The four-time Major champion told the BBC that golf should follow tennis in spacing its Majors out


Rory McIlroy Questions Golf’s Major Schedule

Rory McIlroy wants to see golf’s Major calendar stretched out in a similar way to tennis.

The four-time Major winner was speaking to Andrew Cotter for the BBC’s ‘The Cut Podcast’ where he explained his desire for golf to stay relevant for as long as possible.

Currently, all four golf Majors now take place between early April and mid-July with the new main PGA Tour schedule crammed into the March to August period.

It means that the Majors come around very quickly before a nine month wait from mid-July to April for them to start back up again.

“If the narrative becomes that the Majors are the only important thing in golf, then that’s dangerous narrative to run with because then are fans not going to care for the other 48 weeks of the year?,” McIlroy told the BBC.

“If the Majors are spaced so closely together, are fans only gonna care from the second week in April to the third or fourth week in July?

“And then everything else doesn’t really matter.

“I’d like to see them spaced out the way tennis does it.

“They have the Australian Open in January and then the US Open is going on now, they’ve a nice nine-month window of relevancy.

“That’s my thing with golf, you want to stay relevant for as long as possible throughout they year and you want as many eyeballs on it as possible and I don’t know by spacing the Majors so closely together if that’s the right thing to do.”

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McIlroy is back on the European Tour this week at the Omega European Masters after winning the FedEx Cup last week at East Lake where he took the $15m prize.

He is currently up to 2nd in the world rankings.

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