The Masters Azalea Cocktail Recipe: How To Make The Famous Augusta National Drink

Thanks to the Masters’ official pinterest page, we now know how to make the famous cocktail the right way

Two drinks are seen at Augusta National during the Masters
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The Azalea, the “Augusta National specialty” known as the signature cocktail of the Masters, has been replicated by food blogs and amateur mixologists around the world. 

But thanks to the Masters’ official pinterest page, which posts lifestyle content surrounding the tournament, we now know how to make the cocktail the right way.

The Azalea cocktail gets its name from the species of plant most commonly found at Augusta National. Azalea is also the name of hole 13 at the course. 

The famous drink is described by the Masters as a cocktail that “tastes like spring is in the air and is the perfect addition to your at-home watch party”. It is known for being sweet, tangy and refreshing.

But contrary to many recipes found online, the official ingredients list for the Azalea doesn’t include pineapple juice at all, which could come as a surprise to many. 

The simple recipe actually calls for the use of lemonade instead. Another common misconception is that the Azalea is a gin-based drink, but the official Masters recipe uses vodka. 

Grenadine, a sweet and tart syrup, and a cherry and orange slice for garnish, along with ice, are the only other ingredients in the recipe. One thing missing from the recipe, however, is whether the drink should be shaken or stirred – so that will ultimately come down to personal preference. 

When paired with a DIY pimento cheese, another famous Augusta staple from the Masters concessions menu, it could be the perfect complement to a long day on the couch watching the Masters with friends. 

Try the recipe for the cocktail below, and of course, always drink responsibly. 

Official Masters recipe for the Azalea cocktail

  • Ice
  • 2.75 oz of vodka
  • 5 oz of lemonade
  • 0.5 oz of grenadine
  • Garnish with cherry and orange slice
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