8 Golf Gear Mistakes Not To Make In 2021

In this video, Joel Tadman talks through the eight gear mistakes that golfers should try to avoid making in 2021

8 Golf Gear Mistakes Not To Make In 2021
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In this video, Joel Tadman talks through the eight gear mistakes that golfers should try to avoid making in 2021

8 Golf Gear Mistakes Not To Make In 2021

We all like to treat ourselves to a new toy, but there are some pitfalls many golfers fall into when choosing new equipment that Joel highlights here to make sure you get the most out of your investment, enjoy your rounds a bit more and hopefully lower your scores.

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1. Forgetting to turn slope function off on your laser rangefinder

Many of the best golf laser rangefinders will have slope functionality available but it is important to remember that this function is not legal for competition play. Therefore whatever model you have, be sure to check how to turn slope functionality off before your first medal or club competition back.

2. Letting your ego pick your new clubs

Getting some new clubs for your bag is an important investment and a common mistake we see is people allowing their egos dictate what clubs to buy. As much as we all want to play the best golf blade irons like the Tour professionals, it probably isn't the best course of action if we want to shoot lower scores.

We recommend being open to trying new and different clubs to see if there are performance gains to be had elsewhere. Perhaps try one-length irons or even arm-lock putting for example, because it is only through trial and error that you will work out what works for you.

Trying to hit Rory's blades is a sure-fire way to make golf a lot harder for ourselves

3. Choosing clubs based on distance alone

Distance is an important factor in the game but it is only one factor too, there are others to consider. For example when discussing irons, many people do not want the irons to fly a lot further, rather those players want the irons to be able to hit a specific number. As such, distance control is another factor, as is dispersion which is vital when we are looking at purchasing a new driver.

At the end of the day it doesn't matter how far the ball goes if it is always in the rough or in trouble.

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4. Continuing to wear well worn golf shoes

Some players continue to turn up in the same golf shoes year after year, and whilst the shoes may seem relatively functional, they will be sacrificing feel, performance and control compared to some of the best golf shoes currently on the market.

After all, the feet are the only part of the body to stay in contact with the ground during the swing so it makes sense to possibly invest in a newer pair every now and again to make sure you are not compromising on grip, stability and overall performance.

5. Not considering the repercussions of extra distance

Linking with the above point, if you are a player who wants the irons to fly a bit further and want to utilise new iron technology and stronger lofts, then be sure to have a think about how this could affect the rest of your equipment setup.

For example when you hit it further with the irons you need to think about the lofts of your wedges to make sure the gapping is nice and even.

Additionally at the other end of the bag, you may need to drop in a hybrid or utility to fill the gap between your longest iron and fairway wood.


Be sure to check your wedge gapping when getting more distance with irons

6. Not editing the data to make it more accurate

Here we are discussing shot-tracking which has become more prevalent in golf over the past couple of years, and a common mistake people make is not editing the data to make it more accurate or realistic.

For example there will be odd situations on the course where you may use clubs you don't normally use, which could skew distances and insights you get on your phone or shot-tracking apps. Maybe you are pitching out or hitting a bump and run with a seven-iron which could then skew the numbers relating to your seven-iron.

Therefore we recommend going through the shots you hit on your app or phone, and mark those odd situational shots as anomalies. That way you can get more realistic data which will then give you more accurate feedback to use on the course next time.

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7. Reluctance to buy combo sets due to resale

Many people are concerned about purchasing combo sets because this could impact the resale value of them later down the line. However if you are seeking the best performance and feel for every golf club in the bag, then a combo set is definitely something to consider.

Traditionally the longer irons will be filled by a model that is easier to hit and may have a touch more forgiveness, whilst the shorter irons will be more revolved around feel and control.

If you go through a fitting, you may want to give this a try to experience the benefits of a combo set.

Callaway Apex 21 Irons Review

A combo set could be something to consider

8. Mixing golf balls and models

We want golf balls to be predictable and consistent for every shot and this might not be the case if you are chopping and changing your golf ball all the time, or you just use the first ball you find whilst rummaging around in your golf bag.

Therefore be sure to do some testing to try and find the best golf balls for your game and then we'd recommend buying 2-3 dozen so they tide you over for a while.


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