Want to practise your golf swing at home? Check out these nets to help you hone your game...

Best Golf Net: Get The Perfect Set Up At Home

The golf swing is all about repetition and the best way to hone your own swing is to practice it as much as you can.

That makes a golf net one of the best golf accessories you can buy, especially if you don’t have access to a local practice facility.

If you’re serious about improving, a net can really help you on your journey to hitting better and more consistent shots.

Whether you’ve got a garden, a large spare room with high ceilings or a garage, golf nets can be used in a range of different places.

Some will also be very easy to set up and store away, whilst some may be more permanent fixtures. Additionally you could invest in a chipping net too which means you can work specifically on your short game as well.

Many of the models below will also pair up perfectly with the best golf mat too.

Best Golf Net – Get The Perfect Set Up At Home

GoSports Golf Practice Hitting Net

Top Pick

Best Golf Net, GoSports Golf Practice Hitting Net

+ Sturdy and durable net
+ Well priced
– No target or added extras like a hitting mat

This net from GOSports comes in at 10ft x 7ft (over 3m x 2m) to give a large hitting area for all your shots.

The netting is made by durable reinforced nylon and it has also been developed to easily return the golf ball.

It comes with a carry case and poles to set it up. Speaking of which it is very easy to set up thanks to the lightweight construction which does not compromise on strength either.

Longridge Master Practice Cage Net

Ideal For Other Sports

Best Golf Net, Longridge Master Practice Cage Net

+ Heavy duty construction
+ Can be used for other sports
– Takes up a lot of room

You would be hard-pressed to find a better net than this Longridge model. Not only will you be able to work on your golf game, but the sheer size of it means you can also use it for other sports like baseball, cricket or possibly as a football goal as well. The detachable and movable target allows you to focus on improving your accuracy, should you want to focus on a specific area of your game.

Built with durable and carefully constructed 32mm steel tubing along with corrosion resistant aluminium corners and weather resistant netting, the net proves that it is built to last.

Its large size will keep any balls firmly inside with an overhead and side to side netting. Despite this size it is relatively easy to set up and doesn’t require specific tools to do so.

Amazon Basics Portable Practice Net

Best For Easy Setup

+ Large hitting area
+ Durable, easy to construct
– No hitting mat

You can practice anywhere with this Amazon Basics model. It has a construction similar to other models on this list but is made from durable metal and fiberglass giving it a degree of sturdiness and toughness.

It is also conveniently portable because it can be easily set up and taken down, and then stored away in the handy carry bag.

We found it to stand up to sustained use in those longer sessions, for every single club in the bag which cannot be understated in its importance.

SKLZ Home Driving Range Kit

Best For Easy Storage

Best Golf Net, SKLZ Home Driving Range Kit

+ Folds away nicely
+ Simple design
– Not as heavy duty as others in this list

When it comes to practicing at home, not many of us have a lot of space to put a large nat in the back garden or in the garage. Therefore some of us need something that can be folded away quickly, easily, and doesn’t take up a lot of room. This is where this SKLZ kit comes in.

The Practice net utilises tent technology for quick assembly and the kit also comes with a dual surface mat so you can simulate different lies, and flight impact golf balls so the kids can have a go too without breaking anything.

PGA Tour Pro Driving Net

Best Target Net

Best Golf Net, PGA Tour Pro Driving Net

+ Targets are great
+ Addition of driving and chipping tips an added bonus
– Doesn’t come with a mat

This fibre-glass net is over 3m wide and over 2m tall and is an official licensed product of the PGA Tour.

It’s easy to assemble and has a very handy target section where you can practise hitting to specific areas.

It says ‘lob’, ‘chip’ and ‘pitch’ and these are useful for that but other shots too.

Perhaps if you’re practising high draws, aim for the lob or if you’re working on your low fades, aim for the chip section.

Don’t worry about the strength of this net either, because it is made from a lightweight and yet strong fibreglass frame, whilst the durable nylon sheet dampens the balls impact, and gathers them up nicely.

On top of all this, the net comes with PGA Tour Academy Driving & Chipping Tips to help you score lower.

Izzo Golf- Links Course Tru Vu Trainer Net

Visually Stimulating

best golf net, Izzo Golf- Links Course Tru Vu Trainer Net

+ Visual aid looks good and works as a brilliant target
+ Easy to set up and take down
– Not the best for beginners, could easily be missed with a shank!

This unique net from Izzo gives you some great visuals to picture yourself on an actual golf course.

The net claims to be a training aid and a piece of art too, and it certainly will be very pleasing on the eye to some.

The golf course picture is a great visual target.

It’s a square shape at just under 2.3m high and wide and is easily portable too.

It also comes with a nylon carry case.

Crossfingers Heavy Duty Golf Net

Wide Hitting Area

Best Golf Net, Crossfingers Heavy Duty Golf Net

+ Wide net
+ Can use any club on it
– No mat

One of the simplest designs on the market, this golf net has a large hitting area which measures 10 feet wide by 7 feet high. It is also 3 feet deep too so you can really let rip with the driver if you so choose.

The construction is lightweight yet strong with the steel design, and the net is well designed to store balls neatly at the base.

Oh it is also quick to set up, take down, and store away with the carry bag.

