FootJoy Stratos Golf Shoe Review

We test out this elegant spikeless pair from FootJoy

FootJoy Stratos Golf Shoe Review
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Golf Monthly Verdict

Stratos is a premium, luxurious golf shoe that not only performs on the golf course but is just as at home away from the course too. It’s supremely comfortable, provides good grip and also a stable base from which to swing. The finer details and subtle aesthetic features bolster the appeal to the discerning golfer looking to add a touch of class to their ensemble.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Premium, elegant design combined with impressive levels of grip, comfort and stability

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Dirt did still gather on the outsole

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FootJoy Stratos Golf Shoe Review

The new FootJoy Stratos shoe promises sky-high levels of comfort as well as that spikeless, off-course versatility. Having worn it for a few days off the course and for a few holes (limited due to lockdown), we can’t really argue with these claims and it's no wonder Justin Rose wore them for a short time out on Tour. 


The styling is both modern and elegant in equal measure. We love the leather patches on the top, the stitched lines in the upper and the two tone material underneath the laces. The laces themselves are quite coarse and the white specs seem a little excessive, but the texture ensures they stay fastened for the duration of your wearing time.


What you do notice as you walk is the rebound with each step, like the floor is pushing back up into your legs as the midsole foam gives and then returns to its original shape. We could see how this would be a huge help during the last few holes of a tough round. The grip on offer from the outsole also impressed in the wet conditions and is certainly a step up on what features on the Flex XP shoe - there was certainly less tendency to slip.


The sole unit generally feels quite rigid, providing good stability, but without feeling like hard work when you walk up hills. We can’t agree that the new outsole design minimises dirt gathering - it built up pretty much straight away, but this might depend on the type of soil the course is built on - you might see less on sand-base courses, for example. It's worth noting the waterproof upper does wipe clean very easily.

We’d certainly be comfortable playing a round in Stratos at most times of the year but given how much we love the Pro SL Carbon, it’s arguably off the course where they will get as much, if not more wear.

Just like the previous VersaLuxe shoe, we could see ourselves wearing Stratos to work, at business meetings with clients (admittedly golf-related ones) and the occasional evening event, such is the distinguished design. You might not see them this way, but it is the off-course versatility for us that provides the value for money given the wear time they will accumulate away and to and from the course as well as on it.