This Is The Safest Christmas Gift To Buy A Golfer

If you are struggling to find a gift for the golfer in your life, this is our top tip to make sure they love what you get them.

This Is The Safest Christmas Gift To Buy A Golfer
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This Is The Safest Christmas Gift To Buy A Golfer

Buying golf Christmas gifts isn't an easy task. Golf is one of the most technical sports on the planet and it can sometimes be a headache finding a safe golf Christmas present for a loved one or a relative. That's usually because there is so much technical equipment on the market that can make picking the right gift an overwhelming decision. You'll also find that buying some of the best golf irons or the best golf bags featured in our top gift ideas for Christmas day can cost a small fortune and will require a lot of input from the person you're buying them for, while ultimately losing the element of surprise.

So what's the safest gift you can buy a golfer this Christmas? My top tip is to keep things simple. Unless you explicitly know that your relative would like a certain kind of driver, it's best instead to get them a present that is A) affordable; B) versatile and C) something they're sure to like. Realistically, one of the few products that ticks all these boxes is golf balls.

Titleist AVX Golf Ball 2022 v Callway Chrome Soft

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In my view, you can't go wrong gifting someone a new pack of golf balls. We're not talking novelty golf balls here that explode when you hit them! It is by far one of the safest gifts to buy a golfer this Christmas, simply because you can't play without them! Having your golf ball reserves stocked up comes in especially handy this time of year, where players are more likely to lose balls in the winter conditions. But more importantly buying someone a new pack of balls can also help them improve as a player - that's if you purchase the right golf balls for their game.

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So, before you head on out to your local golf shop, I advise you do a bit of investigative work and figure out the experience level of the player you're buying for. That can in turn help you get the best product for them, but also stop you from spending a ton of cash unnecessarily on the most expensive balls on the market. For example, I advise beginner golfers to take advantage of packs of golf balls that deliver better value, like the Wilson Golf Tour Velocity Balls , Srixon Distance or the Bridgestone e12 Contact. Golf balls tend to come in packs of 12, but with the Wilson you'll get 15 balls for nearly half the price of a pack of premium golf balls. You'll also get a fantastic ball for distance, helping those who may require a little extra firepower to get farther down the fairway. 

This Wilson Velocity Distance Ball really does gain you yardage

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There are also plenty of balls on the market for women who may want a lower compression golf ball that'll help them strike their shot further and longer. The TaylorMade Kalea is an excellent option to consider in that case and also comes in two excellent peach and purple colorways that will stand out in most winter golf conditions. If the person you're buying for likes to stand out from the crowd or plays all year round, consider a yellow golf ball as an alternative to traditional white.

TaylorMade Kalea Golf Ball

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Looking for a golf ball for someone a little more experienced but don't want to break the bank? Well the TaylorMade Tour Response is one of the best mid-priced golf balls on the market right now! It is an impressive all rounder that offers good distance off the tee and great spin around the greens. Your relatives won't be disappointed unboxing a set of these this Christmas, or a dozen Wilson Triad balls either. 


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And saving the signature gift till last, if you really want to spoil someone over the holiday period then you should absolutely buy them a pack of Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls. Played by a majority of leading players, the Pro V1 has set the standard for performance for over two decades now. 

Overall we think the safest gift you can get a golfer this Christmas is golf balls - plus they'll fit nicely in the stocking as an added bonus. 

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