The Golden Bear is one of many high profile names who thinks that the new Major schedule is too compacted


Jack Nicklaus: “I Don’t Like The New Major Schedule”

The Open Championship marked the final Major of the year after a new schedule being introduced for 2019.

The FedEx Cup Playoffs were reduced from four events to three and moved slightly forward so the PGA Tour season would be done-and-dusted by the time the NFL season gets underway.

The main change for the year was that the USPGA Championship moved to May so the Masters, USPGA, US Open and Open all took place within three-and-a-half months.

The Major season went by quickly and some high profile names have criticised it.

“I don’t like the new Major schedule, from the stand point that if you have an injury, or if you’re struggling with one tournament, all of a sudden the other one follows too closely, to get it back,” 18-time Major winner Jack Nicklaus told BBC Radio 5 Live.

“I’m not sure that that’s really a good thing for the game of golf, to have all your tournaments in about three and a half months. And I don’t think it’s good for the other tournaments on the Tour.

“The guys have got to skip a lot of tournaments – you saw that this year – guys weren’t playing in between Majors. And I think that’s a shame for the Tour.

“I know that the all-mighty dollar is important, but I don’t think it’s so important that you really lose out on the tradition of the great tournaments that have been played for years and years and years.”

Former World Number One Justin Rose has also been critical of the new schedule.

“It’s too condensed,” he said at The Open.

“As a professional in terms of trying to peak for something, the process that’s involved in trying to do that can be detailed and it can be longer than a month.

“I think it’s pretty much driven by FedExCup, wanting to finish on a certain date, everything else having to fit in where it can.

“For me, a Major championship should be the things that are protected the most. That’s how all of our careers ultimately are going to be measured.

“Thirty, 40 years ago there wasn’t a FedExCup so if you’re trying to compare one career to another career, Jack versus Tiger, it’s the majors that are the benchmarks.

“For them to be tweaked so much I think is quite interesting at this point.”

Open Championship runner-up Tommy Fleetwood described the new schedule as “tough.”

“The schedule has been tough this year,” he said.

“And I think part of that, if you’re not playing great you actually don’t have time this year to develop your game because you don’t have that time to take periods off, really.

“You’re constantly playing and you always have to turn up and perform with the way that it goes.”

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