether you want more spin control, a black finish, full face grooves, or anything else, Callaway has a model for you. 

But given the wide variety of wedges on offer, how do you decide which is best for you? Well, we have put together this comprehensive guide that has a ton of information on some of the best Callaway wedges on the market right now. Additionally, if you want more wedge buying advice, please also take a look at some of our other guides - such as the best lob wedges and best pitching wedges.

The Quick List

Best Callaway Wedges

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Top pick

Callaway Jaws MD5 Wedge held up on the course showing its iconic weighting system

A very cool looking wedge that delivers excellent spin control and forgiveness


Lofts : 46°-64°
Grinds: 5 (S, W, C, X, L-W)
Finishes: 2 (Platinum Chrome, Tour Grey)

Reasons to buy

Soft feel
Exceptional spin control
Wide variety of loft and sole grind options

Reasons to avoid

Some may prefer a straighter and longer leading edge for easier alignment

A fantastic set of wedges that boast some of the best visuals in the game, the Jaws MD5 wedges are constructed from 8620 mild carbon steel that gives them a very premium look and feel. It comes in two different finishes too that'll suit including a Tour Grey colorway that'll appeal to those who enjoy a darker, matte finish on their wedges. The MD5s come with a very traditional shape and profile that is appealing from all angles, but some may prefer slightly less taper in the hosel, akin to what you might find on some of the most forgiving wedges on the market. 

We found this wedge had no obvious weakness but it really excels at creating spin on longer pitch shots and full shots. It’s at the level where you might want to think about landing the ball a yard or two further than normal on full shots to allow for the ball to zip back, especially in softer conditions. Speaking of soft, in testing the wedges felt buttery soft throughout. Anyone going through a fitting process - which is a must given the wide variety of loft and grind options - can be certain that they are equipped with the best possible tools to hit those scoring shots into and around the greens.

Best full grooved

Callaway Jaws Full Toe wedge held aloft to reveal its stainless steel head

Delivers excellent control on all kinds of chips


Lofts: 54°-64°
Grinds: 1 (C Grind)
Finishes: 2 (Raw Chrome, Raw Black)

Reasons to buy

Provides excellent control
High levels of versatility
Soft yet solid feel

Reasons to avoid

Triangular in shape 
Won’t look pristine over a long period

Brought in to replace the PM Grind wedge, the Jaws Full Toe combines four distinct technologies that create as much spin as possible. Callaway’s Jaws grooves have been extended all the way across the face to provide spin anywhere that the golfer makes contact. The brand has also added a raw face for the first time in a wedge and, coupled with offset groove-in-groove technology, the wedges are said to give golfers the spin and control needed to approach any shot with confidence. 

How did it do when we put it to the test though? Well looks wise it may divide opinion but we certainly liked it. The shape is certainly a little more triangular than the Jaws MD5 and we really like the reduced offset and straighter leading edge. It’s much more appealing down behind the ball on full shots than the PM Grind. We also liked the spin control, flight consistency, forgiveness and ample heel and toe relief, making this one of the best lob wedges out there. The feel also impressed - it delivers a solid and dull sensation off the face - offering up a pleasing sensation at impact that makes it a great choice for a range of golfers.

Best for spin

Callaway Jaws Raw Wedge

(Image credit: Golf Monthly)
Delivers a lot of spin and bounce


Lofts: 48°-60°
Grinds: 4 (X, Z, S, W)
Finishes: 2 (Chrome, Black)

Reasons to buy

Incredible levels of spin
Inspiring looks
Easy to flight

Reasons to avoid

Feel off the face quite firm
Swing weight a little light

Designed by Roger Cleveland and said to feature the deepest, most aggressive grooves in golf, Callaway have added the Jaws Raw wedge to its well-renowned family of golf wedges. We tested this club out at Royal Troon and it's safe to say we weren't disappointed with this offering offering which may be one of the best wedges for chipping on the market. Looks-wise, it features the same shape and visuals that we've come to expect from the Jaws range, boasting the classic weighting system that helps players connect with the turf and add more bounce to their shots. 

The club's micro-grooves and Raw face offered a huge deal of spin, which we were really impressed with. Over a variety of shots, we found it easy to get the ball to check on the greens, and particularly enjoyed playing shorter shots with the Jaws Raw. We also found it very easy to get underneath the ball thanks to the Callaway's Z Grind sole that has been designed to skid along the turf rather than dig into it. If you're not familiar with how sole grind and bounce works, take a look at our explainer on what bounce is on wedges for more information. We tested the club on a variety of lies and we found that the bounce it offers in the Z grind format that makes the Jaws a very handy club to have in your bag. It is a fantastic club for any player looking to generate greater stopping power around the greens.

Most forgiving

Callaway CB Wedge

Callaway CB Wedge on a grassy background

(Image credit: Future)
A forgiving wedge that is perfect for those looking for a bit of assistance around the greens


Lofts: 48º-60º
Grinds: 1 (Full Sole)
Finishes: 1 (Chrome)

Reasons to buy

Superb levels of spin and flight control
Extremely forgiving on all types of shots
Premium looks in a cavity back design

Reasons to avoid

Full face grooves only available in the weaker lofts

Callaway produce some of the best and most forgiving wedges in the game that are designed to help a full range of golfers. And if you've ever had the yips or chunked a shot with your wedge, then you'll know how important it is to have a forgiving wedge that will help you to hit good shots around the greens. Well, if you're the type of golfer who might need a bit of assistance around the dance floor, then the Callaway CB wedge might be the club for you! 

