Best Golf Fitness Equipment 2024

If you want to combine the worlds of fitness and golf, these are the best tools to use to do so.

Best Golf Fitness Equipment
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When it comes to golf, many will go to extreme lengths to get the most out of their game. Whether it is purchasing one of the best golf training aids, or perhaps an product among the best golf accessories, players will try anything to excel at the game of golf. However, a simple but effective way that you can improve is through improving fitness - specifically flexibility, strength and mobility. As such, we think golf fitness equipment is a great way to improve your game. Additionally not only will it help you on the course, but also off it, as it will improve your health and quality of life in the process.

On the professional circuit, golf has drastically changed its image over the past 30 years, with a lot more players focusing on the gym and their diets. Another change has been the influence of fitness equipment, with there being a number of products designed to aid recovery or build swing speed. At Golf Monthly, we have tested a number of these products and have found them to be superb performers. What's more, there are a number of workouts that you can do with these items, which will help your fitness and performance.

Best Golf Fitness Equipment

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The List

How we test

We think the best way to see if an item of golf fitness equipment is any good is by using it. That sounds like an obvious statement to make but it is only by using a product a lot, and often, that we can gain an idea of usability, versatility, durability, value for money, and above all else, whether it actually has a positive impact on our game? We use products at home, at the range, on the putting green, etc to see if specific golf fitness equipment is actually worth buying. We should also mention that no manufacturer can pay for a good review because our team tells it how it is. 

How to choose

There are multiple factors to consider when looking at buying an item of golf fitness equipment. Let's go into them here. 

What do you want to work on? 

Golf fitness equipment can help a number of different areas, so it's important that you choose an item that is designed to help aid relief and pain in that certain area. For example, you wouldn't buy a balance station to help stretch before your round of golf.


Do you want fitness equipment to be simple to use, or do you want something that may be more complicated but can provide the most effectiveness? Ultimately there are models above and elsewhere in the golf world which are both. 


Again, fitness equipment can be used in a multitude of ways and, when it comes to your golf game, you need to decide on whether it's something that you are going to use at home or prior to your round. Many items slot nicely into your bag whilst others are more difficult to pack away and store. So have a think about how versatile and portable you want your equipment to be. 


A good piece of golf fitness equipment should also be strong and durable, so be aware of what certain models are made from and whether brands offer warranties on their products in case they break from use. 


Golf can be an expensive sport right and given the choice of buying new clubs, balls, bags or clothes, a piece of golf equipment might be the bottom of that list despite it possibly helping the most. However it is important to realize that there is equipment at lots of different price points so, if you do decide to invest, be aware of how much you are willing to spend. 


What fitness equipment is best for golf?

When it comes to fitness equipment in golf, it all depends on what area you are focusing on. Items like the Therabody Theragun Mini help aid recovery, while the SuperSpeed Golf Training Set will improve your swing speed and power. So, essentially, it all comes down to what you are wanting to maximize within your golf game.

What training should I do at the gym for golf?

When it comes to golf many are looking to build a strong core, which primarily involves plenty of lunges, squats and rotational exercises. What's more, another way to train for golf is to improve your flexibility, as it will help generate more power through the ball, as well as reduce the risk of injury.

For more devices to help you improve, why not check out our guides on the best golf mat, best golf net, or even a bit of tech like one of the best golf launch monitors.



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