Best Golf Belts 2024

We take a look at some of the best and most stylish golfing belts available on the market

Best Golf Belts
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Looking and feeling the part on the course can give you the edge when it comes to your performance. However, one often forgotten part of a great golfing outfit is the belt. Not only should a belt give a comfortable fit and help keep your pants or shorts where they should be, but the belt is also a chance to make a fashion statement too, as shown by some of the models we've set out below. 

Whether you are after a leather design, a stretchy woven model, or something to help you stand out, there is plenty of choice out there. It is also important for you to think about what material you want your belt to be made out of because these days you can get polyester, leather, polyurethane and other materials in belt design that each do different things. 

Speaking of which, we have created this post to give you an idea of some of the best golf belts out there. From Puma to FootJoy, Galvin Green to Nike, there is something for everyone. What's more, if you want more buying advice, we recommend checking out a couple of the other posts below to make sure you have the perfect clothing and equipment setup. Such as the best golf pants, best golf shorts or the best golf tops.

Best Golf Belts

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The List

How we test golf equipment

When it comes to testing golf belts our comprehensive methodology revolves around, as you would expect, playing a lot of golf. We feel putting golf products to the test on the golf course, on the range and in practice is the best way to find out how usable and well-designed some belts are.

On that note, we feel it is particularly important to use all golf belts in different conditions, on the course or in practice to ascertain how each performs. We also looked to use belts off the course as well to see how versatile they were in social situations or when wearing them to work. Importantly, every member of the Golf Monthly team is a regular golfer so we put golf belts to the test over a number of rounds. The final point we should mention is no manufacturer can buy a good review. This is because our testing team tells it how it is and we seek to be as insightful and honest as possible.

How to choose a golf belt

While you might think golf belts are some of the more simple pieces of golf apparel on the market, there are a variety of things to consider and bear in mind when purchasing your next golf belt. To help you make the most informed choice possible, we've set out below a list of considerations you need to keep in mind when picking your next golf belt. 


The first thing you should consider is what do you want the belt to be made out of? No longer are belts just made out of leather these days as nylons, polyesters and other materials and fabrics are used. Each of them create a unique fit, feel and look so knowing what material you want will help narrow down your search.


Importantly most of the models above are one size fits all but sometimes brands adopt more specific sizing measurements so this is definitely something to be aware of.


Because a comfortable belt is a good belt, right? On the course, you're going to want to be as comfortable as possible to ensure you're able to focus on playing your best golf. For that reason, look for a belt that combines the right material, size, flex and stretch to allow you to hit good shots and stay relaxed. 


As you can see from the key info sections on a lot of the models above, you can now get a golf belt in pretty much any color so it is a case of a) picking one you like the look of, and b) making sure the color will suit the pants and shorts you use for golf. Do not pick a color that only works with one outfit because you want to get more for your money here.


Finally, be aware of how much you want to spend on a belt. If you want to go for a premium design, there are models from J Lindeberg and G/FORE which have got you covered. Whereas if you want a more value-conscious option, then there are models like the one from Inesis too.

While having a golf belt is very important, so too is having a good pair of golf shoes that match your belt. For that reason, take a look at our guides on the best golf sneakers, best waterproof golf shoes and best spiked golf shoes


What is the purpose of a golf belt?

Regardless of your golfing style when it comes to pants, trousers or shorts, a good belt remains an important part of your golf outfit. This not just because they are functional and help keep your pants and polo in place, but a belt can also elevate a golf outfit by looking more classy or with a touch of flair.

Do I have to wear a golf belt?

No, you don't have to wear a golf belt. But it is advisable to do so for multiple reasons. The first is that golf belts can make your outfit much smarter. They can also improve how you play by delivering good comfort and can ensure that your trousers do not fall down when on the course. 

What color should your golf belt be?

The simple answer here is whatever color belt you are comfortable wearing. There are people who say don't put those colors together and other such rules but if you want to wear a traditional black or brown belt, you should. The same can be said for those who want to wear a belt to stand out. Whatever you want to wear, do so as this is entirely up to different people. If it was up to us, we always try and get out belt to match or suit the pants or shorts we are wearing on the day.



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