Augusta National, annual host of the Masters, has some fairly strict rules and regulations. Nick Bonfield explains...


10 Things You Can’t Do At Augusta National

I must admit I was a little bit daunted before I arrived at Augusta National for my first Masters because I was terrified of breaking one of the strict rules.

And you don’t want to do that. A few years ago, BBC golf correspondent Iain Carter was talking on his mobile phone outside the media centre and was expelled from the property.

Defying the regulations – whether on purpose or inadvertently – isn’t taken lightly.

I understand why some things are so strict. The mystique surrounding The Masters has remained, thanks largely to the actions of then tournament committee.

We should be thankful for that, because it’s the reason The Masters is the best and most unique golfing event of the year.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not a tad inconvenient having to do prep on what you can’t do before arriving. Here are just some of the things that are prohibited…

10 Things You Can’t Do At Augusta National

1) There’s a complete ban on mobile phones on the property and outside the media centre. If you’re spotted with a phone – even if it’s in your pocket – you will be asked to leave the premises. And they have people in among the crowds watching for any wrongdoing

2) You’re not allowed to run at Augusta National, which leads to quite an amusing scene when the gates open each day

3) You’re also not allowed to take anyone’s fold-up chair, even if it’s been unattended for hours, so the ‘patrons’ rush to their favourite spot at the start of each day to lay down their marker

4) You’re not permitted to sit down on the grass

5) No sunbathing or lying down on the hallowed turf

6) Don’t think about bringing branded goods to Augusta National as you won’t be allowed to take them on the property

7) The same goes for coolers or containers of any kind

8) No tipping is allowed at Augusta National – a rule that dates back to the days of co-founder Clifford Roberts, who didn’t want members to be treated differently based on how much they tipped

9) In term of attire, you must wear shoes at all times – bare feet aren’t acceptable

10) Oh, and you can’t wear your cap backwards

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