Zoom Focus Tour Laser Rangefinder

We test out the new premium Focus Tour laser rangefinder from Zoom

Golf Monthly Verdict

The Focus Tour is an excellent laser rangefinder that provides fast and accurate distances. The price tag will be a stumbling block, especially when you consider the emergence of more affordable laser rangefinders in the last year or so, but the Zoom Focus Tour offers all the features a golfer would ever need combined with the premium, elegant styling that isn’t quite so commonplace and provides something that visually stands out from the crowd.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Luxurious look and feel combined with crystal clear optics, useful modes and fast and accurate distances.

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Red slope indicator could be more visible.

In this Zoom Focus Tour laser rangefinder review, Joel Tadman puts it to the test out on the course to determine if it's an upgrade to the Focus X model

Zoom Focus Tour Laser Rangefinder Review

The Zoom Focus X laser rangefinder was undoubtedly one of our favourite models of 2020 but the brand hopes to build on what made it so popular and enhance the quality and functionality with the new Zoom Focus Tour.

The first thing you notice is the premium look and feel. Reminiscent of a vintage camera, the hybrid metal design oozes class while the tacky texture of the black section that wraps around the unit provides a secure hold.


It weighs 210g, so is slightly heavier than the Focus X but we actually like this because it allowed us to keep the laser steady, especially in windy conditions, and the shape and size of the device meant it fitted perfectly in our hand.

Look through the viewfinder and the crystal clear display is immediately obvious once you’ve adjusted the eyepiece, as the wider field of view that allows you to see everything that lies ahead.


The scan mode was especially useful off the tee, providing continuous measurements for points like trees and bunker lips to enhance strategy through better choice of club and start lines.

Naturally, it is on shots to the green where this laser rangefinder really comes into its own. The Focus Tour picks out the flag with relative ease and provides a vibrating dose of reassurance that the distance displayed is the desired one. It also appears very quickly, there really is very little time used up from the moment you take it out of the case to the point you return it.


The slope function makes a big difference to the actual accuracy when playing hilly course and using the button on the side, it can be easily disabled for competition use with the red indictor letting your playing partners know - although it could have been made larger so it is easier to see.

You can easily toggle between yards and metres and the 800m range is more than you’d ever need out on the course.