This wedge comes with a large cavity back design that is built to offer maximum forgiveness on all kinds of wedge shots. It also comes with a very wide base and a full face groove design that is only available on the wedges running from 54º to 60º. In fact the full face design definitely helped to inspire us with confidence when we placed it behind the ball during our testing sessions. They help to produce a ton of spin, particularly when playing from out of the bunker. 

The face comes with the same 'face blasted' Jaws grooves seen in the Callaway Jaws Raw wedge. Which helps to create a roughness on the faces to help them generate extra spin - regardless of the conditions you're playing in. While there's a lot of bounce on these wedges, sliding under the ball really was not an issue at all, proving why this is one of the best high bounce wedges around. Lastly, the Urethane Microspheres included behind the face work to provide exceptional acoustics and feel on this very consistent wedge. In our opinion, this is one of the best golf wedges for beginners thanks to the assistance and forgiveness it offers around the greens. 

How we test

When it comes to wedges, we take the testing process very seriously. Whether we are sent a product or buy it ourselves, we put everything through its paces to ensure we can provide thorough and reliable advice. Every member of the Golf Monthly team is an avid golfer and as such, knows what does and doesn't make for a good wedge. As far as our methodology goes, we review all wedges properly, which means we have used each one across multiple rounds and in practice to assess every aspect of performance in all conditions. For example, if a wedge claims to be the ultimate bunker club, we will test that theory from any and all lies possible.

Specific to the best Callaway wedges, we tested those with and without full faces to assess how spin differed relative to strike. We were also keen to find out the forgiveness on offer from each model, as well as the feel and distance control. We all know new wedges are going to generate more spin, but it's important that a golfer is also able to flight it how they like and hit their numbers consistently. This comprehensive testing style is not just exclusive to wedges as we test with the same level of thoroughness across all gear categories.

How to choose a wedge

Wedges are some of the most complicated clubs in your golf bag. They come with a variety of different technical features, from their bounce angle to their weighting system - which can all play a big factor in how the club performs on the course. And when choosing your next wedge, there are a lot of things to consider to ensure you're getting the right club for your needs as a golfer. But don't fret. Below we've set out a list of some of the key things to think about when purchasing your next set of wedges.  

1. Gapping

Of course when deciding the wedge setup you need to have a clear idea of gapping. Knowing how far you hit each club and knowing your yardages will therefore help you decide on if you want to carry two, three or even four wedges. 

This then impacts the top of the bag too. As such we recommend measuring your current wedge yardages and how often you are in between clubs to help decide if you need to carry extra options. We have created a guides on the best gap wedges, best lob wedges, best pitching wedges and best sand wedges, too, so be sure to check those out for more information on how to fill out your golf bag.

2. Bounce

Low bounce wedges are more suited to hard fairways and tight lies, while high bounce wedges are better for softer ground conditions and bunkers. The most bounce you will ever see on a wedge is about 18°, but it can be as low as 2°. The type of bounce you opt for should largely depend on things like your normal angle of attack, the firmness of your fairways and the type of shots you like to hit around the greens. If you're stuck on how you should be using the bounce on your wedges, then take a look at our guide on how to correctly utilise the bounce on your wedges.

3. Finish

Options like black PVD and copper are becoming increasingly common. The difference is mainly cosmetic, but dark finishes can help reduce glare. Alternatively there are classic chrome and silver designs as you can see above. 

4. Grooves

While grooves are now tightly regulated, it is still well worth keeping up to date with the latest designs, which use new milling processes and groove shapes to help move water and dirt away from the ball at impact to create extra spin and improve control. Additionally there are several brands that have brought out wedges with grooves that stretch across the entire face, such as the Callaway Jaws Full Toe option above.

Admittedly this does take a little bit of time to get used to, but for those players who may struggle with strike, a full faced wedge might do you some favors when creating spin towards the toe. If you're not quite ready to upgrade your wedges just yet, but want a bit of advice on how to make them last longer, our top-five tips on extending the life span of your wedges will give you some excellent advice on maintaining and looking after your scoring clubs.

5. Forgiveness 

Forgiveness is an important factor to consider when buying any kind of golf club, but as wedges can be some of the hardest and most difficult clubs in your bag to play with consistently, playability is something you seriously need to think about when picking out a new wedge. 

The more forgiving a wedge is, the less likely it'll be that you'll find yourself chunking an all important shot around the green that could put you in for a par. More forgiving wedges will have a lower center of gravity, thicker soles and will tend to have a cavity backed design. While that may suit beginner players more, experienced players may want to look towards clubs that offer a little less forgiveness in expense for a little more control. Ultimately, if you're looking for a wedge that offers greater stability and control, check out our most forgiving wedges guide. 


What wedges should I carry in my bag?

That depends on your preferences and what loft of club you're most comfortable playing with. When it comes to gapping, golfers can opt to use a lob wedge, sand wedge, gap wedge and a pitching wedge. Most players can only carry three clubs in their bag, so will tend to use a lob, pitch and a gap wedge. But ultimately the choice is down to you and will require you to play and test each loft of club to better understand what you're most comfortable playing with. Your choice may also depend on the type of terrain you're playing on, with those playing on firmer ground perhaps needing lower lofted clubs. 

What is the best wedge for chipping?

Traditionally, the sand wedge is the best wedge for chipping. For more lofted shots, you should use a lob wedge, but the sand wedge sits at around 54º and can generate a variety of high or low lofted shots, depending on what you're playing in front of you. Pitching wedges are designed for longer approaches, but they can also be useful around the greens if you're playing off harder ground and want to play, perhaps, a bump and run into the hole. 

What are Callaway's best wedges?

Callaway's best wedges at the moment are the Jaws Mack Daddy 5, the model used by professionals out on Tour. We also think the Jaws Raw and Jaws Full Toe models are two of the best current wedges from the brand.

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