PGM Full Swing Indoor/Outdoor Golf Practice Net Black

Light And Water Resistant

best golf net, PGM Full Swing Indoor/Outdoor Golf Practice Net Black

+ Addition of the mat is very handy
+ Large target will help shots start on-line
– Not the cheapest

The PGM net is 3m wide and a very quality piece of kit.

The net features a target to focus on, which should help you start your golf shots online.

It comes with a zip-close carry case for when travelling with it or storing away.

A huge benefit with this net is that it comes with a heavy-duty, durable astroturf hitting mat featuring a driving range-style tee, so you can easily practise hitting drivers without worrying about buying your own tees.

Also if you really want to take your practice to the next level, take a look at some of the best golf launch monitors on the market as well so you can further enhance your understanding.

Izzo Giant Jr. Hitting Net

High-Quality Construction

best golf net, Izzo Giant Jr. Hitting Net

+ Huge size beneficial for beginners
+ Strong, sturdy net
– Lacking extra targets and mat

The Izzo net comes in at over 3m wide and is almost 2.5m tall, meaning you have nothing to worry about in terms of your shots missing the net!

Its premium mesh netting is engineered and tested to be the strongest net in golf according to Izzo.

You’ll get a nylon carry case with the net and it is fairly simple to put up and take down.

Officially it doesn’t come with a target or any extra pockets for targets but the Izzo logo is a good aiming point.

Saplize Golf Practice Net with Hitting Mat

Best For Warranty

Best Golf Net, Saplize Golf Practice Net with Hitting Mat

+ Good value featuring wide range of targets and a mat
+ 6 months warranty for net, 12 months warranty for parts
– Slightly more complicated to set up than some

Despite the product picture, this is actually a high-quality net and should definitely be one to consider.

It is large, measuring over 3 metres in height and 2 metres in width.

It comes with four very distinctive targets for you to mix up your practice.

The addition of a mat with a tee is great to avoid damaging your floor or lawn and allows drivers to be hit.

It also comes with a carry case and six soft balls.

Ram Golf Deluxe Extra Large Portable Golf Hitting Practice Net

Highly Versatile

Best Golf Net, Ram Golf Deluxe Extra Large Portable Golf Hitting Practice Net

+ Steel frame adds support
+ Easily assembled and taken down
– No targets and could be missed – recommended for better players

Ram has been a brand involved with golf for years now so it should come as no surprise that it has made a high-quality golf net that can actually be used for other sports too if need be.

This Deluxe model is quite possibly the best golf net on this list for the better player. It is big at 3 metres wide and 2m tall and sturdy thanks to a steel frame that supports the fibre glass poles.

It’s easy to set up and the knotless net system is rated up to 20.5kgs twine breaking strength.

Pure 2 Improve Square Golf Practice Net

Narrows Your Focus

Best Golf Net, Pure 2 Improve Square Golf Practice Net

+ Large target helps with aiming
+ Plenty of room to catch wayward shots to the sides
– One of the more expensive nets

Perfect your ball striking at home with this Pure 2 Improve square-shaped, heavy-duty practice net.

This striking heavy-duty square net is just over 2m in height and width and comes with just four pegs for a very easy setting up process.

A large target at 60cm in diameter is great for helping you practise and aim.

It also comes with a carry bag for when transporting the net.

Pure 2 Improve Golf Practice Net

Incredibly Convenient

Best Golf Net, Pure 2 Improve Golf Practice Net

+ Quick and easy to set up
+ Well priced
– No targets and could easily be missed by beginners

Like some of the other nets we have mentioned, this Pure 2 Improve model is also incredibly convenient thanks to a design that allows it to fold away to pretty much nothing.

That being said it still has a heavy duty construction thanks to the combination of polyester and fibre glass materials.

It’s very simple to set up and comes with a carry bag if you ever want to take it somewhere with you.

Longridge Golf Chipping Net

Simplistic Design

Best Golf Net, Longridge Golf Chipping Net

+ Simple, easy target practice
+ Folds to nothing
– Cannot be used for other aspect of golf game

Longridge make some excellently usable and simple golf products and this chipping net is no exception. It allows you to chip absolutely anywhere because it folds down completely flat and can be erected in seconds.

The price sweetens the deal because the value on offer here means you get more for your money when it comes to how much you are going to use it!

Also if you are buying a new chipping net, why not take a look at some of the best wedges for chipping too?

PGA Tour Perfect Touch Practice Net

Favorite Chipping Net

Best Golf Net, PGA Tour - Perfect Touch Practice Net

+ Easy set up and targets will help with aim
+ Free DVD to help technique
– Only 50cm diameter so could be missed if you thin or shank a chip

Improve your chipping prowess with this simple to use and fully portable PGA Tour perfect touch 3 ring practice net.

Officially-licensed from the PGA Tour, it’s just over 50cm in diameter and is very easy to set up as it simply ‘pops up’.

Being a good chipper is crucial if you want to shoot lower scores and this really could help to get your short game sharp.

There’s three targets to aim at and it also comes with a DVD to help you with your technique. The free DVD also covers driving, putting, bunker play and the impact zone as well as great tips on chipping from the PGA Tour academy head instructor Todd Jones.

We love that it can be used pretty much anywhere!

If you liked this guide on the best golf net, be sure to let us know. Also for more handy practice tools then check out our best golf training aids guide too.