How Can I Play Augusta National?

We look at 11 different ways you can play one of the most exclusive golf clubs in the world

Augusta National 12th hole general view
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Augusta National is of the most exclusive and best-known golf clubs in the world, and the host to the only Major played at the same course every year - The Masters (opens in new tab).

But there are still several ways to get to get a game at Augusta. It's not impossible, but it's not exactly easy either...

How Can I Play Augusta National?

1. Qualify for the Masters. No, take this seriously, it may end up as your best bet. You don’t have to turn professional - the British Amateur Champion gets an automatic invitation along with a number of other amateur golfers. The US Amateur Championship winner and runner-up get invites, as do the Asia-Pacific and Latin America Amateur Champions. An invite also goes out to the US Mid-Amateur Champion.

2. Become a member. However the club does not accept membership applications, as membership is by invitation only.

3. Play Augusta Country Club instead. Okay, it's not 'The' Augusta, but you can still casually announce that you have ‘played golf at Augusta’. Just don’t get drawn into detail on your round. However you can talk about how you tackled Rae’s Creek as it runs across the front of the 12th green at Augusta National and the 8th green at Augusta Country Club.

4. Join Augusta Country Club. When members of Augusta National need a fourth to make up a fourball they have been known to phone Augusta CC, which neighbours their property, to see if one of their members is free to pop over.

5. Become one of the media reporting on site at the Masters at Augusta. A limited number of tee spots for media are available for the day after the Masters, awarded by ballot. But when we say a few, we mean it. A number of Golf Monthly staff have managed to play via this route through the years.

6. Work there as a caddie. This is a part-time job - Augusta National is closed between May and October due to the extremely hot Georgian summers. Caddies are allowed one round per year.

7. Work as a volunteer at the Masters. However apparently it is almost as hard to become a volunteer at the Masters as it is to become a member at Augusta, as vacancies rarely occur and there is a long waiting list for these jobs.

8. Be invited to a game by one of the 300 members of Augusta National. Know a member? You're in luck!

9. Work for Augusta National. Employees are allowed one round a year on the course.

10. Play in the Augusta National Women's Amateur. It takes place the week before The Masters, with competitors getting a practice round and one competition round at Augusta. The field is made up of some of the world's best female amateurs.

11. Attend a local university in the Augusta/Georgia/South Carolina area. College golf students from the local area are known to play the course occasionally in tournaments and on special invites.

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