FootJoy Pro SL vs FootJoy Hyperflex Carbon Golf Shoe: Read Our Head-To-Head Verdict

How do two of the best FootJoy golf shoes compare with one another? We put them up against eachother to find out

FootJoy Pro SL vs FootJoy Hyperflex Carbon Golf Shoe
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FootJoy Pro SL vs FootJoy Hyperflex Carbon Golf Shoe: Read Our Head-To-Head Verdict

FootJoy is a brand synonymous with making the best golf shoes that money can buy. Not only do they perform exceptionally well out on the course, but also look extremely stylish in the process. With an array of shoes available, it can be difficult to work out which one to choose from the selection. However, in this piece, we have taken the time to look at two of the best FootJoy golf shoes, with the Pro SL and HyperFlex Carbon amongst the most recognized on the market.

The FootJoy Pro SL family of golf shoes has been with us since 2016, with a number of variations coming around every so often. Similarly, the original HyperFlex golf shoe was a very popular model as well as one of the most athletic styles FootJoy has offered across its extensive history. Updated for 2023, the new HyperFlex range comes in three men's models - HyperFlex, HyperFlex BOA, and HyperFlex Carbon. The HyperFlex Carbon features - you guessed it - carbon fiber in the construction, as well as a few more bells and whistles  which earned it a place in our 2023 Editor's Choice.

In this article, we compare the Pro SL and HyperFlex Carbon to find out which one is best for your game.


The HyperFlex Carbon has stuck to the tried and tested silhouette of its older sibling, but with some new pops of color that elevate the overall shelf appeal. It's part of a clear effort by FootJoy to go a bit bolder and brighter with some of its color options. Yes, the traditionalists have the option of some classic FootJoy shoes in the Premiere Series range, but in the more athletic shoes like the FootJoy Fuel and this new HyperFlex range, the design team has been given a bit more freedom to experiment with colors. 

The look is topped off by the sock area at the top which really gives the shoe its athletic look and feel as well as offering a contrasting texture to the TPU used primarily on the upper. One thing worth noting is that while the uppers are easy to clean, the fabric sock area can be a bit trickier if mud gets on it. 

The outsole of the FootJoy Hyperflex Carbon golf shoes in white

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The looks of the Pro SL are slightly more simplified, as are the colorways. We found that the upper of the shoe has also been cleaned up. As a result of the clean-up, it creates a classic look that fits neatly into FootJoy’s spikeless range. What’s more, the aesthetics are extremely versatile, as the version we tested can easily be worn with any color of shorts or trousers for a very smart look.

FootJoy Pro SL 2022 shoes review

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Both also excel in this department and are some of most comfortable golf shoes around. The comfort straight out of the box of the FootJoy Pro SL is superb and the sole design is fantastic when you slip into the shoe for the very first time.

The Pro SL is the fourth-generation model, and sees some of the comfort from previous models like the FootJoy Stratos added to the midsole of the 2022 Pro SL. This provided comfort whilst also returning energy to your feet as you walked.

Onto the HyperFlex Carbon, and the highlight of this shoe is the Ortholite Impression Footbed. This technology has elevated this from a good golf shoe to a great golf shoe. Almost as soon as I slipped my foot inside the shoe, I could feel the technology at work.

Exclusive to the HyperFlex Carbon, this footbed is one of the most comfortable I have ever tested. It has a memory foam feel to it and, over a number of rounds, it will mold to the shape of your foot giving you a feeling akin to putting on an old pair of slippers. The speed at which the footbed becomes familiar and molded to your foot is impressive too and after only a handful of rounds it had begun to mold to the shape of my feet.

When I compare it to the Lightstrike midsole in the adidas ZG23, the Ignite Foam midsole in the Puma Ignite Articulate and the midsole in the Ecco Biom G5, the HyperFlex Carbon has pipped them all to the post for comfort. 

Dan Parker on course testing the FootJoy Hyperflex Carbon golf shoe

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Now let's look at performance, an aspect which, as you would expect, both performed well in. Starting with the FootJoy Pro SL, it continues to deliver on the quality of models that have gone before it.

As mentioned, the comfort and sole design are superb, with the Pro SL providing all the traction you need, even in wet, wintery conditions. There is a slight drawback, albeit a small one, and that is the spikeless sole. We would happily wear these in the clubhouse and getting to and from the golf course. However, it’s unlikely that we would wear them too much further afield.

Moving onto the HyperFlex Carbon, and in addition to the exceptional comfort provided by the Ortholite Impression Footbed mentioned above, the performance is aided by the sock area at the top which really gives the shoe its athletic look and feel as well as offering a contrasting texture to the TPU used primarily on the upper. While looking good, this material is also highly breathable - as is the TPU upper - something not all golf shoes have been able get right in the past. 

FJ Pro SL 2022 putting

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The FootJoy ProSL shoe is constructed from a premium Chromoskin leather that delivers 100% waterproof protection. They also come with one-year waterproof warranty from FootJoy.

The HyperFlex Carbon is also 100% waterproof and is available in black, which is probably the best option for the winter months trudging through mud.

The FootJoy Pro SL

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Overall Appeal

Overall, both of these golf shoes are right up there with the best money can buy. The FootJoy Pro SL is certainly the more traditional of the two, as the clean-up creates a classic look that offers versatility when deciding on your outfit for your game.

Certainly, the Pro SL provides superb comfort on the course, with the spikeless sole making sure you keep in place whilst striking your shots. What's more, the shoes are worn by a number of huge names on the PGA Tour, so you know the quality is there.

Overall the HyperFlex Carbon is as well-rounded a spiked golf shoe as I have had the pleasure of testing. Highlighted by the Ortholite Impressions Footbed, the brand has found the balance between comfort and high performance while packing it all into a sporty, colorful silhouette.

Which one should you choose?

Choose the FootJoy Pro SL if…
- You are looking for a more traditional looking shoe
- You want a shoe that is specifically designed for the golf course
- You want a versatile shoe that can be worn with an array of outfits and styles

Choose the Footjoy HyperFlex Carbon if...
- You have wider feet and are seeking comfort
- You prefer an athletic look
- You want a shoe that is extremely breathable  

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