Check out the latest woods that Ping has on offer and pick the model best-suited to your game

Best Ping Fairway Woods

Ping’s main family of clubs is the G410 range and within that Ping created one of the best fairway woods on the market whether it be for amateurs or the professionals.

Fairway woods are often regarded as the hardest clubs in the bag to get right; they are 43’ long and have to work well off the tee and from the fairway but Ping is a great place to begin your hunt.

Below, we have taken a look at the best Ping fairway woods with the purpose of helping inform you and your buying decisions.

Alternatively if Ping is not for you, we also recommend checking out our guides on the best Callaway fairway woods or the best TaylorMade fairway woods.

Best Ping Fairway Woods

Ping G410 Fairway Wood

Ping Woods Range

RRP: £239 | Lofts: 14.5°, 17.5°, 20.5°, 23.5° 

This has a slightly shallower face than its predecessor the G400 and is designed to deliver higher ball speeds through a re-positioned centre of gravity closer to the face and sole. It’s estimated that it might carry an extra five yards over the G400.

All three G410 models feature an adjustable hosel with eight settings so you can change both your loft and lie and the emphasis is on stability and forgiveness.

The 3-wood comes with 14.5˚ of loft but can be adjusted to 16˚ and if that’s not enough you might want to think about the 5-wood and take a bit off it. There is also a 7 and 9-wood option.

US Buy Now at Worldwide Golf Shops for $259.99

UK Buy Now at Scottsdale Golf for £239

Ping G410 LST Fairway Wood

RRP: £239 | Lofts: 14.5°

This low spin model is, as you might expect from the name, for the player who spins it too much and it replaced the G400 Stretch. A smaller head than the Stretch it aims to launch the ball higher so it stops quicker on the green so it could be a decent option from the fairway too even though there is just the one option, 14.5˚, in the LST though of course that can be tweaked up 1.5˚.

Good for those who possess a faster swing speed and a nice addition is that there is no upcharge for the after-market shafts which are the Project X Even Flow and the Mitsubishi Tensei Orange.

US Buy Now at Worldwide Golf Shops for $259.99

UK Buy Now at Scottsdale Golf for £239

Ping G410 SFT Fairway Wood

RRP: £239 | Lofts: 16°, 19°, 22°

If you hit the ball with a left-to-right flight then you might want to consider the SFT – Straight Flight Technology. The weight here is more towards the heel so it should create enough draw to keep you on the straight and narrow. The forged face will help to increase your ball speed and there are the same wide range of loft and lie combinations.

The 3-wood here starts at 16˚ and there is also a 5 and 7-wood to choose from.

This is such a good model that we also featured it in our most forgiving fairway woods, and best fairway woods for high handicappers guides.

US Buy Now at Worldwide Golf Shops for $259.99

UK Buy Now at Scottsdale Golf for £239

Ping G Le 2 Fairway Wood

RRP: £239 | Lofts: 19°, 22°, 26°, 30°

It’s worth pointing out that Ping fit for swing speeds rather than sex so if you’re a woman with a fast swing speed then this isn’t for you.

This has the same steel face material so it is fast and offers plenty of distance and it also has the wide options of adjustability so you can get things just right. The shallower face both helps get the ball in the air as well as plenty of forgiveness and this is available in a 3, 5, 7 and 9 wood.

US Buy Now at Worldwide Golf Shops for $249.99

UK Buy Now at American Golf for £239

Ping G400 Fairway Wood

RRP: £179 | Lofts: 14.5°, 17.5°, 20.5°, 23.5° 

This is still available and will continue to be even when the G425 range comes out at the start of 2021. The maraging steel face used here is one of the world’s strongest and is used in the landing gear of aircraft. So you can expect plenty of distance and with the addition of smart grooves it is easy to launch.

The sound should appeal and this a really solid and dependable offering, and is a great all-rounder of a club. 

US Buy Now at Worldwide Golf Shops for $179.99

UK Buy Now at JamGolf for £179

Ping G400 Stretch Fairway Wood


RRP: £199 | Lofts: 16°, 19°, 22°

Like the G400 you will still be able to get your hands on this and with 13˚ (+-1˚) you know what you’re getting; a very hot fairway wood that will go like a bullet off the tee. This is for the player who spins it a lot and it might make a nice replacement for your driver or just another option. It is also more forgiving than you might think for a strong and powerful fairway wood.

UK Buy Now at Scottsdale Golf for £199

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