Blue Tees Series 3 Max vs Zoom Focus S Rangefinder: Read Our Head-To-Head Verdict

We compare two of the leading golf rangefinders when it comes to providing plenty of features at an affordable price

The Blue Tees and Zoom Focus Rangefinder
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Blue Tees Series 3 Max vs Zoom Focus S Rangefinder

As technology within golf continues to grow and become more advanced, it is crucial that you have some form of distance measuring device in your bag to give you the most accurate yardages. Using a rangefinder is one of the best ways to get quick and accurate distances to the flag while the best golf watches and best golf GPS devices provide overhead hole maps and front, middle and back distances.

Two models we've really enjoyed testing this year within this very congested category are the Blue Tees Series 3 Max and Zoom Focus S, which are also included in our Editor's Choice Awards for 2022. This is because they both offer a host of useful features while coming in at a reasonable price point. We pit them against each other in this head-to-head test to see which model might be right for you.

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There are a number of factors that need to be considered when it comes to the design of the rangefinder. Arguably, you want a rangefinder that needs to be comfortable to hold, you don't want to be struggling to pick up the yardage to the flag whilst there are groups behind waiting to hit their shot.

Weight-wise, the Blue Tees comes in 50-grams heavier than the Zoom Focus, with the latter weighing 170 grams. This may not sound a lot, but the weight does make a difference, as the heavier setup means you can hold it more securely in windier and more extreme conditions.

That's not to say that the Zoom is badly designed, far from it in fact. We saw this in the shape, which is noticeably ergonomic, fitting perfectly in the hand. Arguably, it looks a little more futuristic or industrial, but the textured sections assist with grip and it comes in two colour options. As for the Blue Tees S3, it’s a little more substantial, but the shape is spot on and we loved the chrome detailing at the front. What's more, it comes in three color options versus the two available on the Zoom.

Blue Tees Series 3 Max Laser Rangefinder Review

The Blue Tees features a comfortable shape that means you can pick up targets easier and quicker

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Along with the design, the rangefinder's display is one of the most important aspects when it comes to making your choice. You want something that offers a clear, vivid view of what lies ahead which makes it easier to pick out targets while the graphics need to present the information in a format that is easy to interpret. 

Both models perform superbly here, displaying the target clearly. Starting with the Blue Tees, the display is very clear and bright, no matter how dim the conditions are that you are playing in. The clear looks are thanks to the auto ambient display, with the Blue Tees also showing the degree of elevation change in slope mode, perfect for practice and social rounds with your friends. Such is the performance, it ranks as one of the best budget golf rangefinders on the market.

The Zoom Focus S offers a wide field of view which captures the scene with clarity. The view is crystal clear and, despite changes in the light conditions, there is little or no effect on the visibility of small objects like distant flags or small trees. Another feature is that it has the battery level in the display for peace of mind and clearly shows you what mode you’re in. 

Zoom Focus S Laser Rangefinder Review

The Zoom Focus S has a clear view including a handy scan mode

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Ease of Use

Using the Zoom Focus S, the distance appears almost instantaneously with a reassuring vibration upon picking out the flag. The only slight negative is that the main button could be a touch more responsive - it's hard to know if it has been pressed because there is no click or feeling of the button being engaged. However, that is made up for with the Zoom's Scan mode, which comes into its own off the tee to assess the horizon. What's more, the micro USB charging feature means it’s arguably easier to keep the Focus S topped up.

Like the Zoom, the Blue Tees's ease of use is superb. When in use, the flag is picked out very quickly with a minimum of fuss and you also get the vibration to reassure you but, to be honest, it wasn’t really needed - such was the effectiveness of the Flag Lock feature. The Slope feature is also easily disabled using the button on the side, which is what you want as it can't be used in competition play.

blue tees s3 max laser testing

You can disable Slope mode on the Blue Tees with the button on the side

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The vivid display of the Blue Tees Series 3 Max is arguably this laser’s standout feature. It also has a built-in magnet, which allows you to attach it to the buggy frame for added convenience. Compared to the Zoom, it does have a slightly longer range and you also get two extra CR2 batteries included in the box. The carry case looks smart but the magnetic clasp often comes loose and metal that covers it easily scratches, which is disappointing.

As mentioned, Slope mode is easy to switch off for competitions on the Zoom, and you do that by using the toggle on the side. What's more, the focus can be easily adjusted, although, once done initially, you shouldn’t need to touch it again. From a full charge, users will get around 50 rounds of usage.

Slope functionality on the Zoom Focus S Laser Rangefinder

The Slope functionality is clear as day on the Zoom Focus S 

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Overall Appeal

Both of these rangefinders are superb performers and would be an excellent addition to the side of your bag. The Blue Tees is a cool, functional device that won't break the bank. The variety of features will be enough for all levels of golfers to get the information they need in a quick, convenient manner. 

The Zoom Focus is a fantastic performer that we believe is a step up from the Zoom Focus Tour. What's more, it is less expensive than the prior model. Many will prefer the micro USB charging feature of the Zoom and find the Scan mode more helpful off the tee.

Which One Should You Choose?

Choose the Blue Tees Series 3 Max Rangefinder if… 
- You want a weighty, more substantial feel when trying to pick out the flag
- You want the option to attach it magnetically to a cart frame
- You want a wide choice of colors

Choose the Zoom Focus S Rangefinder if... 
- You prefer a lightweight feel to your rangefinder
- You want the added convenience of micro usb charging
- You want a scan mode to employ off the tee

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