Flop shot made easy

Before we get into the details of the technique itself, the most important thing to remember is to accelerate through impact. The flop shot is an exciting one to play because there is so much danger attached to it. When it goes wrong, it is usually because the player doesn’t commit to the strike, decelerating through impact. If you get the address position right, more speed creates more height so it makes sense to be as committed as possible, to make a big swing and most important of all, to accelerate through impact! Adopting a half-hearted approach here is guaranteed to end in disaster. If you have nothing to fly over – like a bunker or thick rough – then a chip and run would be a much better option.

Opening the face

If you have ever read or watched any instruction related to the flop shot, you will know how important it is to open the face of your wedge at address. However, there is an essential element to this that’s often misunderstood. You need to open the face (so it points more towards the right) before putting your hands on the grip. Once the face is open, then you take your grip. This is what we are looking for. Avoid placing your hands on the grip and then opening the face – this will not offer the loft you need and will cause you to hit the ball left.

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Aim points

Having opened the face of your wedge, you need to think about where everything is aiming. The basic advice is that if your target is at 12 o’clock (signified by the middle shaft here) your feet, hips and shoulders should aim at 11 o’clock. This helps you swing slightly across the target line, keeping the loft on the club through impact. The face of your wedge should point at 1 o’clock. This combination should help you hit the ball straight at your target while also delivering the high loft you are looking for and is an essential element to the flop shot made easy.

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High hands

As I have already mentioned, the real key to this shot is speed. So as you stand over the ball it is always a good idea to think about making a big backswing and a full follow-through. In the finish position, your hands should be high, as shown here. This works to prevent you from closing down the loft of the club through impact. Remember you want to maintain the loft set at address through impact and by concentrating on finishing with high hands, you should be able to do that.