TaylorMade P760 Irons Revealed - Full details have finally been released on the new P760 irons, which will replace the P750 and P770 models


TaylorMade P760 Irons Revealed

TaylorMade has added a new iron to its P700 series in the form of the P760, a progressive forged players iron.

It replaces both the P750 and the P770, giving players the performance of P750 in the short irons and improves on the performance of P770 in the long irons. It does this via a progressive set in which each iron is individually optimised to provide Tour-caliber shaping and performance.

TaylorMade P760 Irons Revealed

The progressive design of P760 isn’t just in the shaping but it features in the iron’s construction. The P760s transition from a single piece 1025 Carbon Steel forged head in the 8-PW/AW to a forged hollow body injected with TaylorMade’s SpeedFoam in the 3-7 irons. Like we saw in the popular P790 irons, the hollow cavity in the long irons produces consistent distance while adding forgiveness to maintain optimised gapping throughout the set.

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SpeedFoam serves the dual purpose of generating ball speed while also dampening vibrations to create optimal sound and feel. It is injected into the club head in liquid form before expanding within the club, providing increased face support while maintaining the soft, solid sound and feel that golfers prefer.


The one-piece forged construction in the 8 through AW results in excellent feel and shot shaping capability for better ball strikers.

Head size, offset and lofts have been meticulously detailed to engineer specifically what better players demand for precision shot making. The sole geometry of the P760 has also been redesigned with a chamfered leading edge that delivers a cleaner entry into the turf, activating the club’s bounce without the risk of digging, all within a square look at address. The hosel lengths are also progressive, moving from shorter in the long irons to help position the CG lower for added launch and ball speed, to taller in the short irons.


The TaylorMade P760 irons will be available from November 2 from 3 – AW with True Temper Dynamic Gold 120 (S300, X100) shafts and Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grips as standard. The RRP is £1,299 for a 7-piece set.

We first saw glimpses of the new P760 iron last week when three of TaylorMade’s biggest stars broadcast a testing session live from their Instagram accounts.

TaylorMade Reveals P760 Irons

The players all commented on the sharper leading edge and the extra height they were getting from the P760s.

It was first the turn of four-time major champion Rory McIlroy, who broadcast live from his Instagram account just before 7pm UK time on a driving range in Florida on Oct 10th.

“It launches so high for a long iron. It doesn’t sound like a hollow iron, it sounds and feels really solid. It launches so high for a long iron. I’m carrying the 4-iron nearly 240 yards but I’m usually around 230,” Rory said on the live video.

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McIlroy currently uses a prototype version of the TaylorMade P730 irons called Rors Proto, as well as a P750 3- and 4-iron. He also carries a P790 UDI as a 2-iron.

Tomo Bystedt, TaylorMade’s former Iron Global Director now Metalwood Director, was also in attendance and explained a little more about the new iron Rory was testing.

“It has the same loft as the P770 iron but has a lower centre of gravity with added speed over the P730 iron,” he said.

Next up was Jon Rahm…

“That felt amazing,” the Spaniard said after one hit.

“That’s 10 yards more than i have on the other one, it comes out really hot and it goes through the turf a little bit better.

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Rahm also commented on the iron’s consistency, “The last three i didn’t hit them all the same but they felt the same and flew the same.

“All those ball flights are so consistent it’s great.”

Finally, attention turned to former World No.1 Jason Day…

“It felt very stable the feel of it, felt soft but firm. How do you get that?” he said.

“It was softer feel, felt good through the turf it feels pretty dang good right now.

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“I think they’re coming out higher.

“My concern with what you guys did with the leading edge here when you look at something that like it has the potential to dig due to how sharp it is.

“Going through the turf it’s good, doesn’t bounce which is great.”

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