Best Women's Golf Shorts

Here is our guide on some of the best women's golf shorts out there.

Best Women's Golf Shorts
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Best Women's Golf Shorts

Women's golf fashion has improved massively in the last ten years. As manufacturers are starting to pay more attention to modern styles and designs, there are more options available to women players now than there ever has been. While golfers have traditionally worn trousers on the course, there will always be room in the wardrobe for a pair of golf shorts. They are a classic item of clothing that can always be matched with the best golf polos and worn happily on and off the golf course. Comfort is at the heart of the latest designs and this is provided through the use of lightweight fabrics that possess stretch technology, moisture management and UV protection. 

We are all different shapes and sizes, but there is a pair of shorts to suit any figure because they come in a variety of lengths and fits. For that reason, in this guide, we're bringing you a selection of the best women's golf shorts that you'll certainly want to take a look at. Plus, if you want to complete your look, then be sure to check out our guide on the best women's golf shirts and best women's golf hats too.

Best Women's Golf Shorts

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How we test women's golf shorts

Here at Golf Monthly, our testing for women's golf shorts is built upon a comprehensive process combined with the knowledge and expertise of the entire Golf Monthly test team, headed up by Katie Dawkins and Alison Root, who lead all female golf equipment reviews. As far as the specific procedure goes, prior to testing, the team will usually attend product launches and meet with the manufacturer's R&D experts to understand the new technology in each product.

When it comes to testing golf shorts, we head out to the course to try each pair of shorts on over a number of rounds on the UK's best courses. We look to try to use each item in as many different conditions as possible to give us the best feel of how each pair of shorts performs in sun, rain and snow.  We think it is vitally important to do both and continue to test the shorts so they have been comprehensively put to the test in many different conditions. It should also be mentioned that manufacturers cannot pay for a good review and we make our conclusions from the testing and our experiences. 

What to consider when purchasing a pair of women's golf shorts

There is a lot to consider when purchasing a new pair of golf shorts but we have some handy tips on several things you need to look out for to make sure you make the best purchase possible for you. 

1. Size

The first thing to consider is the size and fit of the shorts that you're buying. Obviously, you don't want your shorts to be too tight as that will restrict your movement on the course, preventing you from playing your best golf. Pick a size that looks good, isn't too loose fitting, but also gives you a full range of movement. 

2. Colors

As golf styling is becoming more modern, brands are designing clothes that have a wide variety of colors, designs and fabrics that suit every golfer. From bright colorways to traditional patterns, there are plenty of colored shorts available to you, so pick the one you like the most. 

3. Mobility

This is a vital consideration for any golfer as if you're constricted in your mobility then you're going to struggle to perform a full swing. Look for a pair of shorts that isn't too tight-fitting, but are also made of stretchy fabrics that can expand with your movements. 

4. Breathability

Particularly if you're playing in warmer climates a breathable pair of shorts that can keep you feeling fresh and aerated on the course is important to helping you stay cool and play your best golf. There's nothing worse than being hot and uncomfortable during your round, so for that reason, look to buy clothes that can keep you well ventilated.

5. Waterproofing and UV protection

You never know when you'll get rain, snow or sun on the golf course, so it's always best to plan ahead to ensure you're ready to play in any condition possible. For that reason, buy clothing that is durable and resistant to the elements. Water-resistant and UV-protecting shorts can be purchased at most local golf shops and can be an important piece of equipment to have to shelter you from the elements. 

Some of the best golf clothes on the market provide players with a stylish look have practical features that can be used on the golf course. For more advice on what to wear on the course, take a look at our guides on the best women's golf polos, best women's golf pants and the best women's golf shirts.


Can you wear shorts on the golf course?

You can, depending on the club you're playing at and the tournament you're playing in. It's likely that most clubs and tournaments have no issue with players wearing shorts during their round. But there are more traditional events and clubs that require players to wear trousers. 

Are golf shorts supposed to be long?

Not necessarily. You can get shorts that come down to below your knees but most golf shorts will typically finish above your knees, giving you more mobility to walk around the course.

Can ladies wear leggings to play golf?

Yes, leggings are generally considered an appropriate piece of attire to wear to play golf in. But you may want to check the course dress code before you turn up wearing leggings. 

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