Titleist TruFeel vs Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

We Compare Titleist TruFeel vs Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

Titleist TruFeel 2022 v Srixon Soft Feel golf ball
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Titleist TruFeel vs Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

When comparing the Trufeel and Soft Feel balls we are looking at the softest golf balls in the Titleist golf ball and Srixon golf ball ranges.

Our Titleist TruFeel golf ball review was impressed by the durability and consistent flight whereas the Srixon Soft Feel golf ball review highlighted its good distance combined with soft feel, as the name would suggest.

Whilst they are both the cheapest balls from each brand, the Srixon Soft feel costs a few pounds less per dozen than the TruFeel, so what are the other main differences between these two piece balls.


Both have ionomer covers and the TruFeel has 376 dimples to the Soft Feel’s 338 which will have an impact on the flight characteristics we will come to later.

The Titleist TruFeel comes in white and red and uses a couple of additional lines around the side stamp to help with putting alignment.

The Srixon Soft Feel also has a bold alignment aid in the form of the name in a black bar and you can choose from white and yellow versions.

Titleist TruFeel 2022 v Srixon Soft Feel golf ball

(Image credit: MHopley)


Well let’s face it, they are both soft, so which is the softest? Is this is important to you then the Srixon Soft Feel lived up to its name around the greens and with the putter. However both sound and feel towards the softer end of the ball market so if you prefer a soft golf ball you are not going to be disappointed by either of them.


In terms of launch angle and flight height, there is little to choose between the two balls when we took them on Trackman at SGGT studios with a driver.

With a 7-iron the launch angles were similar, but the aerodynamics of the Titleist TruFeel gave it a slightly higher flight by a few feet. Overall both balls were in line with the average ball flight for the market so should suit most players.

Ball testing with Trackman

(Image credit: MHopley)


With the driver there was not much in it, with the Srixon Soft Feel carrying a yard or so further as it has more spin, with the slightly lower spinning TruFeel running out more to the same total distance.

With the 7-iron the higher flight and lower spin of the TruFeel gave it a carry and total distance advantage over the Soft Feel, but that might mean less control on landing with full shots.


Around the green both balls feel pretty soft, with the TruFeel feeling slightly less so on putts. Compared to the best premium golf balls like the Titleist ProV1x golf ball, the spin is not as high, but the TruFeel did provide a slightly better degree of control on chips shots.

Which Ball Should You Choose?

Both the Titleist TruFeel and Srixon Soft Feel offer golfers a value for money ball that performs well for two-piece ball with an ionomer cover. They are not necessarily about distance, but they do provide a mid to low spin flight that should help keep the ball more on line.

It therefore comes down to personal preference on feel as both are very soft. If that is key for you then the Soft Feel was slightly softer. If however you like a little bit more control around the greens then the TruFeel might be the better option. Just head down to the practice green and see which one you prefer.

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